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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 06-16-2007, 03:50 AM
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Default Pokemon Contest In Hohen

Cary's adventure Part 1

"Go Treecko!" Cary yelled
"Use energy ball them slam!" Treecko used energy ball and a giant green ball flew into the stage and treecko ran up to it and used slam and made it explode to shiny powder. Cary tossed in her sleep.

"Go Torchic!" Cary yelled
"Use Fire Spin and jump in the air!" Torchic jumped in the air and stated spinning while it used fire spin to make a ring of fire. Cary tossed in her sleep again.

"Go Mudkip!" Cary yelled
"Use Hydro pump and then ice beam!" Mudkip used hydro pump making a arch around the stage and then froze it into a ice arch.
"Now Take Down!" Mudkip ran at the ice and shaddered it into shiny powder.

RING! BUZZ! RING! BUZZ! Cary moved her hand around until she reached the alarm clock then slamed it with her hand.
"WAKE UP HONEY!" yelled Cary's mom Suzen

"Im coming im coming" Cary ran down stairs and ate her breakfast and ran to the pomemon lab.

"IM HERE IM HERE I CAME FOR MY POKEMON!" Professor Birch came out with a assistant with a cart that had three pokeballs on it the pokemon starters. Each pokeball had a symble on it one had a fire symble another with a water symbol and one with a grass symble.

"You may choose one pokemon torchic the fire chick pokemon; mudkip the mud fish pokemon; or treecko the wood gecko pokemon."

"May i see them?"

"Sure" Birch took the three pokeballs and threw them in the air and three pokemon came out torchic treecko and mudkip.

"Here you go" the assistant walked over and handed Cary 6 pokeballs and a pokedex."You can check the pokemon evolutions and attacks now if u want to to decide witch one u want."

"Cool" Cary 1st scanned treecko. It attacks were asorb tackle and growl and evolves into grovile then sceptile. Next Torchic. it attacks were ember scratch and sand attack and evolves into combusken then blaziken. Now mudkip it attacks were Water Gun Tackle Growl and mud slap.

"Ok i choose Mudkip!" Birch returned all of the pokemon and gave Cary the pokeball with the water symble on it and a small box that contain stickers for all types of pokemon like steel rock grass fire ice ect.


"But before you leave i want you to have this ribbon box and badge box to hold all of the ribbons and badges you have.

"i dont need the badge box im going to become a pokemon corridnair."

"o ok" Birch took the badge box and told cary to be on her way.

Cary's adventure part 2

A new Pokemon Corrdinair Cary started to the city of rustburro and here 1st contest battle. She is walking on route 10 heading tawrds the first city Petalburg She sees many pokemon zigazoon, lotads seedots alot of low leveled pokemon. when out of no where a ralts is walking and eating a oran berry. Cary heard that ralts is very rare so she decided to catch it she sent out mudkip and told him to use tackle. It was a direct hit and caught the ralts off gaurd. The ralts attacks back by using hypnosis witch makes mudkip fall asleep.

"Wake Up Mudkip!" ralts the sends a stream of darknest towards mudkip; Dream Eater. That makes mudkip wake up faster but it does alot of damage. Mudkip woke up.

"Use Water Gun mudkip!" Mudkips fires a powerful water gun and knocks out ralts. Cary threw a pokeball at the ralts, it wiggles 3 times then beeps she catchtered it! she put a psychic stickwer on the pokeball and scans ralts with the pokedex.

"Ralts, The feeling pokemon, it uses the horns on it head to sence human emotions. It is said to appear in front of cheer ful people. It attacks are hypnosis dream eater confusion and growl.

"Yeah i caught a ralts!" Carys continued to Rustborro and her first contest she past threw petalburg and healed her pokemon at the pokemon center. She walked to petalburg woods and walk around getting her self lost. She decided to let out mudkip and ralts so they can walk around.

Cary's adventure Part 3

"Come on out Mudkip and Ralts!" Cary threw the pokeballs in the air and the two pokemon came out. Cary found a sign that said rustborro city is NW from that point and to beware of the turtwigs during breeding season!

"Phew good thing it isnt breeding season now but that also means there are alot of turtwigs here!" Cary went off looking for a turwig. She found a clearing in the forest that had a big watering whole and aton of baby turtwigs with a giant torterra as the leader! Cary sneaked in the clearing and looked for a strong looking turtwig when out of no where the torterra send out a leafstorm heading for ralts mudkip and Cary!! She ran while returning ralts and mudkip to ther pokeballs when a baby turtwig came and tackled cary to the ground it leafs on it head looked like a heart and it smiled effectionly, Cary got to her feet and ran and the baby turtwig followed her she found a safe place to hide and the turtwig bit her head a sign of effection. Then turtwig ran back and stomped the ground like it wanted to battle so caryaccepted.

"Ok a battle you want a battle you get!"

