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Competitive Battling This board is for competitive battling discussion. Get team help or learn to play competitively.

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Old 05-14-2007, 11:20 AM
lordsigmund Offline
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Default Help needed with my in-game team.

My team so far looks like this:

-Dragon Claw
-Fire Fang

-Shadow Ball
-Sludge Bomb
-Mean Look

-Wood Hammer
-Stone Edge
-Leech Seed

-Psycho Cut
-Hi Jump Kick
-Ice Punch

Looking for suggestions on their move sets, and 2 pokemon I could use to round off my team for the last 2 slots. I quite like Scizor, Tyranitar, Nidoking, Blaziken and Swampert, but I'm not sure about move-sets or if they would fit well into the team (filling weaknesses etc). Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated please :)

EDIT: Decided on A Scizor and Houndoom to fill the last two slots:

-Iron Head
-Night Slash
-Swords Dance

-Dark Pulse
-Nasty Plot

Can anyone rate my completed team please?

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