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Old 10-30-2004, 12:38 AM
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Default Re: Fanfic: Destiny Crystal

[Chapter IX: Terror from the Mountains! Inventory Check.]

As the four scanned their eyes over the continent they just landed on, they saw a body washed up on shore. They hurriedly ran over to it.
“Brian?” Luna cried, dropping to her knees.
The body was indeed that of Brian. As she spoke to him, he stirred. He opened his eyes to see Luna, Lauren, Mitch, and Diana standing over him.
“What happened?” he asked weakly, sitting up.
“We were caught in a storm, and you were washed overboard. You’re lucky to have survived.” Diana explained.
“Oh, right.” Brian remembered, “I’d rather not remember.”
Brian stood up.
“Well, we’d better hide this raft.” Brian suggested.
“Yeah, you’re right.” Mitch agreed.
Brian, Luna, Mitch, Lauren, and Diana lifted the raft with little difficulty. They hid it in a grove of tress close to the beach.
“According to the professor, the warehouse is to the north.” Diana stated.
“Let’s get going then.” Lauren replied.
The five walked north into a forest. It wasn’t very large; they were able to reach the other edge of the wood in under a half hour.


“Hurry up, you fools!” a woman with long, brown hair rushed out of a small, dilapidated wooden shack. She was clothed in dark purple, and held a glaive in her left hand. She turned to face the door where she had just come out. Six men came outside, and lined up in a row in front of her.
“Yes, ma’am.” they greeted in unison, standing at attention and saluting.
“What peons…” the woman sighed at the rigidity and over discipline of the men.
She turned away from them.” Down below is the small village of Nortum.” She began.
“But Becky, we already know that.” one of the men interrupted.
“Silence, knave!” she exclaimed, yelling in his face, “And you will address me as ma’am, boss, master, lord, m’lord, or maybe Rebecca, if I’m in a good mood! If anyone addresses me as anything else, the Earth shall tremble! Am I understood?”
“Yes.” The men replied.
“As I was saying, below us lies the village of Nortum, in which lays a warehouse. A professor owns it from some far off city in the south. We are going to raid it, and take anything and everything of value.” Rebecca explained.
“Yes, ma’am!” the men responded.
Rebecca led the way down the steep mountain slope. They descended from the shack down to the base of the mountains. Before them lay the village.
The seven entered the village casually, but their reputation preceded them. People fled from the streets, barring themselves in their homes, saturated with fear. By the time they reached the warehouse, Nortum was a ghost town.
Rebecca pounded on the door, “C’mon now…open up! I haven’t got all day.”
There was no answer.
“Fine then, we’ll do it the hard way.” Rebecca stepped back a few feet from the door. She closed her eyes, and raised her arm. From it emanated an invisible wave of energy. It struck the door, knocking it down with a loud crash.
“She’s one good psycho.” One of the lackeys whispered to another.
“That’s psychic, you moron!” Rebecca snapped, “Follow me.”
Rebecca and her six minions walked into the warehouse. There were drawers and crates everywhere. To her right, close to the outside door, there was a small office. Two people were inside. Paralyzed with fear, they weren’t moving an inch.
Rebecca took a deep breath through her nose.
“Can you smell it? Fear…”
The minions ran around, rounding up the other workers. They met little resistance. Rebecca locked them all in the office.
“We don’t need anyone getting in our way.” She told the workers.
She turned to her lackeys, “Ransack this whole place, and take anything of value. I’ll guard the workers.
The six men went to work. They tore threw all the drawers, and ripped open the crates. The warehouse was quite large, and it took them nearly an hour to finish. They put the valuable items in a large sack. They approached Rebecca.
“It’s about time; give me that.” Rebecca complained, taking the sack.
She opened it and found it full of precious stones. Sapphires, rubies, and emeralds glittered.
“Most of the stuff in this place is worthless. It almost wasn’t worth the trouble, boss…” one of the minions commented.
Rebecca looked up at him with a disgusted look on his face, “That is not for you to worry about. Who do you think you are?” she exclaimed, raising her voice.
“Well, well, I just thought-“ the man stammered.
“That’s just it! What have I told you about thinking? You are not to think; that’s what I am here for.” she berated.
Rebecca tied the sack up with a length of rope, and slung it over her shoulder. It was very heavy, and she had trouble walking with the cumbrous weight upon her.
“C’mon boys, we’re outta here.” Rebecca instructed.

