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Old 10-29-2004, 05:34 PM
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Exclamation [HFFC] Frank and Dr. Stein

Premise: What happens when you put a Human brain into a Pokemon's body?

Picture: -(none yet)-

This story is written for the Halloween Writing Competition of 2004.
**Any comments go in the Fanfic Feedback thread or my PM box. Thanks.


Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default Frank and Dr. Stein

Frank and Dr. Stein

October 30th, 11:49 midnight.
Dr. Stein lives in the old castle at the top of the hill, above the small town of Chaplin. The dark grey, dingy stone bricks line the castle from bottom to top, towers built to the sky, and a desolate yard brings the place down. Just looking at the castle gives the townspeople the creeps. One time, a photographer actually took a picture of the castle when lighting was flashing behind it. It is now the number one postcard to be bought by any tourists. Nobody visits the town for the food, they all want to see the castle. However, none of them personally visit because of the stories.
Dr. Stein is an interesting character, taking the pleasure in someone’s misfortune. He runs the town morgue and often times uses miscellaneous body parts for his scientific experiments, without the families consent or knowing. His hair is wild for a doctor, black like the night just like his eyes. The only time he is seen not to wear his signature gray doctor robe is when he is in bed or taking a shower. He is serious in his work and has fun in what he does. The town doesn’t much understand his methods and they keep a fair distance away. To the citizens of Chaplin, anyone who lives in a dank castle is considered to be insane. Dr. Stein considers himself eccentric.
The surgery had lasted 7 hours prior to now. Finally, the brain was equipped into the head, the top was sewn back on and the was mess cleaned up. Shortly after, the creation was moved to the open lab room.
The forty foot tall tower holds the main lab and allows all the wires and gadgets to freely fill the space along the wall until it reaches the ceiling. The tower is round so naturally the room is round. Cauldrons line one side while beakers of mysterious liquids line the other. Tubes and jars and scientist equipment cover the room for all kinds of experiments. This is his serious room.
The creation is picked up with the help of a humped Raichu and placed on a long table. The wrists and ankles are strapped with leather and tightly wound. Dr. Stein walks over and turns a crank, forcing the table to move at an angle until the table is at a 45 degree incline from the floor.
Various nobs and suction cups are placed over the creation. Finally, the masterpiece is ready. The headset looks like a vegetable bowl but with wires, lights and colors flowing from the top. It is placed on the head and the wires connected to certain transmitters to a machine.
“Eyegor, be ready at the top!”
“Rai Ria!” Raichu boasts as it moves to a ladder system, dragging its paralyzed foot in studdering steps. The ladder steps snake its way around the around tower, level by level, until finally Raichu makes it to the ceiling. It presses on a latch and opens a portion and more steps. Raichu continues up and outside, now on the roof of the tower. Pressing a button, and another, a large disk appears and points to the dismal sky. Wires flow from it down into the lab and most likely to the creation.
Dr. Stein moves to his control desk where levers, buttons and switches live. Three dozen of each and all in various spots. Only he knows how to use it.
Flip! Boing! Press! Flip! Flip! Switch! Swish! Flip! Press! Press!
“Eyegor, initiate the electricity!” he speaks into a microphone which reaches the roof.
Raichu summons its power and sends it to the sky. The dark clouds gather in the dark sky and rain pours. Summoning more power, Raichu bolts the sky. A short while after that, lighting fires back, hitting Raichu and the disk.
The disk wire carries the current as fast as light can travel and immediately hits the computer which in turn carries it to the creation.
“Yes. YES! Keep it up Raichu.” the doctor maniacally shouts.
The creation glows brightly, tingling with energy. The headset bulbs light up different colors as the energy flows into it.
Press! Switch! Dr. Stein continues his game with the buttons.
It takes a good ten minutes later for the energy to stop flowing into the creation. If nothing happens after this, it was a waste of time.
“YES!!! Work. I command you!”
Raichu has arrived back to the floor and steps next to the creation, putting on one of the helmets. Its body lights yellow and zaps through the helmet, directly into the creation. The electric energy Raichu produces was absorbed from the sky during the storm for three times more effect. This direct approach is the last chance they have at becoming a success.
Dr. Stein looks on with intent, raising his hand as if raising the creation. “Come.... COME!”
The creation’s right hand jolts up and down quickly.
Dr. Stein flips out. “Yah!. I did it!” He proceeds to run around the room, ranting and raving. “I have successfully combined the body of a Pokemon and a human brain. I’m the new world genius in Pokemon science. WOOHOO!”

