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Old 06-11-2007, 12:19 AM
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Post Starless Sky [Pg-13]

A fanfiction done by Red_duskull


Azalea town, during the slowpoke festival. The entire town is alive and bustling, slowpoke are seen all around the village, mostly dazed and confused, im a roaring blaze of lights, music, and partying. Along with them are the citizens of Azalea cheering on happily, their troubles long forgotten, the night sky emanating a promising tomorrow. Even a pokemon tournament is being held in honor of the slowpoke, bonding closer humans and pokemon. Everyone is having a great time except for a young man named Rex, and his partner, Cubone. Rex's sister approaches him outside of town, in his own gloomy corner near the well.

"Brother? Are you upset that you lost the contest?"

Rex said nothing to his sister. He was coming to that age where all boys come to where their moodiness overreaches their kindness.

"Brother, come on, it's not like you stood a chance anyway"
"Well thanks for being so supportive Sis!"
"Hey! I got you to talk! There's hope for you yet big brother."

Rex and his cubone looked up at the night sky trying to forget that humiliating loss by the champ and gym leader, bugsy.

"Maybe if you used Nidoran instead, you woulda lasted longer. Poison types are a bug's worst nightmare!"
"You mean flying types?"
"Uhhh, yea, those too, but poison's more effective right?"
"To grass types but not bugs."
"Oh... well, i guess i'm not as smart a trainer as you brother."
"Yea yea..."

Rex's sister sat next to him and looked up at the night sky as well. An aura of calmness overtook the two of them.

"You think we'll see dad again?"
"What? Where'd that come from Zoe?"
"I dunno... its just when you and cubone fight it reminds me of dad."
"I'm sure it'll be soon."
"Are you gonna be the new champ by then big brother?"

Rex says nothing.

"Oh come on Rex! I'm trying to cheer you up here! Who cares about a stupid competition anyway..."
"I do."
"And when I can beat her, i can beat the other gym leaders as well. And when i do that, I'll be the new Champion at the Pokemon league. And then the master trainer of the world! And cubone and i are gonna do that together. Right pal?"

Cubone looks up at Rex with a renewed sense of happiness. "Cubone Cubone!"

"Ohhhh, of course you'll be the champ one day, you're my big brother!"
"Rex? What's wrong?"
"Do you hear that?"

Zoe remained quiet as she heard a bellow out in the distance

"What is that?"

BAM!! A large crash is heard followed by the sounds of screaming people. The sounds of houses being destroyed cut through the disordered night sky. "EVERYONE GET OUT OF THE VILLAGE NOW!!!" fell behind the sounds of roaring tremors. Rex and Zoe saw the townspeople running out of the town holding their loved ones or slowpoke. The looks on their faces filled the siblings with a sense of fear and dread for their mother still in town.

"Zoe! Go with the townspeople I need to go get mom!"
"No big brother! I'm goin with you!"
"Cubone! Take Zoe and get out of here!"

Cubone picked up Zoe with impressive strength, despite its small stature, and carried her off, with Zoe kicking and screaming.

Rex ran headfirst into the burning town trying to get to his house. He could see the townspeople trying to fight off the intruder, a black charizard, only to be incinerated by the intense heat. The Charizard killed without mercy, chilling Rex's soul as his mind became more chaotic to find his mother. He arrives to his house to find it in flames. A shadowy figure is seen through the top windows, most likely Rex's mom. But before he can proceed into the burning building the house is smashed into oblivion by another immense dragon pokemon.
A black Rayquaza shouted out in triumph over the carnage it created. Some trainers could be seen, being lead by Bugsy, in trying to fight back the Black Rayquaza. But a giant jolt of the titan's hyper beam killed almost all of the pokemon and the trainers fighting it. Rex stared, tears gushing, in dread as he looked at the bloody remains of his friends and family. The fire wrapped around him as Rex looked up and stared at the beast. Rayquaza let out a thunderous roar, and on the back of it was a cloaked black figure. The mysterious man stared at his work and smiled as his pokemon leveled the once quiet town. Then he looked at Rex, and Rex stared right back at him. Rex realized that this person was staring right at his soul. Everything, his hopes and dreams were all gone because of this man, because of his black dragons. His future was now taken from him, his dreams gashed, and black fumes now filling Rex's lungs. Rex faints as he stares at the beast, still looking back at him. And as he slips into darkness, all he can hear is the calls of Rayquaza, and the silent laughter of the man who took his home... Zeke of Blackthorn...

to be continued in Chapter 1: Zeke of Blackthorn

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Old 06-11-2007, 08:20 PM
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Default Re: Starless Sky [Pg-13]

That scared the crap out of me. I started out so cute, but I guess that was just the calm before the storm. You are a very talented writer. The pacing was brilliant! I have to read more!!!!!!!!!! Post chapter one, but I may be too nervous to read it...
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Old 06-12-2007, 08:00 PM
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Default Re: Starless Sky [Pg-13]

Chapter 1: Zeke of Blackthorn

2 years later...