[To be continued...]
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i wish all of you americans would get out of my country.
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.
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Default Re: Fanfic: Destiny Crystal

[Chapter IX: Terror from the Mountains! Inventory Check.], continued


After having crossed the grasslands north of the forest, Brian, Luna, Mitch, Lauren, and Diana were approaching the foothills of the mountains. Before them lay the small village of Nortum.
“Phew…we’re finally here.” Lauren exclaimed.
“The five entered the village. There was no one in the streets.
“How desolate…” Luna pondered.
“Yeah, I hope we can find the warehouse.” Diana worried.
Houses lined the streets, and there were signs that people were home. Picnic tables were covered with food. Next to a pile of newly cut wood an axe lay on the ground out in the open. It seemed as if daily life had stopped abruptly, and everyone scurried into the safety of their homes. Brian walked up to one of the houses and knocked on the door. There was no answer, but he could see someone inside, sizing up the visitor.
Brian persisted, and didn’t walk away. After a few minutes, the haggard old woman inside the house opened the door a crack.
“Who are you, and what do you want?” she asked. Brian’s sword and armor made her very uneasy.
“I’m looking for the warehouse. Do you know where it is?” Brian asked.
“You want to raid it too?” the woman returned.
“Huh?” Brian exclaimed.
“Don’t play games with me! I may be old, but I’m as sharp as a spear.” the woman retorted.
“Listen, woman, we’re on very important business…” Brian began.
“Oh, I bet you are…” the woman interrupted.
Brian ignored her interruption, “…and we haven’t time for nonsense.”
“Are you insinuating that I-“
“Yes.” Brian shouted, cutting her off. “What a ridiculous hag. I guess we’ll have to find it ourselves.”
“Brian, don’t you see that these people are frightened of something?” Diana exclaimed with fervor.
“Of…of course.” Brian replied, “But of what?”
“Maybe the answer to that question will present itself at the warehouse.” Luna suggested, “It shouldn’t be too hard to find. It’s supposed to be huge.”
The five continued down the road. At the end was a huge building, the biggest in the village. The door was in pieces on the ground.
“This must be it.” Brian commented.
“I wonder what happened.” Mitch pondered.
Inside, it looked as if a tornado had hit it. There were crates broken, strewn everywhere. The whole place was a mess.
“Hey, let us out of here.” A voice cried out loudly.
There was a small office near the front door. Brian and the others rushed over to it. There were five workers inside; a chair propped up against the door kept them from leaving. Brian removed the chair, and opened the door. The workers came out, frantic.
“It was them…her…” one of them stuttered.
“Who?” Luna asked.
“Rebecca and her goons. They never give up.” The manager answered.
“We were sent by Professor Steele. We need some adamant…do you have any?” Luna inquired.
“I’m not sure. I think so, but they probably took it.” The manager replied.
“Well then, we’ll have to get it back, along with anything else they stole, right Brian?” Lauren suggested, snickering.
“Of course.” Brian concurred, making a sour face at Lauren.
“Where can we find this Rebecca?” Mitch asked.
“It is said that she resides in the mountains to the north.” one of the workers offered.
“Thank you.” Diana responded.
Brian, Luna, Mitch, Lauren, and Diana left the building, and the village. In front of them, a high, steep, rocky mountain range towered.


