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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 05-25-2007, 11:35 AM
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Default The Animal Warrior Chronicles

Kirsten James/Pink Wildcat [age 16]
Kirsten is a smart girl. Born in a small American hotel, she inherited her parent's traits: her father's skill in martial arts and her mother's smartness. She loves the world and has a slight crush on Ethan Maxwell.

Daphne James/Blue Tiger [aged 19]
Kirsten's older sister Daphne is a bit more serious than Kirsten. She dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. She is a bit less forgiving then her sister, but also accepts defeat easily.

Eric Walker-James [aged 39]
Daphne and Kirsten's father. He founded the James-Walker International Science Society (JWISS, pronounced "Juh-wiss). Usually he explores less dangerous places, but found what would change his life forever in a jungle's ancient Peruvian temple.

Lloyd James [17, 18 in CHapter 2]
Eric's only son. He's a bit of a gardener since he planted seeds in the James' gardens. But everyday he goes on a date - with school textbooks. He's protective of his younger sister Kirsten.

May James [aged 37]
May is Eric's wife. Since she married Eric James and visited Peruvian jungles for the first time, she changed her only reason to live: at first it was only because of Eric - next it was because of the world. She evades the beastials' torture techniques very easily.

In an ancient Peruvian jungle, a temple that stood was unvisited - until now. A strong and old magic is released, the beastials. The beastials are evil mutant animals. Now an explorer family travels and finds the temple. There, five statues gave the family the ability to change into the Animal Warriors.
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Old 06-01-2007, 10:06 AM
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Default Re: The Animal Warrior Chronicles

