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Old 11-27-2004, 03:51 PM
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Default Spy Softly: Disaperance of an Agent

Opening File DDW of the British Intelligence’s top secret files…
Darin Walker, agent of the British Intelligence, has disappeared as it appears that a lot of other people closely related to Walker have disappeared also, It is almost certain that he is planning on doing something that he doesn’t want the British government finding out about. It doesn’t say that he had any disputes with anyone in the agency so asking people about him is out of the question. He didn’t want a vacation break so that couldn’t be it. We have to send in agents to Darin’s estate and find out what is going on. It looks as if the select few who would be good for the job are available, so they will be sent there in the morning.

This is a Spy RP it is one of (I hope) of many. This is most likely the first of it’s kind on this forum so maybe it won’t do so well but I have confidence that people will like the Idea, and stick with the RP. You are a agent of the British Intelligence and you are going to be sent to find out what Walker is up to, you will be equipped with the latest of gadgets so this shouldn’t be too hard, the first thing that you need to do is infiltrate Walker’s Estate the RP will continue on a set path and you will acquire new gadgets and rides along the way, someone can even pretend to be Walker and I will tell them what basically I want him to do. I will be NPCs and people like Q who give you gadgets, If needed I will join also ,but for now I will remain as the NPCs.

Specialties: (Aiming, Stealth, Persuasive, ect.)

Yeah, That's right, I'm calling you out WAR Teams. Your going down!
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