The sack of loot was so heavy that Rebecca and the others were just reaching the shack. They walked inside, and descended a long flight of stairs. Rebecca put the sack on the floor, and heaved a sigh of relief. It didn’t take long for her attitude to change from one of relaxation to her normal bossy self.
“Man the periscopes! We must never keep our defenses down for long.” Rebecca yelled.
“Sure, boss.” one worker responded.
“Right away, boss.” another worker responded.
They each walked to the wall, one on each side of the staircase from which they had just entered. They each pulled down a periscope. The periscopes reached up through the rocky soil of the mountain to the outside world, where close surveillance could be kept in the vicinity.
“Hey, boss, you gotta see this!” one of the lackeys shouted.
“Let me see!” Rebecca demanded, pushing the man out of the way and looking through the lens of the periscope, “Hmm…they are well-equipped. They must be looking for us after the big heist.”
She stepped away from the periscope.
“Release the boulders!” Rebecca instructed sternly.
“Right away, master.” the two men answered.
They both pulled a large lever, and a loud rumbling could be heard outside.

[To be continued...]
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i wish all of you americans would get out of my country.
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.
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Default Re: Fanfic: Destiny Crystal

[Chapter IX: Terror from the Mountains! Inventory Check.], continued


“Look out!” Luna yelled.
Two large boulders, about ten feet tall were rolling down the steep slope towards them. One of them was headed straight for Brian, who was looking down, taking care of his steps on the steep grade.
He looked up to see a huge boulder bearing down on him. Thinking fast, he drew his sword and thrust it into the boulder. It shattered, and crumbled around him. He climbed out of the rubble.
“Are you okay?” Mitch asked.
“Yeah…I think so.” Brian replied.
“Guys, we’re not out of the woods yet. Look up there, on the ridge!” Diana interrupted.
More boulders, at least fifty of them were rolling down the hill towards them. These, at least, were only a few feet in diameter. But, their comparatively smaller size made them even deadlier.
“We’ve got to get up to that ridge as quickly as we can!” Lauren decided.
So, the five warriors ran, jumping and dodging the boulders, up the barren slope at a breakneck pace. There were a few close calls, but they all made it up safely. Before them, over the ridge, stood a small, simple wooden shack.
“This is it?” Mitch wondered aloud.
Just as Mitch had spoken, the old, wooden door of the shack burst open, and two men rushed outside. They were dressed in drab, earth-tone clothes. At their belts, katanas hung, shining in the bright sunlight.
“You’ll never get to Rebecca!” one of the men cried.
The two drew their katanas, prepared for battle. Brian, Luna, Mitch, and Lauren drew their weapons in response. Diana did not draw her bow.
“Oh, we’ll see about that!” Brian retorted.
Diana closed her eyes, and folded her hands in front of her chest.
“Quicksand!” she shouted, opening her eyes.
Diana thrusted her arms towards one of the guards. The ground beneath him softened, and became quicksand. He began to sink into it.
“Ah! Help me!” He yelled in fear, as he began to thrash around, which only accelerated his descent.
The other guard backed away, assuring his own survival.
When the first guard’s head sunk beneath the shifting sands, Diana clapped her hands. The quicksand then hardened, returning to it’s original state.
“Wow…” Brian stood in awe.
“Yes, I have the power to use earth magic…watch out!” Diana warned.