"Go Ralts!" Cary threw a pokeball and ralts came out
"use hypnosis!" ralts sent out psywaves and turtwig fell asleep.
"Now use dream eater!" Ralts sent a stream of darknest and ate turtwigs dream making it wake up. Turtwig used a take down and hit ralts full on making ralts faint.
"Return ralts now go mudkip!"
Mudkip use Water Gun!" Mudkip attack was a critital hit but made little damage.
The turtwig used double team then razorleaf!
"Mudkip jump up in the air!" Mudkip did so and the razor leafs hit all of the turtwigs making all but one of them disapear.
"Now use watergun!" mudkip went to use water gun but instead oif the water gun it was Ice Beam! It hit turtwig full on and turtwig fainted.
"Go pokeball!" Cary threw a pokeball and it wiggle 3 times and beeped turtwig was captured. Cary scaned it with her pokedex; Turtwig the tiny leaf pokemon the shell on it back is soil it dries up when it drinks. The leafs on it head shrivles up when it is thirsty; attacks are razorleaf double team bite and synthesis.


Cary manages to get her way out of petalburg forest and makes it torustboro city where the first contest battle takes place. She enters the contest hall and she sees a lady at the front desk cary asks to regenster and the lady says you need a contest pass to sign up.

"But how do i get a contestg pass?!"

"Dont worry i will get one for you come back tomarrow to get."

"ok" So Cary walked to route 116 and look for pokemon. She walks around route 116 and she sees many whismers and zigzagoons but nothing intresting until 15min later when she finds a very very very rare eevee! Cary gasps while takeing out a pokeball.

"Go turtwig!" Cary throws the pokeball in the air and turtwig comes out of the red light.
"Use Razor leaf!" Turtwig does so and eevee doges it bye useing quick attack.
"Turtwig use Bite!" turtwig runs up to eevee and uses bite but misses bye eevee quick attack.
"Use double team then razor leaf!" turtle wig makes copies of it self and circles eevee then all of the hit it with razor leaf making it faint.
"Go Pokeball!" casy threw the pokeball it wiggles 2 times and eevee pops out. Eevee then runs up to turtwig and uses iron tail making turtwig faint. Cary calls back turtwig and sends out ralts.
"Ralts use confusion!" ralts used confusion and eevee becomes confused. Eevee tried using quick attack but hit a tree instead of ralts.
"Ralts use Confusion again" Ralts uses confusion and lifts eevee off the ground and throws it into a tree making it faint.
"Go Pokeball" Cary threw the pokeball it wiggles 3 times and beeps. Eevee was captured. Cary scaned eevee. Eevee the evulution pokemon; eeve adaptes to harsh weather conditions by evolveing to different forms. attacks are quick attack; iron tail; dig;rest

Cary Adventure Part 5

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH RALTS HE IS GLOWING!!!!" Ralts glows and then evolves into kirlia.
"kirlia" Cary scanned kirlia. Kirlia the emotion pokemon; it is highly perseptive of trainers feelings; it dances when it is very happy. attacks are; Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Confusion, magical leaf, and shadow ball.

"Maby it will be smart to train now; Come on out everyone! Ok first mudkip. Use mudslap then ice beam!" Mud kip makes a wave of mud then freezes it with ice beam now water gun! mudkip use water gun behind the mud ice and made the water fan around the ice making a sparkley effect.

"Great job mudkip. Now Kirlia your turn. Use Shadow Ball then confusion!" Kirlia sends then shadow ball flying then stops it with confusion and moves it around.
"Now Magicul leaf!" kirlia sends rainbow colored leafs at the shadow ball making it explode into shiny powder.
"Great Job Kirlia"
"Go Turtwig Use Synthesis" Turtwig started to glow and sparkles "now use double team!"turtwig uses double team while glowing and makes the whole area fill with light.
"Wonderful turtwig"
"now eevee, u will be better off being my battler sorry eevee." eevee is pretty happy madder effect she likes to battle more then do contests.

Cary spends the night at the pokemon center and she healed her pokemon and went to the contest hall and got her pass she will be competing in 1 hour so she stayed at the contest hall and waited till she was up. She was ery nervouse because she was first up but she is going to try her best!


"Go Kirlia!" Cary sent out Kirlia and kirlia entered by spinning aound.

"Use magical leaf!" Kirlia sent out alot of rainbow colored leafs.
"Now Shadow Ball!" kirlia shot alot of shadows balls making all of the leafs explode into shiny powder
"Now Confusion" Kirlia used confusion to control all of the shiny powder and made it squeeze together to explode to a fountain of shiny powder. Kirlia bowed to the audiance and spined away.

all of the other contestains went up and the 4 finalist are Ricky! Mimi! Ethan! and Cary!!!

The people were scatted up and picked randomly into groups of two it was Cary vs Ethan and Ricky vs Mimi

Part 7

"Go eevee" Shouted cary

"Go snover" shouted ethan

"Eevee use Dig!" eevee dug a hole in the ground

"Snover start charging a sorlar beam and relaese it when u see eevee!" Snorver started to charge a sorlar beam

"Eevee come up right underneighth snover and use iron tail!" eevee used iron tail on snover making snover slide back and it shot a powerful sorlar beam at eevee making eevee lose half of it points.

Eevee use quick attack"

"Use sorlar beam before it reaches you!" Snover shot a solar beam making eevee faint.

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Default Re: Pokemon Contest In Hohen

well its ok, but there are some mistakes.
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