A gray hymn grows in the drolless town of Pewter. The once thriving city is now shut in, boarded up, and frightened for its life. The barren streets and emptiness can be found anywhere; since the death of their gym and gym leader, the city has never recovered from their loss. Most of the town's populous can be found behind locked doors or in the cesspools of the local bar. In there, in those smoke filled rooms is the true spirit of depression most thoroughly represented. Now all that fills the people's hollow hulls is the hum of the TV. On the screen the townspeople see their whole horrific fiasco relived again...


"It's been two years now since the attacks began. Johto, Kanto, the world is help in the grip of one man, Zeke Ageas, the aspiring pokemon champion and now enemy of the world. Before, he was a rising trainer that had already defeated the Pokemon league in a number of regions. Zeke won over 400 tournaments, and was recognized by the Pokemon League as a World Master, all in 10 years when he first became a trainer.

Zeke was famous for using Dragon pokemon, since his hometown was right in Blackthorn, which was famous for its dragon-type gym. His first pokemon, a charmander, is his all time favorite and was still used in later battles before his... attacks. It was recorded that Zeke was stopping by the Johto region in search of the legendary pokemon, Lugia. All of Johto was ablazed with glory to see their champion come home, but all of that changed 3 days after his return him.

In one night, Zeke destroyed almost all of the Johto towns. Cities such as Goldenrod and Olivine now lay in ruins. His hometown of Blackthorn was hit the hardest, for all that remains of the town is a smoldering crater. Police, military, and even pokemon officials have all directly combated Zeke and his Dark Dragons, but all have either been defeated or killed. It is estimated that the death toll of Zeke is at about 1.5 million. Families are shattered, trainers are without their pokemon, and pokemon too are being abandoned because of the phenomena of Zeke. What is more disturbing is no one knows why Zeke has committed these atrocities. This sudden change to a radical, homocidal person has affected the populous and quite possibly the planet. Are his murders all senseless slayings, or is there a reason to his demented rage?

Today still the military and pokemon affiliates are working on a way to combat and defeat Zeke, but one cannot be in the vicinity of Zeke without being killed. His dragon pokemon, all noted for their unusual black coloration, are too be fear and avoided at all times. I repeat, trainers and civilians are not to confront Zeke directly. But I'd imagine only someone with a death wish would dare approach him or his 'following'. Yes, Zeke has an unofficial band of supporters, identifying themselves as 'The followers of Saint Zeke'. This demented organization, although not in cooperation with Zeke, is a danger to the public and is also recommended to be avoided.

Zeke's mercilessness and depravity of sanity, it would seem, now threatens our humble world. What was once a happy and shining future of both people and pokemon is now in jeopardy. The military cannot defeat him, no trainer can defeat him... the world is but his play thing, and we're his puppets. It's been a bloody, ravaging two years, and what the world needs right now is a hero. This is Sharon Simmons reporting, back to you Kevin."

"Thank you Sharon for that report... this crisis is not easy for anyone, and we-

"TURN THAT CRAP OFF!!! S'the same *%#& day 'n and day out. Always bout that bloody Zeke!! BARKEEP, gimme another hard one..."
"Don't you think you've had enough?"
"HEY!! I dun pay you to give me lip guv, jus gimme my booze!!"
"Sigh... another drunk... hey bouncer, mind gettin rid of this guy?"

The bouncer, who'd been sitting at the bar as well, slightly irritated by the English derelict, was pleased to help get rid of him. He stood 5' 8", with brown eyes and black hair. His clothes seemed to be new, but for all we know he could have killed the man who previously wore the pieces of leather. He had on a blueish-green long shirt and black pants, along with a black glove on his right hand. Equipped with a belt, sneakers, and some battle scars, he definitely fit the job description of a bouncer. Slowly he walked over to the English biker bad boy and took his arm, seeing him to the door.

"Git yer #$*ing arm offa me!! Ain't know one gonna tell me when i'm done drinkin!!"

The laggard thrashed about as he broke the bouncer's grip and threw a punch. But his attack was blocked by an unusual object: a bone, and at the end of that bone was a disgruntled Marowak.

" OWWW!!!! Wot the 'ell did you do ta me hand?
"Mister," the bouncer spoke, "you really don't want to piss me off today..."

To be continued in Chapter 2, Rex Sandbloom


Thanks for the positive comment, even if there's only one, lol. Would like some feedback on this chapter, i feel like it's a little short... Chapter 2 coming later and more ACTION PACKED. =O

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Old 06-13-2007, 02:54 AM
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Default Re: Starless Sky [Pg-13]

ah.its ok.but next time i'd recomend more drunks
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Old 06-13-2007, 12:43 PM
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Default Re: Starless Sky [Pg-13]

Mmmm hmmmm. You need to work on your tense. Do you want to keep it present or past? I see both in your prologue. I recommend past, it's the easiest both to write and understand. It gets confusing if you switch around present and past tense too much.

Anyway, nice idea. Keep going and don't get bored and stop writing, like you said in the FanFic Feedback.
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Old 06-13-2007, 04:27 PM
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Default Re: Starless Sky [Pg-13]

ick, alright thanks for that. To clarify, this fanfic takes place two years AFTER the prolog. and the newscaster is talking about the events before, during, and after in the prolog. Thanks for that. Rest of the story is gonna be all in present.

And there will be a pokebattle. Between the drunk and Rex :D
Don't ask me if you can battle if yer drunk cuz i wouldn't know. But it'll definitely be funny!
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