The remaining guard was swinging his katana at Brian. Brian quickly blocked the attack with his sword, and slashed the man’s wrist that held his katana. The guard dropped the weapon, and stumbled back in pain, holding his bleeding wrist. Little did he know how insignificant the pain he was then feeling compared to that of what was about to befall him.
Brian closed his eyes, readying a spell to finish off his adversary.
“Fire!” Brian shot a fireball at the guard’s head, at nearly point-blank range. The guard was thrown back to the ground, gone for good.
“Should we enter?” Brian asked with confidence, motioning towards the shack.
The five walked through the open door. The shack was empty, with the exception of a staircase in front of them leading down.
“Maybe there’s more to this place then it seems.” Luna pondered.
Brian and the others began their descent. The stairs were very long, and after a few minutes they had reached the bottom. It led into a relatively large, plain, wooden room. As they entered, they saw four more swordsman, very similar to the two guards the group had defeated outside. Standing behind the guards was a tall, dark-haired woman holding a glaive. Next to her was a large cloth sack, overflowing with jewels.
“I’m surprised you fools made it this far, but I assure you, this is as far as you will come!” the tall woman declared, “Guards, dispose of them.”
Brian and the other four drew their weapons, as did the four guards.
Diana knocked her bow, and shot an arrow at one of the swordsman. It struck him through the throat; he fell to the floor, never to let out another breath. Another of the guards lunged at Luna, attacking with his katana. Luna dodged the blade, and fought back with her claws. She kicked the guard’s legs out from under him, and slashed viciously at his midsection as he fell, defeated.
The remaining two guards attacked Brian together. Brian jumped as they slashed downwards with their katanas. He impaled one of them through the back with his sword.
“Brian, duck!” Lauren shouted.
Brian ducked, and, as the remaining guard stood up, Lauren’s boomerang decapitated him. Lauren caught both of the slashers, and wiped the blood off on her shirt.
“Arrgh…how did you defeat my guards so quickly!?” Rebecca yelled in frustration.
“You don’t know who you’re dealing with; Rebecca, I presume?” Brian returned.
“It is not wise to presume, but, yes…I am known as Rebecca. My name strikes fear into the hearts of men, women, and children alike. I take what I want, without resistance or regret…and it is you who has no idea what you’re up against.”
“You talk big, but let’s see how tough you really are!” Brian exclaimed.
“What a foolish decision, one you will eternally regret!” Rebecca exclaimed, rushing at Brian, with her glaive at the ready. She slashed at Brian with it. He met the blade with his sword, and, while they were struggling, kicked Rebecca in the stomach. She doubled over in pain, and back away a bit.
Diana knocked her bow, and shot an arrow at Rebecca. She turned the shaft away with the blade of her glaive.
Rebecca held out both of her arms, “This is the end.”
She released an invisible wave of psychic energy. Brian, Luna, Mitch, Lauren, and Diana were pushed back, and smashed against the wall behind them. Rebecca charged at them, and pinned Brian to the wall with the pole of her glaive.
“How do you feel now, fool?” she gloated.
Brian noticed Luna, Mitch, and Lauren regrouping behind Rebecca, preparing to cast their magic.
Brian grinned, “I’m fine; how are you?”
“Huh?” she exclaimed.
Luna, Mitch, and Lauren cast their spells at the same time, Luna’s electricity, Mitch’s wind, and Lauren’s poison.
Rebecca didn’t even have time to turn around. The three energies all struck her in the back consecutively. She screamed in pain.
“What power…” she marveled.
Diana stood above Rebecca, now on the floor.
“I’ll finish this.” She claimed as she pulled back the string towards her eye on her loaded bow.

