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Old 11-17-2004, 01:09 AM
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Post +Grudged Massacre: Volume I+

+Grudged Massacre: Volume I+
+Silenced Lies+
Genre: Action/Adventure, Martial Arts
Rating: PG13 - R {Death and Blood shall be featured in this story; precautions should be considered if choosing to read this story}
Volume(s): Volume I {Silenced Lies}, Volume II {Howling Deaths}, Volume III {The Final Wolf}
Featured Chapters: 26 Chapters {Roman-Numerial Presentation}
~The Devastating Misery~
A solid downpour of rain crashed on the black streets of Trials Avenue, murky gray clouds furiously circling around in the mysterious, shadowy skies. White lightning strikes formed in the clouds, a loud deafening sound erupting soon after and echoing through the frosty atmosphere.

The streetlights blinked a few times before turning off wholly. The sun hid behind the murky clouds, its rays trying its best to get through the thickness of the miasmas.

A thunderous roar suddenly came into hear, silencing everything. The wind continued to whisper a wicked note, the bare trees’ branches being tossed around. Leaves scratched the ground, creating a more aggravating uproar.

Raindrops poured down the clean, glass windows as a young girl sat in the corner, crying her heart out with such force. The girl was in sheer misery; tears ran down her face slowly as she blinked her eyes.

Her eyes were completely red, her face appearing to be flushed. Her wavy, long black hair was a complete mess, for her sadness had gotten the better of her at that moment.

She continued to cry with such hurt, such pain from what had occurred earlier that day. The girl had sparkling hazel eyes that matched her stunning, smooth caramel-colored skin.

The girl was in her pink and white pajamas as she sobbed and whined over and over again.

As the rain poured down harder, the white lightning began to erupt a disturbing racket. The girl’s name was Joslyn Melendez, her parents naming her that wonderful name.

“Why…why did this have to happen? Why me?” Joslyn thought.

Joslyn slowly got up from the corner, gazing around the blood-splattered walls. The blood had stained most of the room’s furniture and objects she was in, which happened to be her parent’s.

Her parent’s futon bed was damaged, a large split in the golden sheets and in the black mattress. The white-coated walls also contained dried blood, a complete horror feeling arousing around in the room.

Joslyn slowly walked over to her father, staring at him sadly. Blood stained her father’s clothing, and blood covered his lips.

Four open wounds were visible on the man’s chest area, appearing as though a large, sharp object struck the man through his body. Joslyn blinked her eyes, continuing to practice her eyes on her dead father.

Seeing he was struck in his chest four times by that black and crimson Japanese sword, the teenager walked over towards a black leather chair, where her unconscious mother sat.

An open wound was visible on the woman’s forehead, her brown work clothes stained from the blood emitted from her body.

The woman’s mouth laid wide open, looking as though somebody stretched it out of its regular position. Blood filled the woman’s mouth, a discoloration effect on her tongue.

“Mom…I’m so sorry for letting that man and his gang…kill you!” Joslyn screamed.

Her eyes watered up again, tears rolling down her cheeks and hitting the ground silently. She covered her face with hurt, trying to figure out why her parents had to be killed?

Of the millions of parents that were out there, this gang had to choose her loving, caring, wonderful parents. The girl wiped the tears from her face as she steadily walked towards the discolored bed and sat on it.

Remembering seeing the masked man, with a clan of black-suited individuals, beating on her parents continuously. Stabbing her parents relentlessly. Shooting her mother with a golden gun, and striking her father in his chest with a Japanese sword.

Joslyn remembered hiding in the closet, peeking through the cracked door and watching her parents die slowly and frighteningly. She watched her parents, named Su-Moto and Maya, being beaten up on, shot and stabbed repeatedly.

Delivering the final blows, within seconds, the clan was gone. They had mysterious disappeared, leaving the blood-splattered room and the two dead parents alone.

Witnessing this suddenly made Joslyn felt a rage inside of her entire body, a rage stronger than any anger she had ever experienced. She ran her hands through her hair, frustrated of the unfortunate event that occurred.

Joslyn just couldn’t stand to see those people, who murdered her parents, live life happily as she would live alone…in the dark and cold. Joslyn wanted these people dead; she wanted them to suffer just as bad as her mother and father did.

She wanted to see them experience the pain they went through as they went through the process of dying. Joslyn wanted pure revenge, and that made her destiny clear to her.

Joslyn had to go after the clan, no matter how hurt she would become. She wanted to kill them herself, so she could watch them suffer…and so she could get her revenge.

