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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Default Elements - PG-13

Rated PG-13/teen for violence, coarse language, etc.

I posted this on FFnet earlier and thought, hey, why not post it here too. :)

Emmei Frost, a trainer in her mid twenties, is a very grim person. She's been promoted to a Team Galactic field lieutenant in recent years, and answers directly to the commanders. Her life is a fragile thing, and her past is threatening to shatter it...

All the unrecognized characters are mine: Emmei, Nakio, Arran, Ranipa, Shadow, etc.

and, this first bit is actually two chapters I smooshed together for no particular reason.

“Umm… I’d like... piplup, please, sir,” The ten year old child stared up at Professor Rowan with wide, innocent eyes. Her forefinger was stuck in her mouth rather childishly. She had long white-blond hair, icy blue eyes, and pale skin.

Rowan returned the water penguin to its pokéball and offered it to the girl, giving a very small smile. “Yes… Here you go. Good luck on your journey, Emmei.”

Emmei smiled past her finger and took the pokéball. “Wow! Thank you, Professor!” She released the piplup; it was a somewhat surly pokémon, staring up at Emmei with solemn eyes. “Oh, she’s gorgeous! I’ll call her… umm... Mizu!”

Clinging to her new piplup and positively beaming, Emmei stepped away, leaving room for a much smaller boy to step forth. This boy’s curly brown hair was wild, somewhat like vines. His eyes were vibrant green and his skin dark.

“Professor, I’d like turtwig,” He selected unfalteringly, having thought long and hard over this important choice.

The professor nodded and returned the turtle pokémon with a flash of red light. “A suiting choice, Nakio… I wish you luck on your journey, too,” He passed the turtwig’s pokéball to Nakio, nodding again.

Nakio took the pokéball and released his new partner, giving the turtwig a calm, friendly smile. He went to stand next to Emmei, letting the third new trainer step forth. This boy was closer in height to Emmei, but he was more confidant than the uncertain girl. His long was a brilliant orange-red, naturally a bit spiky. He wasn’t as dark-skinned as Nakio or pale as Emmei, but a rather middling tone, and splashed with freckles.

“That leaves me with the chimchar, which is what I’d have chose anyhow so it all works out, eh?” He flashed a bright, false smile at the professor, holding out a hand.

Professor Rowan raised an eyebrow as he returned the monkey, and placed its pokéball in the boy’s hand. “As I had expected you would choose. Arran , take it easy. Don’t get into any trouble. Don’t let that temper get the best of you, boy.”

Arran winked at Rowan and released the chimchar. “Of course, Rowan, of course… Hey there, chimchar, you’re my new buddy. I’m calling you Blaze and we’re going to burn anyone who gets in our way.”

Scowling his disapproval of Arran – he’d never approved of the boy’s blatant disrespect to any authority – Rowan checked his watch. His scowl deepened. “Where on earth is that girl? Is she always late?”

All three of the new trainers’ good moods seemed to evaporate. Emmei lowered her head. “Ranipa’s sick again… she’s been sleepin’ most of the time and her parents say she isn’t ready to be a trainer. They say she needs to get better again… I hope she’ll be okay…”

Rowan’s face softened. He knew how hard it had to be for the trio of friends. “Ah... well, I think she’ll get well again, Emmei. I only had three pokémon to give today anyhow. I’ll keep something for whenever she’s ready. Do you know what she was going to pick?”

Nakio now spoke up. “Ranipa was hoping you had a shinx or some other electric type, Professor. She’s always liked electric types the best…”

“A shinx, you say? I do have one, as a matter of fact. It’s very loving; I’ll see if her parents would allow her to keep it even though she’s sick. Pokémon can help people through the hardest times,” Rowan replied thoughtfully, and the children instantly brightened.

Emmei’s eyes filled with tears. “Thank you, sir… she’d like that lots...”

Professor Rowan cleared his throat and straightened; he was uncomfortable in emotional situations such as this. “Well… I think you three had better be off now. I’ll see about that shinx, but for now I have quite a bit of work to do.”

The three nodded and said their quick goodbyes to the professor. Emmei even gave him a quick hug. Arran gave him a playful, soft punch, of which he disapproved. Nakio was content with a handshake.

“Come on, guys! Let’s go on an adventure!”


The pokémon center was crowded today. Trainers of all ages were scattered across the lounge, along with their assorted pokémon. One in particular stood out; he seemed to have a fan following, in fact. A cluster of younger trainers were standing not far from him, whispering excitedly and pointing at him.