[~END IX~]
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i wish all of you americans would get out of my country.
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.
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Default Re: Fanfic: Destiny Crystal

[Chapter X Sorrowful end a Decisive Battle! An Icy Trek

Diana let her shaft fly, and Rebecca moved her head, barely avoiding the arrow. She stood up slowly, the others backed away slowly.
“Your power…” she began weakly, “…is more than I can contend with. But, I will not allow you to take my life. No one will leave this place alive!”
Rebecca pulled a lever on the wall behind her. Loud rumbling could be heard, and fire began to burn the walls and ceiling of the chamber.
“What are you doing!?” Lauren yelled.
“Ending it all…” Rebecca replied, “Your lives as well as mine.”
Holding her glaive, she stabbed herself in the chest. She attacked with pinpoint precision, striking her heart. She fell to the floor in a pool of blood, the deed complete.
“What a coward!” Mitch exclaimed, with great emotion.
Luna was quite shaken by the event, yet she remained silent.
“Look, guys, we can reflect on this later. Right now we gotta get outta here!” Lauren cut through the solemn silence.
The fire had spread to all four walls, and parts of the floor. It also spread to the ceiling and walls of the staircase. The five began to move towards the stairs.
“Wait! What about the stones?” Diana interjected, straining to be heard over the loud crackling of flame.
“You’re right. That was the whole point of this venture…” Luna realized.
Everyone rushed back to where the large sack was sitting on the floor. Brian tried to lift it, but couldn’t lift it very far.
“Ughh…we’re gonna have to all work together to get this thing back.” Brian stated.
Brian and the other four lifted the sack at the same time, and began to carry it towards the stairs. It took all of their combined strength to move. Wooden beams were crashing down around them. They began to climb the stairs, at an even slower pace.
“If we don’t make it out of here soon, we’re certain to be trapped.” Diana warned.
The temperature rose to an almost intolerable level, yet the group pressed on. Step by step, second by second, they ascended the stairs, now struggling to breathe.
“I think I can see the light!” Luna exclaimed, coughing.
At last the five reached the top of the stairs. The walked out of the shack into open air. Brian, Luna, Mitch, Lauren, and Diana made their way slowly down the mountain to Nortum.
Things were a bit less deserted in the village; people had started to emerge from their houses. The group walked back into the warehouse. The workers were beginning to get back into their daily routine. The manager approached the group, looking relieved.
“Oh, thank God you were able to retrieve the stones; they are priceless!” the manager declared.
“Yeah…we’re okay too.” Lauren mumbled.
“So, is there any adamant in there?” Luna asked.
The workers began to sort out the bag, cataloguing its contents. When the sack was empty, the manager turned to the five again, very embarrassed.
“I’m sorry…there isn’t any adamant here.” he declared.
“What!? You mean to tell us that we just risked our lives for nothing!?” Lauren exploded.
“No, no, of course not…we really needed those gems returned. We really are eternally grateful, “ the manager replied, flustered, “But, I can give you a tip on finding adamant.”
“Yes?” Brian asked, keenly interested.
“There is a scholar of geology, a very learnéd lad, Patrick Rutherford. He attends Medesa University, and should be able to lead you to where adamant can be found in nature.” the manager explained.
“Thank you for your assistance.” Diana replied.
They began to leave the building.
“Wait! I would never forgive myself if I didn’t tell you.” the manager stopped them.
“Tell us what?” Brian inquired.
“The militia in Medesa has become more active as of late. They won’t allow anyone other than residents enter the city.” the manager explained.
“Then how will we get in…” Mitch pondered.
“It is said that there is a pendant held by the dwarves that will grant entry into Medesa,” he explained, “They do not fear those who are so close to the Earth. There is a village inhabited by the dwarves on the continent to the northeast. It is in a valley deep in the heart of the mountains.”
“So, if we can obtain this pendant, we should be able to get to the university.” Brian pondered.
“…You catch on fast…” Lauren taunted.
Brian ignored the comment.
“Shall we be off?” Diana suggested.
“Indeed.” Brian decided.
Brian, Luna, Mitch, Lauren, and Diana left the warehouse. They left Nortum, and walked south towards the place where the raft was hidden. It was relatively easy to find; they worked together to get it back to the water. They unfurled the sail, and Lauren took charge once again.
“So, how are we going to find this other continent? Luna wondered aloud.
Lauren took a compass out from her jacket.
“Well, we’ll just sail northeast until we sight land.” Lauren answered.
“What a plan…” Mitch returned sarcastically.
“Would you like to navigate, Mitch?” Lauren asked angrily.
“Uh, no. That’s okay.” Mitch replied, embarrassed.
“As I thought.” Lauren finished, victorious.
Lauren sailed the raft east along the shore.
We’ll turn north as soon as we can. Then we’ll head northeast into open ocean.” Lauren declared.
The shoreline was dotted with trees, completely uninhabited. The travelers continued east for an hour or so, when they were able to turn onto a more northeasterly direction.
The wind blew fiercely, rocking the raft.
“What if we can’t find it?” Brian asked.
“We will.” Lauren confirmed with complete confidence.