October 31st, 2:11 in the morning
Everything is so fuzzy. I don’t remember much, it’s so hard to think. Hey, I can’t move my arms or legs. What is this room? Where am I?
Dr. Stein stops eating his slice of cake to see his creation has awaken for the first time. He runs over to get a closer look. “Yes, YES! Now you are awake, MY creation. Even more news to celebrate, eh Eyegor?” He runs back for more cake, Raichu happily eating by his side.
The creation looks around the room with its open eyes and notices the science equipment around the room. What is all this equipment? No, I want out. Let me go. The creation tries to speak but all it makes are grunts and noises.
“Urr.. Urrrrrr... nnngg...”
Dr. Stein becomes ecstatic. “It made a noise. Even better. Eat up Eyegor, there’s a lot of cake for us. The night is still young.”
“Raichu...” ^.^;;

3:30 in the morning
Dr. Stein has been reviewing his notes and how the experiment went. He looks at charts, pie graphs and even his predictions before the test. For the past hour he has been writing a summary of the experiment and how it went word for word. He even put that he ran around the room raving like a lunatic. He won’t leave anything out of his report, especially since he will make world news and change the fate of Pokemon and humans alike.
Who is this guy? Why am I still tied up? Why do I crave honey all of a sudden? I don’t even like honey that much except occasionally on my toast. MMM... toast!
“Now, for the moment of truth.” Dr. Stein steps up to his creation to tell it what is going on. “My name is Dr. Stein from the small town of Chaplin, which is actually where you are from.”
His lips are moving but I don’t understand it. Am I deaf? No, then I wouldn’t be able to hear him. What are you saying? Get me out of here.
“Ursa... Urrrrr.....”
“Hold on now, settle down.”
“URRRR!!!” the creation flails around in the straps, trying to get out.
“Now, now. Eyegor, administer the sedative.”
Raichu prepares a needle and sticks it in the shoulder.
No, don’t poke me with that. Ow. That..really......hurt. Oh, now I feel..... fine! The creation calms down with a smile on its face.
The good doctor waits a few minutes then continues again. “As I was saying, my name is Dr. Stein from the small town of Chaplin, which is where you lived before. Your brain is now in an Ursaring’s body. Through the miracles of science, I have managed to save your life. Your name is Frank Wilcox and you used to be the mail carrier for our town. Remember? You angered a Growlithe, accidental of course, and it mauled you to death. I happen to run the town morgue and needed a fresh brain for my experiment. Do you understand any of this?
What are you saying? I can’t understand. I know you are Dr. Stein because that’s what it says on your lab coat. But who are you exactly? Why can I read but not understand your voice?
“You died yesterday so I took your brain and put it into the Ursaring’s body. You’re a living wonder. You should be proud to live again.” He looks at Ursaring’s unmotivated body. “Maybe I messed up somewhere in connecting nerves. If you hear me, say something.”
“Hmmm... maybe this isn’t perfect like I had hoped. But it’s still a miracle of science and I will get my comeuppance.” He moves over and unhooks the leather straps. “Eyegor, lets get him over to the testing cage, while he’s still under the sedative.”
“Rai Rai!”
What? I’m free. Finally. Ursaring rubs his wrists from the pain. He looks around and at his body. Man, I have gotten heavier and more hair. What happened to me? Wait, claws?? Where are my hands? Fur? This is not me. What have you done?
“URSA!!” Ursaring enrages to fury at discovering his body features.
Dr. Stein back off. “Not enough sedative. Eyegor, calm it down.”
“Rai... CHU!” The blast of electricity zaps Ursaring, flowing through its body. The brain flips inside-out and snaps. The memories flow... first day of school... first date... first car... yesterday’s attack.
“ARRRRR!” Such pain. AHHHHHHHHH!!!! Ursaring panics from the overloaded brain and faints on the spot.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default Frank and Dr. Stein