She then picked up a knife and slammed it into the mattress of the bed as she began to pray. She prayed that she would be safe, and that nothing would happen to her.

As she stared around the messy room, Joslyn knew the best thing to do…she had to leave. Although leaving would mean never seeing the faces of her parents again, the teenager knew it would be for the best.

The teenager kissed the cheeks of her dead parents, and quickly prayed that their souls would be in rest. Joslyn then went into her blue room, which looked better compared to the bedroom of the apartment building room.

Her room had nothing but sapphire furniture, a lightblue mattress to match the iron set-up of her bed. Darkblue sheets were made up perfectly on the mattress, topping it off with a few stuffed animals and lightblue pillow coverings on the soft pillows.

Joslyn went to her brown dresser and pulled one of the drawers open, taking out a purple brush. She then stood there and combed out her hair slowly and gently. Her eyes’ bloodshot red tint faded away, since she had stopped her crying.

The teenager knew that crying would let out her emotions, but wouldn’t do anything about her situation.

In order to feel better, she would have to take revenge, no matter what age or what time. She had to take vengeance. It was the only thing she could do at the moment besides crying her heart out and risking a chance of getting ill.

“I will be taking my revenge, no matter what…even if I get killed afterwards,” Joslyn thought noiselessly.

She then placed her brush down, pulling out red jacket outfit that consisted of red jeans, a red shirt with a bright red leather jacket to match. As the girl placed on her white gym shoes, she then instantly walked back into her parents’ bedroom.

Joslyn then picked up the black-bladed sword, which had the gleaming crimson handle and a burning red-colored shaped mask on the blade. She picked up the blade, smiling as she gazed upon it.


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Arrow Chapter I

~Chapter I~
~A Fresh Noxious Wolf~
The sun beamed down upon the city of Paso Robles, its blazing rays emitting such dangerous heat waves throughout the atmosphere.

Cars were driving out of their driveways, the drivers heading to take their kids to school and then head straight for work. The sky gleamed the fascinating lightblue color, a few silvery clouds flowing in.

Birds chirped loudly as a few robins flew in the beautiful Oak trees, trying their hardest to build a bird nest from scratch. Beautiful green leaves were piled together on each branch individually.

The houses on the street of Trials Avenue were completely rebuilt and refurnished, since the city’s population had increased over last seven years.

On one of the bricked homes, Hosta plants grew in front of the trimmed bushes massively, their white and jade leaves patterned beautifully.

Just then, the white wooden door had opened, a woman walking out of her home calmly. The woman walked off her pink-painted porch, her hair being blown from the mild, chilly winds.

The woman had beautiful, black hair that was brushed to its highest level of perfection. She had sparkling hazel eyes, with dark brown eyebrows resting above her eyes.

The woman had a feminine body structure, knowing that she was just stunning. The woman’s name was Joslyn Melendez, a gorgeous name that her deceased parents named her.

It had been about nine years since a man, along with his evil clan, had murdered her parents. Joslyn was now twenty-two years old, a strong and independent woman who still wanted her taste of revenge.

She had never been able to stop this gang, nor find them; but her dream was not crushed at all. Joslyn still wanted to see these people die and suffer, so she could finally get it off of her chest and continue to live her happy life.

But, the hard part would just be finding them. After that was completed, killing each one of them wouldn’t be any type of trouble that could oppose her.

Joslyn had placed on an emerald-colored outfit, which consisted of tight emerald jeans, and a jade green jacket that was placed over her green shirt. Wearing black gym shoes to match her hair, Joslyn was completely matching.

Also, Joslyn was wearing gorgeous emerald earrings that were shaped like a lion. With a black and crimson sword, that rested in its sheaf, in her possession, the woman was ready for any fight at any time.

The woman took up Karate classes throughout her lifetime as she lived with her uncle Muto and her auntie Candie. Joslyn looked around, seeing that the avenue was completely deserted.

Most of her neighbors went out to breakfast, without having the respectful manner to ask her if she wanted to join.

But, the female warrior was less concerned about hanging around with friends; her goal had not been obtained yet, and until she was able to serve her vengeance well, Joslyn wasn’t going to go around, feeling bad about the situation that occurred quite some years ago.

The woman went back to double-check her door, making sure she locked it safely. A pleasing smile came upon her face as she turned around, walking out of her front lawn, and heading towards the left part of the street.

The sun burned massively, with the frosty, mild winds blowing everything. Leaves began to scratch the ground as they were blown down the sidewalk pavement, the noise become irritating to Joslyn.