Chapter 1: Beastian Rising
A tall man with brown hair and a goatee drove the jeep. Next to him, a blonde woman wearing jeans and a shirt was asleep. Two girls and a boy were sitting at the back. The family resemblance was unmistakble - the boy had a sandy hair and his blue eyes matched the man's, one girl had short blonde hair with hazel eyes. The other girl looked like the man, with long brown hair and blue eyes. A sleeping dog was in the boot, with suitcases and a bone.
The jeep stopped. The younger girl looked pale with fear. The woman woke up. Shots echoed through the forest. "Get out of the car." The man said. "But, Father -" The younger girl started. "Quiet, Kirsten. They'll hear you." "Eric, how did those rebels catch up with us?" The woman asked. She had hazel eyes just like Kirsten, the younger girl.
"A Rover." The man, Eric, muttered. "Now out, before they catch up!" "Dad, what about you?" the boy asked. Eric smiled, "It's all right, Joseph. I'll be back." The boy, the girls and the woman, looking scared, climbed out.
Meanwhile, Eric had a rifle ready in his hands. "I'll teach them to steal my cars!" Eric exclaimed, shooting at the jeep behind him.
Just then a man with balding grey hair appeared. Behind him, more men stood. The nearest one had a shotgun and a club in his hands, with short sandy hair. "Jasper Jones and Howard Atkins. Now get lost!" Eric yelled. The balding man simply smiled. In a cocky accent, he boomed, "Eric Walker, you never had any trouble with your car did you? You will now!! FIRE!!"
The man behind him raised the gun and shot. Eric bent to the left without even looking. "Predictable as ever, Atkins." Eric laughed. The gun-holding man growled. He didn't look so angry when Eric fired and hit him and the other man, Jasper Jones. The other man screamed and ran off behind to the car and drove away.
oward, blast the Lord! We must change!" moaned the older man. Slowly, the two got up. Fire crackled in their eyes. Jones' skin grew black and leathery. His mouth twisted into a fanged jaw. Bat-like wings slowly spread from his back. His ears grew high. His cold grey eyes changed into narrow slit-pupiled yellow eyes. His mouth bared in a hungry leer. Atkins, meanwhile, grew grey-black fur on his body. His fists became black. His lips darkened. Jones resembled a bat, while Atkins looked a lot like a gorilla. Eric gasped.
"What on Earth?..." The two laughed as Eric looked stunned.
[Scene change.]
Eric drove furiously through the woods. Bat-Jones followed, cackling. His lips were caked with blood. Meanwhile, gorilla-Atkins sprinted, his knuckles slamming the ground with each step. Eric moaned as the car stopped, "Out of gas...Gotta run for it!" He jumped and sprinted into the woods. Angrily, Jones landed upside-down on a branch. Atkins stopped. Jones screeched. "The humans will know! Millions of eons ago, an empire of Atlantans lived here. They built a city known as Beastia. The animals and bird joined hands with them, and the Beastians became known as..." And here his voice died. More bats flew straight down towards him. He screeched happily, "What news do you bring with the wind, brethren? For the Gamman has escaped!!" [Camera pans to the bats. They are actually creauturesd like Jones.] The first approached. His face was twisted in a grave expression. "The Gamman and his tribe have escaped to our Bane! The Temple of Beastians!"
The other bat-men changed as they landed into the men that had followed Jones. Jones too reverted to his human form. "Beastia made enemies of Cutlass, the next city of Atlantis! And so, we Cutleans changed our forms. We could shift between human and animal forms." Jones snarled hostilely. "We will make the Gaians fear into the Cutlean strength!! Rakhaan, go!" Atkins roared. Another man approached. He stayed in the shadows. He said in a hoarse, rasping voice, "I will kill them, Lord Gata, Lord Igaran." He disappeared.
[Scene change.]
Eric and his family ran to a huge building. It was made of white stone. Steps led to a candlelit chamber. The family stopped, panting. "Let's hide inside," the boy said faintly. Eric smiled. "Lloyd is right." They walked in. "Hey what's this?" The older girl asked, picking something up. Kirsten squinted at it, "It's a recording, Daphne," and she pulled out a stereo. Daphne slid the tape in. It was a recording of what Jones had said. "What the heck is a brethren? And why do they call us 'Gammans' and 'Gaians'?" Lloyd asked. "May?" Eric replied. The woman said, "Gammans, I don't know, but Gaians is a fictional word for Earth people."
Then something happened. Outside, a rainbow shone. The sunlight hit a temple mirror. The reflection hit the candles. The light struck the family. And then, a strange voice said, "It was thou destiny to come here. Now thou are Beastians. Thou must fight the mutant barbarians, the Cutleans. Thou have the ability to become animals." A woman walked out of the shadow. "I am Queen Jagafkaln of the Beastians." She smiled. Suddenly she cried on horror, "Rakhaan!" and pointed behind them. She disappeared. A man was standing. He smiled cruelly. He wore nothing other than a lioncloth made of tiger skin. Thick, shaggy hair fell down, reaching his stomach. His nails were dirty and sharp. His sandals were made out of bark. His smile revealed yellow fangs. He bared his mouth and growled. Then he changed. Yellow skin shot through his Tarzan-like body. His sandals changed into clawed feet. He fell on all fours. His hair connected with his beard. His face pulled and changed.
Rakhaan was a lion.
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Old 06-08-2007, 01:28 PM
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Default Re: The Animal Warrior Chronicles

Chapter 2: Offence is the Beast Defence
Eric jumped. He lifted a hand, then brought it down, crashing the floor. Grey auras surrounded him. He became a humanoid panther.
Standing one hand, he pushed the floor and in midair punched. The air rippled, and he fell through a black opening. He reappeared above the confused Rakhaan, and smashed a mirror.
Black energy shot out. Rakhaan made for the door but Eric bolted and once again appeared in front. "Panther Break!" Eric shouted, becoming a black blur. Rakhaan became dizzy.
Lions burst out of him. A yellow-gold aura surrounded Eric. Rakhaan biobeasted to human.
"BIOBEAST, DOWN!" Eric yelled. He became human.
(I'll continue later.)
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