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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 11-28-2004, 04:25 AM
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Red face Ona; Fusion Kingdom

Ona The Fusion Kingdom

Chapter One: Pokemirks?!

"So,what are you doing later Lilylio?" chuckled a voice brimming with laughter in its tone. Into view came a couple of girls sitting in a cave, one with glimmering red hair, Caroline Lioko Destiney, the other with brilliant blonde hair,Lilylio a.k.a Lola Wahsa Trinity.

"Don't call me that Caroline." grumbled back Lola, studying her hair in a small mirror she had. "Does my hair look alright?" she called over.

She got no answer. Suddenly, she felt a tingle on the top of her hair, and Caroline was behind her, messing up her hair. "Now it doesn't!" laughed Caroline.

"Come back here you mouse!" yelled Lola. Though anyone who knew her could tell she was about to laugh as she dragged Caroline back.

Around Caro's neck,a golden chain, where two Articuno feathers. In the middle was a golden-blue orb which Caroline had never dared too touch before. But as the girls began to pretend-fight, both forgot all about this.

Lola's fingers brushed the soft,warm orb. Suddenly, a yell erupted from the cave as a white flash engulfed the two girls, swirling them around and around. Both were knocked out.


"Urrrrrrgggg." groaned Caroline, sitting up. She reached up to rub her head, and realized her hair felt icey cold.

With a jerk Caroline stood. She almost fell over a majestic blue tail that swished out of the way. She felte her body with one hand. it was soft and fuzzy. When she dared to look down,she found herself covered in turqoise blue fur! ()

"I'm...I'm...." stuttered Caroline. She reached back, feeling the feathery sky blue wings arched upon her back, and swishing the blue tail that dragged the ground beneath her feet. "Articuno." Her eyes widened.

She reached down and shook Lola, who jerked awake and stared up blearily. Then she screamed. "A living Articuno!" She yelled again and again.

"Lola,its me,Caro." said Kara to her. "Maybe you should look at yourself." she added.

Lola looked down to her body, the shock wearing off at seeing an Articuno. Her body was covered in bright yellow fur. She felt ears twitch and reached up to them, bright yellow bunny-like ears. She flinched and a giant bobbing yellow tail followed her movement.s It was then she knew she had turned into a Pikachu. ()

"" gasped Lola in suprise. "You really are Caroline. We're fused..with Pokemon!" gasped Lola, standing up but stumbling around as if she were dizzy.

"Lola, I hear someone up ahead. Maybe we should go find them and ask them whats going on,where we are, why we turned into Pokemon when we dissappeared from that cave."

Lola nodded shakily, and Caroline grabbed her. One hand grasped her blue Articuno feather necklace. As they began to move forward, Kara began to wish she was already there.

Suddenly,another white flash came from beneath Kara's hand, and they were outside a brown hut. Kara blinked, and Lola shook her head. "All the things that have been happening..." Caroline heard her mutter.

They walked into the hut slowly, carefully. An old man sat at a table, and he jumped, startled, when they walked in.

"Hello there." he muttered to them. "My name is Bill,and you are?" he grinned. He seemed nice enough.

"Caroline." muttered the Articuno mix. "Lola." replied Lilylio warily. "Come,come,sit down." said Bill. "I like to have visitors, no matter how strange."

So they sat at a table. "Mr.Bill,we're confused." Kara suddenly burst out after several moments of unconfortable silence.

"What do you mean?" he asked politely. And,without paying attention to who she was talking too,Caroline let the whole story spill out.

"So," said Bill,after listening politely. "You have the Articuno feather pendant with you?"

Caroline nodded,showing him the pendant. A look of great rememberance hsowed in his eyes. "Can you help us?" asked Lola hopefully.

"Well," said Bill. "That pendant is a very old,very lucky pendant. When you touch the orb in the center there, your wishes are granted. But,be warned, the wishes will wear out. Now,you are in the region of Ona. It is usual for people here to be part Pokemon, so you should be welcome in town. Anyway, there always was a legend of two people coming to save us from the terrible Team Ice age one day. Ice age is planning to destroy the region with the next Ice Age. And I believe you might be able to help us.You have the power to morph. You are now known as PokeMirks. Any Pokemon you touch,you will have the power to morph into them,but the morphing is only part way,you will stay part Human as you are now. However,you can only stay as part of that Pokemon for two hours after you change into it. You can change back to the forms you are in now whenever you want,but aftert he two hours the form will force you to come back to these forms. Any Pokemon you own,however,you can morph into as long and however often as you like. Here,take these."

After the long explanation, Bill handed over two Pokeballs; one to Kara,one to Lola. "Lola,yours contains an Electrike. Kara,yours is Seel. These Pokemon are the same type of Pokemon as you have now,Electric and Ice. Use them well,and help us defeat Team Ice Age." The Pokebalsl were strangely colored,a light purple on top and a light lbue on bottom.

The two girls nodded. "But,Bill," said Lola nervously. "How do we morph?"

Bill smiled politely,and took them outside. "Lola,release Electrike." Lola nodded and released an Electrike from the Pokeball.

"Now,touch it on its head,close your eyes,and whisper 'Carry Too Me.' three times." whispered Bill too her.

Lola knelt down,caressed the Electrike atop his head,and whispered "Carry too me,carry too me,carry too me." Suddenly,a light yellow glow of sparkling stars transferred over to Lola's body, and se stood up,looking slightly pale and panting. Electirke drooped a bit, whimpering.

"Now you can transform into Electrike. When you want too,close your eyes and say 'Transform Into New' once.Then your transformation will take place..and don't worry, you'll get used to absorbing Pokemon DNA,and your electirke will be fine. I assume you know how to do it now,Kara?" said Bill.

Kara nodded, releasing her Seel. She knelt down, gently grasping the Seels head,she whispered. "Carry too me,carry too me,carry too me." A light blue glow of sparkling particles transferred to Kara. She took a deep breath,closed her eyes, and stayed knelt for a minute before standing. She didn't look as pale as Lola.

"Good job." said Bill with a grin. "Now,I assume you'll be wanting to leave."

The girls nodded, returning their Pokemon and waving to Bill,calling out good-byes. They walked off,arm in arm.

The sun began to set behind the hills of the small town of Irikai as the girls sat atop a small hill,beneath a tree. Kara grinned, arching her wings and looking over to Lola.

"I think I could get used to this PokeMirks business." said Kara.

"You know,me too." replied Lola.

And the girls sat together beneath the setting sun. But little did they know, trouble had not yet begunn.. And it would..

Soon. Very soon.


Short, I know. But I was tired from making Kara and Lola's sprites x.x
Moving On,Moving Up
As a girl fused with a Houndoom travels through the region,she learns about taking care of Pokemon. Soon,she hears about an evil organization planning to freeze all of the region Ona. In this situation,she is forced to work with the humans she feared and hated before to save the sacred region. Can she do it?
Kara And Circe-Houndoom Hybrid and Black and Orange Torchic-Working Together With A Special Bond

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