[To be continued..]
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i wish all of you americans would get out of my country.
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.
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Default Re: Fanfic: Destiny Crystal

[Chapter X Sorrowful end a Decisive Battle! An Icy Trek], continued

They sailed for hours on their course. As they proceeded, the air became colder, and the winds wilder. Just as the hope of the group was almost spent, shoreline appeared over the horizon in front of them.
“There it is!” Luna jumped for joy.
The raft grew closer and closer to shore, until they finally landed.
Luna shivered.
“I can see my breath.” she commented.
“Yeah, it’s rather cold here.” Brian agreed.
There was snow on the ground, at least a half a foot of it. The five began to walk north. The pace was slow; the snow was deep. Off in the distance to the north snowy mountains stood high.
“The mountains…we must make for them as soon as possible.” Diana observed.
The sun was low in the sky, and, painting the air bright colors of orange and pink. As they sunk sank ever lower in the sky, it grew colder.
“We’ve got to find a place to spend the night.” Mitch commented, breathing into his hands in an effort to warm them up.
“Yes; we must conserve our energy, and rest.” Diana concurred.
“Look! We’re sure to find some shelter in there.” Brian observed, looking in front of him.
Before them lay the edge of a forest. Thick, snow-covered evergreens marked the wood’s boundary. The five ventured foreword wearily, fearful of what may lie within. There was a narrow path on the snow-covered ground; they followed, seeing no clearer way. It was quite dark inside, the trees shaded out most of remaining day’s light. Brian and the others slowly slogged through the deep snow, searching for a place to sleep. At one point, the narrow trail widened into a small clearing. In the center was a log cabin, with a brick chimney.
“I wonder who would choose to live in such a desolate place…” Luna murmured.
“Maybe they did not have the luxury of choice.” Diana offered in reply.
Brian walked up to the door, and knocked. He waited for a minute or two with no reply.
“Hmm…should we go in?” Brian asked his companions.
“Sure, we might as well. It’s so cold, and we’re all tired. We can’t go much farther today.” Lauren answered.
Brian turned the knob, and pushed the door open. Inside, there was a bed with blankets upon it. A small, plain, wooden table stood in the middle of the room. Food and dirty plates were strewn on it. A single chair sat beside the table.
“Whoever lives or lived here sure left in a hurry.” Mitch observed.
There were smoldering embers in the hearth, and a small stack of wood lay beside it.
“I’ll get a fire going, but this wood won’t last us through the night.” Lauren offered.
“I’ll go get some wood.” Mitch volunteered.
“And I’ll help.” Diana added.
Mitch and Diana walked outside to gather some wood. Their mindset was focused on the welfare of the group, and not their singular well being, for it was incredibly cold outside. Lauren knelt in front of the hearth, and began to build a fire. She took the logs that were next to the fireplace, and placed them on top of each other, in a log cabin structure. Brian was looking around the one room building, searching for some kind of clue about the owner of the cabin. On the floor, a small, leather-bound book lay open. Next to it lay a quill of a large, beautiful, snow white feather. The tip of the quill was stained black, and was dripping black with ink. Brian bent down and picked up the book; his curiosity whetted. The book appeared to be a journal or diary of some sort. Brian read from the page that was left open:

March 3rd,

Today was even worse than yesterday. He’s watching me. I know it. I no longer feel safe going outside, but my food is running low…I must make for mountains as soon as possib

