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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 06-04-2007, 02:30 AM
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Default A Summer with Cairo


As I stared at the mirror, brushing my teeth, I couldn't help but bee excited for my first Pokemon, a small little Cubone. I had hung out with the Cubone everyday at Proffesor Elm's Lab everyday after school, and bonded with the little Cubone for ever. We were the closest of friends, sharing everything from food, to stories. But I never got to name him. I never got to take him to my house, and sho him to my baby sister Frieda, and I never got to take him out to Route 29 and train. But as I brushed my teeth, and spat out the toxic water, I rerember both Proffesor's Elm and Oak when he visit said "You can't do anything to a pokemon that will alter it until it is properly captured or given over". Well Cubone was going to be mines today, and I was to happy to even say it out loud!

I dropped my toothbrush in the Lickutung shaped bowl, and ran downstairs. I was wearing my summer clothes, a t-shirt and light jean shorts, and my hair was cut so it didn't get me over-heated. I had to face it. I looked a bit nerd-ish with my big glassess, but other than that, I was handsome! As I marched down the stairwell, I noticed my mother and my sister May, and May's boyfriend Brendan clapping as I trotted downstairs, my back filled with helpful stuf, and my hope high.
"You go, Max!" My Mom shouted.

"You can do it, Little Man!" Brendan said happily

"Make Us Proud, Max! You Be a Master" May said, as I stopped in front of my audience. It was my twelth birthday, and it had been two year since my last adventure through Kanto and Hoenn with a pokemon Master, Ash Ketchum, and finally, I was going to go on my own adventure, to my father's house in Hoenn, and spend my summer with him in the Petalburg Gym, me him and my new Cubone.

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Old 06-04-2007, 02:55 AM
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Default Re: A Summer with Cairo

Chapter 1/Part One

As I exitted my house, I got s greeting from the warm and cool air, and the sihght of a sunny day. It was June 24, and it was a Saturday, and I had just walked out my house, when I saw a few Pidgey gathered by a bench, crying to a woman for more seeds, a troop of Volbeat playing tag with an Illumise, and even the sound of the soft, faint Tohjo Falls in the far east. It was a miraculous day for an adventure, and especially with a friend.

I started running towards the labrotory, which was a good three blocks from my house. I could taste the taste of fun, and he spice of friendshp as I ran to the labrotry to recieve my Cubone. I had a name for it ever since I met it, but as I ran I seemed to forget it.

Was it Corona? Or Corly? Or Carrot? I wasn't sure. I was thinking so hard about this question, I slammed right into the Mahogony door of the New Bark Lab. The windows were nice a shiny, gleeming a blue like color. The Proffesor chatted inside with am assistant, stopped, ad went to the door, where my body layed on the grass, still in pain.

"Are you ok, Max? That was a tough hit. You shook the building!" Proffesor Nelson Elm chuckled. He found a way to make everything funny, and was my idol, being a smart and Pokemon Freindly person.

"I am ok. Thank You, Proffesor. Is Cubone ready to go?" I asked getting up. The grass was filled with dew, so I fell again on my butt after getting up.

"I belevie so. He is in the rest area in the back of the lab. You can get him now." Proffesor Elm said nicely, showing the path to Me. There was a second mahogony door in the back left of the lab, that led out to the place me and Cubone would play everyday. And as I stepped through the lab, each time me foot steeped on that linolium tile, I though of all th places wwee would go to, all the things we would do, all the people we would meet, and all the adventures we were about to enbark on. I was in front of the door. I put my hand on the door, to twist it, and before I could,. the door burst open, and I went flying a good 7 feet away. I was almost to the other Mahogony door on the other end, and I could see Cubone rushing towards me, it's head down in Headbutt position, and ready to ram me. I got scared. As Proffesor Elm panicked and yelled, I covered myself with my arms and prepared for impact. I kept one eye open, and as Cubone got closer, it got faster and soon it was only about 5 seconds away from me. It looked up, and our eyes met. It was as if time stopped, and lines from our eyes met, and combined, and at that sencond I smilled and Cubone did to, and he leeped at me, and into my arms.

"Cubone! Bone, Cubone!" H said in happiness.

"Let's Go Cairo!" I said leaving out the door
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