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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 11-28-2004, 01:40 PM
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Default Pok'emon School


You may post ratings that you think in the thread

There was a school that was south of Viridian. It was a brick building with red designs all across it. It was a square shape and it had 19 huge classrooms. Each classroom had a Dry Erase Board, ABC chart, a computer, and 17 big square like desk.

A boy was sitting in the back of his classroom. They were learning Pok’e Studies. He hated it. It was his worst subject. The bays name was Robbie. He wore a red hat and a shirt to match, blue jean with pokeball designs on them and his shirt had a big pokeball and the back said “Gotta Catchem’ all”.

This is basically where you get in and see what is the main character and and what is a main setting. I don't know if I’ll have any funny lines but I hope you like what I’m going to right about.

The plot is, a kid named Robbie is going to Pok’emon School. He is felling in Pok’e studies and needs to bring his grade up. If he doesn’t he will be held back and not be able to become a trainer. Will he? Or will he be held back?

Intros are always this short so no short- in- length critizim

Chapter One Is Up!

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Old 11-28-2004, 04:58 PM
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Default Re: Pok'emon School

Robbie started to fall asleep on his desk he laid there like he was dead. He was really bored. He hated Pok’emon studies a whole lot. His teacher for it too was mean. She wore a black dress and wore glasses. She looked like a straight up teacher.

She walked over to Robbie’s desk and smiled.

“Now I would hate to wake him up,” his teacher said. She slapped his desk with a ruler than his hand. “Sorry Mrs. Perkins,” Robbie stated. “Don’t fall asleep in my class again or I will GIVE YOU A F!” Mrs. Perkins said furiously.

The bell rang to go to the Pok’emon Breeding Class. Than Mrs. Perkins called Robbie behind.

“I will no accept this behavior in here,” she said. “Look your grades are slipping. If you fail I’ll have to hold you back. Don’t do this. So I scheduled a Parent – Teacher conference.”

He walked out of her room nervously. Knowing his mom and the teacher would be having a conference about his grades.

At the end of school Robbie went home and try to sneak in.

“ROBBERT DAVID MASHBURN!” his mom yelled, “why is this like this?” His mom wore an apron around her with a red shirt with lines across it. She had brown hair and eyes. She was a hard working mom. Since Robbie’s dad died she had to work hard.

“Sorry mom,” Robbie said.

“Now I have to go to a parent and teacher thing for you and your sake of being a trainer!” she said. “Go play and you don’t have to hear anymore of this.”

He walked outside and saw his two best friends Jake and Mike.

“What’s up,” Jake asked.

“I failing in Poke’mon studies and if I keep it up I fail,” Robbie said.

“Well you have me,” Mike said. “But anyway Mrs. Perkins is mean and you need to get on her good side.”

“Good thing to have a nerd for a friend,” Jake said.

“It beats failing,” Robbie said.

“True,” Jake said.

“But what’s so bad?” Mike asked.

“They’re having a parent teacher conference later,” Robbie said.

“Okay. That’s bad,” Mike said.

“I don’t like when nerds say that sentence,” Robbie said.

“Too bad already said it,” said Mike.

Mike wore a blue shirt and blue jeans. He had red hair and blue eyes and wore glasses. He had a lot of freckles.

Jake was a popular kid who is just a person who hangs out. He wore a green shirt, blue jeans; he had pant chains hanging from his pocket. He had no glasses but had a freckle on his nose.

“Well, she is going to find the worst of what you do in class,” Mike said. “You might wanna hide tonight.”

“Got my word for it.” Jake said

“Maybe I should run away,” Robbie said. “She would yell badly at me.”

“And again got my word for it,” Jake said. “You could be my brother.”

“Okay never mind,” Robbie said.

“What?” Jake said.

“Your 14 year- old brother who plays the trumpet for the football team and talks like a girl kinda scares me,” Robbie replied.

“Your point is,” Jake said.

“His girliness scares me,” Robbie said. They all laughed.

“That was a good one,” Jake said.

His mom left to go see Mrs. Perkins so they stood there and talked.

“Well, luckily I will find a good hiding spot,” Robbie said.

It was late and he went in and hid in his laundry dryer.


He stayed there and gulped. His mom went down into the laundry room.

“This is obvious,” his mom said. “Where he always hides.”

She opened up the dryer and found him lying there sucking his thumb.

Later That Night

…..It Got Worse

“How could you?” his mom said. “What do you not understand in this?”

“Its not that it’s I hate Mrs. Perkins,” Robbie said.


“She is always mean to me!”

“She never told me this.”

“She’s a teacher duh she isn’t.”

She looked at him and put her coat on the table. He went to his room. He was upset for being yelled at. He was also mad about Mrs. Perkins that she is mean to him.

“I hate this,” Robbie said on the phone with Mike and Jake.

“Told you so,” Mike said.

“This can’t be too good,” Jake said.

“Its not and if I fail my mom will kill me,” Robbie said.

“It’s easy,” Mike said. “Pull up the grade.”

“I haven’t paid enough attention to pull it up!” Robbie said.

“Remember you have me,” Mike said.

“I know,” Robbie said. “I just hope I can

“You can,” Jake said. “Its easy.”

“And a cool kid paid attention?” Robbie said.

They hang up and Robbie made a deep breath.

Chapter One Is Up!

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