The last word was cut off, as if the author stopped writing abruptly.
“Lauren, look at this.” Brian asked, handing her the journal.
Lauren, who had just got a fire going, stood up, and took the book. She read the passage that Brian had just finished.
“How curious...” Lauren spoke in wonder and thoughtfulness after finishing the entry.
“It sure is.” Brian replied, going over its meaning in his mind.
“Do you think we are safe here, Brian?” Lauren asked, becoming plagued with insecurity, which was oddly unbecoming of her.
“Yeah, I’m sure we’ll be fine.” Brian lied.
He had his own doubts about their safety, but, as long as they were all together, he didn’t feel as if they were in real jeopardy. He tried not to think about it too much, and his awareness became heightened.
“What’s up, guys?” Luna asked, walking over to where Brian and Lauren were standing.
Lauren handed her the journal, and Luna read it. When she had finished, a grave, frightened countenance overtook her.
“…Hmm…” she pondered, scared at what the journal entry could be talking about…a mysterious predator? A stalker maybe?” She had no way of knowing, and tried to keep her fears bottled up.
The door opened, breaking the pensive silence. Mitch and Diana had returned, and they both carried under their arms bundles of wood. They put the fire fuel down on the floor next to the hearth. Brian read the journal entry aloud, so as not to keep Mitch and Diana out of the loop.
“That can’t be a good thing.” Mitch responded. He wasn’t too worried about the situation, though it was more blind unawareness rather than bravery that accounted for it.
“Well, I think we should leave at dawn.” Diana suggested.
“Good idea.” Lauren readily agreed, “C’mon, let’s try to make the most out of this; at least we’re warm.”
She placed another pair of logs strategically on the fire, as if she had much experience with such tasks. The small flame grew into a warm blaze. The five travelers sat around the fireplace, trying to stay as warm as possible on such a frigid night. Slowly, one by one, the crackling of the fire lulled the weary wanderers into sleep. First Diana, Lauren next, then Mitch. Luna was sitting next to Brian.
“Brian, can I ask you a question?” Luna asked seriously.
“Sure; shoot.” Brian replied.
“What would you do if I were ever in danger?” Luna asked, resting her head on Brian’s chest.
Brian was taken aback in surprise by the question; he was not expecting such an inquiry. He looked into her eyes as he answered, conveying his utmost sincerity.
“I would do anything and everything possible to save you, even if it meant putting myself at risk. I don’t think I could bear to see you hurt, especially if it could be me in your place.”
Luna smiled; she was content. She had wanted to know whether or not her feelings for Brian were unrequited; it was not so. Brian and Luna gazed into each other’s eyes, as all fears of their situation melted away. They leaned closer and closer, until their lips, and indeed, their very souls touched. They shared a long, passionate kiss that lasted for two minutes. When their lips finally parted, they were both elated.
A period of thoughtful, comforting silence followed. The crackling of the fire was the only audible sound. Luna cuddled up to Brian, trying to get warm and comfortable, much to his enjoyment and happiness. They both stared into the flickering flames of the fire. Brian ran his fingers through Luna’s hair. It felt smooth, soft, and silky. Luna slowly drifted off into sweet slumber. Brian fell asleep soon thereafter, holding Luna close.
That night, the wind picked up, and it began to snow. Only flurries at the outset, but it quickly grew into a formidable blizzard. Some hours later, Luna awoke in Brian’s arms. Lauren, who was already awake, walked over to Luna.
“Did ya sleep well, Luna?” Lauren asked tauntingly.
Luna, very embarrassed, sprung up to her feet, knocking Brian over onto the floor.
“Fine…just fine.” Luna answered sheepishly.
Brian, who fell over onto the floor, and hit his head, woke up. He stood up, rubbing his head.
“What was that for?” Brian asked.
Luna didn’t reply, and Brian didn’t seem to care. Before long, the others had awakened. Diana looked out the window.
“The dawn isn’t something we’ll get to see this morning, yet we still must be off.” she observed.
The snow outside was falling fast and heavily. No one really wanted to venture out into the elements, yet they were weary of their safety at the cabin. They all realized that they would have to cross the mountains.
So Brian, Luna, Mitch, Lauren, and Diana left the cabin, and proceeded through the forest. They reached the other end quickly. As they left the forest, they could hardly see. The mountains were in front of them on the other side of a treeless field. They could hardly see the mountains.
Brian was in the lead as they began their ascent on what seemed to be a path. There was two feet of snow on the ground; they kept their heads low in an attempt to avoid the chilling wind. As they climbed upwards, they began to wonder how long their trek would be.

[~END X~]
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i wish all of you americans would get out of my country.
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.
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