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Default Fanning the Flames: A Multi-Genre Fanfic

This Fanfic is Rated PG for Death, Mild Violence and Comic Mischief

Fanning the Flames
Chapter One: The Sad News
A Fanfic Written by Corona!01 (AKA Arthur Van Argand, which isn't my real name
just to warn ya! ^_^)

Disclaimer: I don't own the Pokemon series or any of its respective characters,
trademarks and terms (but DANG it'd be cool if I did...) they are owned by
Nintendo, Creatures Inc, Game Freak and the Pokemon Company respectively,
so don't even try filing a lawsuit over this poor example of a fanfic. Not that
it'd get you anywhere, I'm have so little money they have to repossess my
BILLS... -_-

Now Let's Begin the Story!

This area was serene not more than half an hour ago, but already it was hard
to find a calm spot. Amongst the rubble and smoke, one could see two figures:
one was a boy around the age of seventeen with spikey brown hair dressed
in an orange shirt. A red-plaid flannel was tied around his waist,
the shirt's arms dangling over his jeans. The other was a man roughly
in his 20s, but seemingly older due to near-infinite experience in the
world. He wore a white cape, but the rest of his clothes were not
expectatory for one of his standing. There were also two Pokemon on the
field: ones was a large white thing that somehow registered as a bird due
to its wings, blue scales trailing to the end of its long tail. The
other resembled a fox with brown fur, buy noticably larger with longer ears.
"Chance! Quick Attack!" shouted the boy. The fox barely seemed to twitch
as the bird-like beast screamed in agony, obviously being unable to
dodge the attack in time.
"Impressive, even for an Eeveon, to be that fast." smiled the man,
"But now, it's my turn. Lugia! Sky Attack!"
The large beast immediately climbed to as high as the dome would let it
and came down with the force of a hurricane.
"Chance! Quick! Dodge it and use Crystal Storm!" shouted the boy. He
was suddenly very grateful he had taught his Eeveon that TM before
they went into battle, as Tristan was notorious for his Legendary
Birds. Chance managed to jump out of the way in time, and slowly, it
began to hail above the battle field. Suddenly, Lugia fell into a
nosedive, ice had formed on its wings, making it incapable of flight.
This was what the boy had been waiting for. As the creature came closer
to the cement floor of the arena, the boy gave a nod to his Eeveon, who
glared at the falling bird.
"Chance! Hyper Beam!"
Chance opened his mouth widely, when from inside his throat, a light
appeared. At first only a distant flicker, but quickly a vertical pillar
of power, aimed right at Lugia. Before the bird hit the ground, it was
unconscious from the force of the blast.
"Lugia! Return!" shouted Tristan as he called the great white beast
back into its Pokeball for some well-earned rest. Then he turned to
the boy, who suddenly had the feeling of victory drain from him as
Tristan turned to him. He slowly walked up, his hand was closed into a
"Hold out your hand." Tristan said in a voice devoid of any kindness.
The boy decided it would be wise to obey with how he was acting at
that moment. Perhaps having Chance blast Lugia with a Hyper Beam while
it was frozen was too underhanded of a move? Suddenly, he felt
something drop into his hand. As he looked at the object, a flate red
and white rock, polished to perfection, with prefectly round edges,
much like the badges he had gotten before arriving there, Tristan's
frown softened into a smile.
"Congratulations on beating the Sakasen League." he said in a half-
laughing voice "I was a little unsure about choosing a normal-type
to battle a Legendary Bird, but it seems like it worked out for you
after all."
"Um... thanks?" said the confused boy.
"I just realized, we just fought one of the best battles I have ever
seen and I don't even know your name."
"It's Corona. Corona Fynedom." the League Champion looked surprised,
"What? Is something strange?"
"Nothing, that name just reminds me of someone I met once. Let's move
on and record you and your Pokemon in the Hall of Fame."
"Right." said Corona, deciding to diregard the matter and enjoy this
moment while it lasted. After all, how often is it one beats the
Elite Four in any region?

After Corona had returned home to Lyndonstump City, he spent
a few days relaxing, thinking about the adventures his journey had
brought him on. Sure, it had taken him longer than most of his friends
to make it to the Elite Four, but they had gone earlier than him too.
He wanted to make sure he'd be ready, not barge in without preparation
like so many others. About two weeks after he had won those four
amazing battles, Corona was in the living room, loafing on the couch.
"Corona, aren't you going to do anything other than lay around all
day? Go outside and have some fun!" his mother asked naggingly.
"Mom, that's all I've been doing for the last seven years!" Corona
responded, "I just want to relax for a little while now, is that so
"Well, I just don't think it's right for a kid your age to lay
there like a Snorlax all day." his mother said as she walked into
the kitchen. After a while, he heard her voice again.
"Corona! You have a visitor!"
As Corona walked out, he wondered who would come to see him? Sure,
he had made a lot of friends, but how many would honestly be
passing through Lyndonstump City? It wasn't exactly on the beaten
path. As he walked into the kitchen, he saw the slightly faded
smile of Professor Sycamore, who looked like something was wrong.
"Professor? What are you doing here?" he asked encouragingly.
"It's, well... I have some bad news." she said somberly.
"You know Benjamin? The Melontrunk City Gym Leader?"
"Yeah? What about him?"
"A fire happened there a few days ago, the Gym is still standing,
although it's terribly burnt out, and Benjamin was nowhere to
be found."
"So you think he's-" Corona couldn't bear to answer, Benjamin
was a good family friend, having served under Lt. Surge with
Corona's grandfather, Private Stephen Fynedom, during the war
long ago. The battle between the two was probably the best
one Corona had ever been in, Benjamin's Pokemon were all
experienced from having been trained so long and were all
resurrected from fossils from a dangerous time long passed.
To know such a man was now gone really hurt Corona, for it
was Benjamin who had given him his first Pokemon, Chance,
back when it was still just a Prevee in its egg.
"Yes, Corona. I'm sorry you had to hear this." said Professor
Sycamore, trying to comfort him.
"But... why? How did the fire start?" Corona asked.
"The police said it was started by a Fire Blast attack,
probably from someone battling for a badge, but it
seems really fishy to me. I mean, his Omastar has put
out fires much worse than that." Sycamore said suspiciously,
which brings me to my point. Corona, we need someone new to
lead the gym."
"Yeah, and?"
"That someone is you."
Corona couldn't even begin to understand, why did they
want him to be a Gym Leader. Him, who had only beaten
the Pokemon League a few weeks ago. Sure, he had
beaten the League, but so had others before him. Why
was he chosen?

Continued in Fanning the Flames Chapter 2: Up in Smoke!

Notes: I'm sorry for the column format this fic is in, but I took it straight from my word processor. I'll try not to let it happen in the next chapter and will fix it in this one at a later time. Feel free to post comments, criticism is respected, but don't bash.

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