However, she ignored that sound and continued her way towards her destination, the Cemetery. Joslyn usually went to the graveyard a few times each week, just to pay her deceased parents a special visit.

She missed them very much, though she never felt alone; the woman knew her parents were still watching over her. She could still feel their loving arms, their tender love that spread upon her when they were alive.

Walking down the street unhurriedly, Joslyn stopped at the corner, where a wooden poll was struck in the ground to maintain the lighting on the streets at nighttime. She turned right down the street, suddenly coming to a complete halt.

The beautiful female turned around swiftly; she felt as though somebody was following her. She slid her eyes around, studying her surroundings cautiously. She shrugged her shoulder and released a small laugh.

“Looks like I still have that same feeling…I wonder why it won’t go away?” Joslyn murmured under her sweet-scented breath.

“Um, sorry if I might have gave you that feeling,” a sweet voice apologized.

Joslyn then looked straight ahead of her, noticing a woman standing in front of her, smiling uncontrollably. The woman was about the same height as Joslyn, having a long, brown ponytail that was put together nicely.

The woman had dark brown eyes, with her black eyebrows certainly resting above them. Her lips appeared as though she placed lip-gloss on them; her lips sparkled a fascinating pink color.

She also had a fit body, wearing a black leather bodysuit with black heels. The woman had very light textured skin, her cheeks a bit red.

She was wearing blue earrings that were shaped like stars, and a necklass with the shape of a wolf as the charm. The woman stared at Joslyn as she politely held out her hand.

“Hello, I’m sure this is our first time seeing one another. My name is Ellie Tarran-Eno,” Ellie introduced.

Joslyn mysteriously practiced her eyes on the woman, noticing that Ellie also carried a sword. Joslyn quickly began concerned, wondering why an average, polite woman like Ellie would carry such a detrimental, hazardous weapon like a sword.

“This seems very weird, but I guess she’s carrying it around for fashion. It’s probably fake anyways,” Joslyn thought. She came back to her senses, shaking Ellie’s hand courteously and giving off a cordial smile.

“Hello, and it is okay…I usually have that stalking feeling when I walk somewhere. My name is Joslyn Melendez,” Joslyn responded.

After having a quick introduction, they released their hands from the bind. Ellie suddenly noticed that Joslyn had a sword secured on her belt buckle, just like she did. She quickly questioned her concerning this matter.

“Well, Joslyn…I see you’re carrying a sword with you. Why is that?” Ellie asked.

“Thanks for noticing. I also see you are carrying one as well. Now, how can I explain this…my parents were killed about eight or nine years ago by some evil clan or assassin gang. However, they left the sword in the apartment building; this is the symbol of revenge. I want them to die from this sword. Oh, and the sword helps me remember my parents in some kind of way.” Joslyn explained, “Now, what’s your reason?”

“I first of all, keep my sword for protection. In this wicked city, you never know when some psycho is going to come up and try to assault you. Second, I am an assassin,” Ellie answered.

Joslyn suddenly paused; the words Ellie had just spoken were unbelievable. As assassin…the woman standing in front of her was an assassin.


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Post Chapter I Continued.

“Okay, something definitely doesn’t make sense at all…why would an assassin be in a city that barely has a murder! Something is definitely strange about her now…and I’ll stand my ground,” Joslyn thought.

She curiously glanced over at Ellie’s sword; seeing that the sheaf held many diamond dots on them. To make things a bit stranger, an azure wolf’s head jewel was visible on the top of the sheaf.

Ellie looked at the woman strangely, wondering why she was looking towards the ground. As she looked down, she smirked as she answered her own question; Joslyn had noticed the wolf symbol.

And now would be a perfect time to properly introduce herself. The winds began to pick up mysteriously, a howling noise echoing through the atmosphere.

“Ellie, that’s an interesting sheaf you have there,” Joslyn compliment, “it is very unique. But, why is there a wolf jewel on it?”

“Great question…I don’t really think I introduced myself properly. I am a member of the Noxious Wolves Assassination Force, an assassin group that was formed about three years ago. We are out there to complete kill the worst of enemies and to train growing assassins. For example, I joined because my father was killed seven years ago by some clan. However, once I joined, the members helped hunt down them, and I performed my revenge with pleasure,” Ellie answered.

“Wow, this organization sounds like it is no joke! But, why won’t you quit now since your revenge was conquered?” Joslyn questioned.