The trainer in question looked to be around twenty six years old. His curly russet hair was wild and long, eyes of a brilliant green which gleamed against his chocolate skin. The man wore simple clothing: a brown leather coat over green shirt and khaki pants. Pokéballs lined his belt; six were filled. His partner was a torterra, which was taking up a large amount of space by him.

One of the nervous young trainers approached him, shaking hands holding a notepad and pen. “Um... umm… Excuse me… Can I… have your autograph, please?”

The man looked up, startled. He had been thinking about the day he first met his torterra. “Oh! Of course! Want me to write anything special?” He asked, smiling.

The girl grinned at him. “Just… maybe like ‘to Lisa’ or something...?”

He nodded and begun to write on the notepad, with his own pen. To Lisa, Nakio Forest :), he wrote, and gave her one of his famous calm smiles. She gave a squeak and ran clutching the notepad.

Lisa’s bravery seemed to inspire the others in the group. Nakio found himself signing bags, papers, a pokéball, even an arm. He patiently signed anything asked, occasionally commenting on something or asking names.

The television, set not far from Nakio’s seat, had been running a soap opera. The screen flashed to a news alert, displaying the reporter in front of a large burning building. “We apologize for interrupting your regular program, but this is a special emergency alert…”

Nakio looked up, pausing in his signatures. Something felt... strange…

“This is Jane Jones in front of the Veilstone Department store. It appears that Team Galactic has struck again. The Veilstone Department Store has been robbed and lit on fire by several suspects, all who remain on the scene...” She pointed up, and the camera followed.

Six oddly dressed individuals rode various flying-type pokémon; four pigeot, a flygon, and a charizard. The charizard belched flame onto the building, and the flygon, after brief hesitation, joined it. The four on pigeot held bulging sacks.

“Stan, zoom in on them!” the reporter hissed. The view went fuzzy for a moment, then zoomed in on each of the riders in turn. Three had gaudy blond hair, two had black hair, and the flygon rider had pale blond hair.

Nakio dropped his pen. “Emmei… oh my god,” He whispered, and leapt up. “Sorry!”

With that abrupt apology, he returned torterra and took off.


“Shadow, we need to leave! Stop being an idiot!” She screamed from atop her flygon, pounding an impatient fist on its neck.

The man turned to face her, his charizard still burning the building. “I am not being an idiot, Emmei! They need a distraction so they don’t follow us!”

Slowly, she nodded, understanding. “I see… Flygon, help him out! Use flamethrower!”

It reared, and flames spewed from its mouth. The fire roared higher, and Shadow laughed. Emmei couldn’t help it. She gave a very small smile.

“What’s this? Cracked the steel armor of Emmei Frost, have we?” Laughed the charizard-rider, “Or is the very fabric of time cracking?”

Emmei scowled at him and made a rude gesture. “Ha, ha. Very funny, Shadow. I’m serious, though. We need to get out of here, like now!” She pointed.

Shadow looked and stopped laughing. Someone was riding a salamence towards them. “Aww, fine. I guess you’re right. Let’s go, guys!”

The charizard stopped its flaming, and begun to wing away. The grunts on the pigeots followed, but Emmei hesitated. Something about that salamence was familiar…

“Emmei, we need to go now!” Shadow and the others were waiting.

She sighed. “Fine, I know… let’s get out of here!” Emmei tapped flygon, and took off with the others.

Nakio sighed as the Galactic raiders flew off. He slumped over his salamence momentarily, before a scream brought him back. He sat bolt upright on the dragon.

A chill went down his back. “Oh, god, salamence… someone is still in there! Land, now! We have to help!”

It obliged, swooping in for a graceful landing, Nakio leaping from its back before it was fully on the ground. He tossed five pokéballs into the air, releasing their occupants. There was torterra, of course. The others were an arcanine, azumarill, gardevoir, and ambipom.

“Guys, we’ve got to help out! Arcanine, gardevoir, you’re with me. Azumarill, salamence, you two help put out the fire! Torterra, ambipom, help in any way possible!” Nakio tugged a cloth from his pocket and wrapped it around his face.

All the pokémon nodded. Azumarill and salamence wasted no time and both begun to use hydro pump. Ambipom jumped atop torterra and the two trotted towards firemen battling the blaze. Nakio nodded, and turned towards the building.

“Gardevoir, use protect on both of us. Arcanine, you’re a fire type so it shouldn’t bother you much, if at all. You look in the higher levels, gardevoir and I will look in the lower. Let’s go!” Nakio cried, and arcanine took off into the building.

Gardevoir conjured a shining barrier around Nakio and herself. He nodded to her, and took a deep breath. They plunged into the fire together...
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