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Old 05-20-2007, 08:49 PM
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Default World's Edge (Pokemon)

This story, dedicated to the slayed pirates across the world, is not based on Pirates of the Carribean. It just has the same name, and pirates. that is all.

Marco woke up in a flash.
Sirens of fllashing police speedboats rung, echoing through the small Caldan beach house. Dazedly, Marco turned to his clock. It read 10:17 in red lettering, and in neon lights. He got out of bed, and reached for his pokeball.

"Chinchou, give me a bit of light, please?"He said opening the red ball, revealing the small Chinchou. It's anglers glowed yellow, and he saw his entire room. The posters of his role model Drake, the Pokemon dresser, little waves decorating the edges, and even the small hamper, filled with dirty and smelly laundry, need to be cleaned by Marco's maid, Chlora. But the most promonent feature in his room, was the silloute of someone crying outside. Her mones were familiar, yet the shadow made it look like a woman. Marco told Chinchou to wait, as he walked into the kitchen.

"Hello? Mom? Dad? Chlora? Is someone there?" Marco said, scared as he walked down the dark hallway, into the kitchen with the figure crying. He creeped to the edge, and peeked in. Suprised, it was his mom, holding a picture of his father in her hand.

"Mom, what's wrong?"Marco said putting his hand on her shoulder. Marco was only 13, yet acted as mature as a 19 year old man. His family inherited there grandfather's fortune, the person that owned the famous Battle Frontier.

"Nothing, Marco. It's just....your father hasn't come back from sea trip to Denko. I am scared he isn't coming back." Mellisa, Marco's mom cried. A tear fell down her face, showing that this was no time to joke. Mellisa was a strong woman, once taking on Giovanni in her younger days. But after meeting Marco's dad, she quit Pokemon training to become a mother. But she still keeps her Vileplume, and Blissey handy.

"I am sure he will come back, Mom. There's no need to cry." Marco replied rubbing her on the back.

"I am scared. It takes only 3 hours to get to and back from Marine Coast in Denko. He was just going to trade with the Denko merchants. I don't know what happened to him, or why he isn't home, but there is nothing that wil keep me from worrying about him."
His mom screamed as she ran into her room. Marco hesitated to run, but left her alone. He felt a strange coldness, as if he was completely alone in the world. He felt sick to his stomach. He returned to his bed, where Chinchou waited quietly and slept, not even withdrawing his poor water Pokemon.

It was morn, and he heard the weeping of multiple people. He ran into the kitchen to not only see his mother crying, but his aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.

"What's wrong?" Marco said, sitting on the beach chair.

"Marco, I don't know how to say this but..... They foumnd Kirk, your father" Matthew, his uncle cried, wipping tears of his sister's face.

"Great! Why are you crying?" Marco said with a smile. Marco's Tropius peeked his head down under the window, to show it's face. It's eyes glowed red, but with happiness, for a marvelous day. Marco stared at Tropius, not knowing his family was stilling crying

"Marco!" Matthew screamed, breaking his daze." Your father's ship was found, but It was destroyed..... There was no remains of body, but it was reported that your father.....drowned"

"What?" Marco yelled. "Stop playing! Where's dad!"

"This is very hard, Marco. Were sorry, that you had to go through this. It is just-" Marco's mom couldn't finish. Marco had run off to the beach, interupting his mother.

He stood there at the edge of the ocean, the sound of soft pokemon and waves working together.

"Stupid ocean!" He said, slamming his hands in the water. "Why did you have to take my father! Why!"

Marco completely broke down. He sobbed and weeped, not aware that the sea, the thing he used to love so much would stab him in the back like this. It hurt, and he was going to get redeption.

Marco looked back to the shack. The family he left to cry left to the beach, and Tropius was gladly munching on some berries from the tropical trees nearby. Marco was angry how Tropius could be so happy on such a horrible day. It cheerfully ate, it's eyes closed with joy, and Marco got angrier by the moment. Finally, he lost it.

"Stop being happy! You stupid Pokemon!" Marco screamed. He loved Tropius, Jolteon and Chinchou alot, and he felt guilty for the pokemon to be treated this way. Tropius stopped, and looked at Marco, who noticed what he said was wrong. He got up to apologize.

"I am sorry Tropius. You didn't do anything but be happy. It is best for you to be happy at this dark time." Marco stated. As he talked, a dark cloud hovered over head.

"Tropi!" Tropius whistled in it's high pitched voice.

"Glad your happy!" Marco said. It truly was a glorius day, and when it was hot and nice like this, Marco and his dad would take Tropius and Pidgeot out for a fly, and they would fly all through Denko and Calda, landing on the beaches of Calda, and the mountains of Denko. It was so much fun hanging out with his father, yet since he is gone, it would never be the same.

Marco hopped on Tropius' back, and kicked it's sides loightly, queing Tropius to go. It followed orders, and hovered, being a bit timid. The cloud of darkness that hovered before had begun a huge group and thundered. But the sounds of the warm Caldan waves directed Marco away, and worried Tropius deeply. Following orders, Tropius went higher, and soon was out at sea, gliding along the waves with it's leaves. Yet something was strange. The waves were rough and choppy, and were almost dangerous. Tropius was hit with giant waves many times, and after a while Marco finally got worried. The waves got larger, and thunder boomed, clouds flashed, and rain dropped. It multiplyied rappidly from a drizzle to a heavy downpour. It poured rain, and the seas boomed and barrelled ove the poor Grass type and it's master, and soon the sea had ingulfed the two completely. Marco struggled to breathe, and couldn't talk. Salt water seeped into his mouth, stinging his throuat, and burning his eyes. Marco looked at Tropius, who was a good 10 yards away. Tropius was storing up for something, but couldn't concetrate. Tropius naturally can swim, but trying to use an attack that took charging while swimming is too hard. Marco didn't notice the attack was non other than Solarbeam, an attack the took forever in the rain. Finally Tropius turned and used Solarbeam, accidently aiming right at Marco.

"No!" Marco screamed as the bright beam blasted agaisn't his body. Slowly he felt his molecules melt, and his body become less dense then ever. Marco was going to die with his father, in the sea.

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Old 05-21-2007, 11:15 PM
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Default Re: World's Edge (Pokemon)

Anyone have any comments?
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Old 05-22-2007, 12:24 AM
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Default Re: World's Edge (Pokemon)

Pretty descriptive, I like it. I just think the plot is a bit too high in the beginning.

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