“Well, there are other things that we do. Assassins are out there to simply kill a person that don’t belong here on this earth…and that’s what we are made to do when the time comes. We kill. We murder. We assassinate!” Ellie answered nicely.

“So, that’s where the wolf symbols come from…very interesting,” Joslyn complimented.

“Thank you very much…but, I must ask you something…I know your parents were killed by some evil clan, but how about considering joining our force? I felt the same way when I was young…being alone in the dark, crying every night. Praying that my parents would somehow come back alive, I continued to feel alone because my prayers never came true. But, with our help, we can find them and help you get your revenge,” Ellie offered.

Joslyn suddenly thought about it for a moment…Ellie was still an assassin, and was surely proud of it. Although she had served her vengeance against that gang that killed her father, she continued to kill other organizations and people as well.

Joining this squadron might not have been so bad, and she could always leave afterwards…the thought of killing was fresh in her mind, but she might think differently after she completed her main goal.

But, what harm could it cause? After all, they could actually help her complete this goal so she could get it off of her chest.

“Ellie…say hello to the new wolf,” Joslyn announced.

A sudden smile lifted Ellie’s lips, hearing such satisfying words being spoke from Joslyn. Just as planned, Ellie had gotten another assassin for the squad, an assassin that could definitely help them.

Her boss wanted Joslyn for a reason, which was to keep his squad safe. She would definitely do damage to other people, so she could help protect them when needed.

“That’s great…now, we have to move into Phase Two…go and meet the gang to tell them of your arrival,” Ellie said, “and we can take my car there. I’ll drive, oh course.”

“Alright. But, just one question…I don’t know if it would disturb you and get into your way, but can we visit the Cemetery?” Joslyn asked politely.

“Sure, that wouldn’t be a problem. Besides, I can go ahead and visit my father there, even though I already did. I can make a quick phonecall while you visit; I want to leave your visiting to peace,” Ellie responded.

Ellie then opened the door to her golden Hummer, which sparkled in sheer brightness. Joslyn opened the passenger’s door, hopping into the vehicle and sitting on the yellow leather seat.

She closed the door, gazing around in the Hummer. The extended jeep was completely spotless inside, having a wonderful golden touch to it. Beads hung from the car’s mirror, giving off the uniqueness.

Ellie started up the engine, and quickly drove off from the front of her home, turning left down the streets. Ellie went down the streets easily, stopping at every single stop sign like she was suppose to.

Seeing that only about sixty-percent of the citizens living in Paso Robles obeyed the law, Ellie wanted to make sure she was apart of that large percent. Suddenly, Ellie made another turn, getting on the normal streets.

As she drove on a safe speed, they began passing by many colorful buildings. Joslyn looked out the window, watching little girls jump rope with one another, enjoying themselves.

They began passing by other moving vehicles as well, with Ellie slowly driving behind one. She then turned right, coming to a halt as she stopped in the front gates of the Kodict Cemetery.

Beautiful, black polished gates closed off the Cemetery, but it somehow magically opened. Giving them access inside, Ellie slowly drove on the dirt road as Joslyn quietly looked out her window.

The Kodict Cemetery had beautiful grasslands, where the gravestones were scattered around. Many American flags and flowers surrounded each headstone individually; Joslyn also did the same to her mother and father’s tombstones.

“Stop right here please,” Joslyn politely ordered.

Ellie placed force into her foot on the brakes, immediately stopping the golden Hummer. Joslyn got out, carrying a nice batch of red blossoms she had purchased for their graves.

Walking past many other tombstones, she suddenly began feeling what she did seven years ago when her parents just died; the anger, frustration and sadness began to take over her.

But, she tried her best to remain strong as she approached her parent’s headstones. Tears rolled down her face as she sadly stared at them, bending down and kissing each one individually. She placed the red blossoms on each one evenly, and suddenly closed her eyes.

“Mother, father…my goal is going to be completed soon. I am about to get my vengeance; I’m going to kill the ones who murdered you. I am now an assassin…an assassin that wants revenge and only revenge. I, Joslyn Melendez, pray that your souls shall remain in peace…one day, we will be reunited,” Joslyn prayed.

She got back up, walking back towards the golden Hummer. She wiped the tears off of her face, trying her best to make her appearance seem normal.

Joslyn actually felt happier than she ever did in seven years; she was finally about to perform her retribution against the gang. As she got back into the vehicle, Ellie smiled with perfection.

“Alright…next stop, the Wolves Mansion!” Ellie announced loudly.

She then backed up out of the Kodict Cemetery, getting back on the street and driving off in a steady speed.

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