4:40 in the morning
I remember everything. It feels so cold being in a different body. This... Pokemon body. Which one am I? Claws and fur aren’t very helpful. But I felt myself die yesterday. That attack... I can’t even think about it. Dr. Stein, what have you done to me. Am I one of your creations now? A freak of nature just like your precious Raichu... or Eyegor or whatever you call it.
I don’t know how long these tests have been going on but the drugs are nice. I hate these tests. Shock this, poke and prod that. I want out of here. But I can’t show him I am strong or he will give me more shots, even though they are a pleasure. I will lay here and pretend I’m still down then when he least expects it, WHAM!

“Interesting, it appears your Pokemon portion has taken over your hearing and vocal capabilities. No wonder you couldn’t respond to me.”
Dr. Stein walks over to the table and takes off the suction cups reading brain activity. He turns to a machine and prints out the paper. “Wow, your brain activity is quite high, especially for being sedated.” He turns back around to see Ursaring standing tall, glaring over him. Stein freezes. “Whoa, whoa there big fella’. I may have underestimated....”
Ursaring takes one big swipe with his claws and the doctor is down, motionless.
No... more... experiments.
Eyegor, the Raichu, steps into the tower when it hears the noise.
“Rai!” Murderer! it says.
“Ursa, ursaring?” What was that you said? I heard you talk
You killed my master.

Raichu drags forward to get close enough for an attack. Ursaring looks down at the body of Dr. Stein and sees a Pokeball has fallen out. Using his claws, he grabs it, enlarges the Pokeball and points it at Raichu.
The red light shoots out and sucks up Raichu.

5:15 in the morning
I have relocated around the castle to a bedroom. I have read all the doctor’s notes about my experiment. He calls me ‘Frankenring’ combining my Pokemon body, Ursaring, with my real name Frank. It’s a name that will suit me. But I should have died but maybe this is punishment. I don’t know. I can’t live like this. I can’t stand it. What have I done to Doctor Stein. He could have reversed this.

7:30 in the morning
“Good morning Ryan. Good morning Claudia.”
“Hey Danny. Did ya’ get those farm chores done?”
“Yep, bright and early. I can’t miss that Halloween dare you guys promised me.”
Danny is fourteen and works on a farm with his family; Mom, Dad, two older brothers and a younger sister. Everyday he gets up at six thirty to do his morning farm chores before school. Today being Sunday, there is no school but chores need to be done early so he can have the rest of the day to play.
Ryan is the same age and in the same class in school. He likes to play sports and explore the fields after the rains pass by. He wants to be a great Trainer some day but this small town need him because he is the best at baseball and the team is playing in the finals next week to determine who’s the best in the county. It’s a great honor for the small town of Chaplin to have and Ryan must fulfill his dream to be county champs and bring home a trophey.
Claudia is a nice girl, a little plump. She loves playing with the boys and hates the other girls. She thinks they are too “goodie” for themselves. Wherever Danny and Ryan go, she is sure to follow closely behind. She has a lot of influence on them since she is the only girl friend they have.
Today is Halloween so each of them have dressed up in a costume. It’s only morning but they can’t wait to show them off to each other. Plus, at noon is the Halloween Ho-Down in the Town Center. Claudia wears a pretty Butterfree outfit, wings on her back and antenna clips in her brown hair. Ryan has no shirt on and short purple shorts. He also wears small boxing gloves over his hands and has dyed his hair purple. Danny has on orange pants and shirt with a Charmander face mask on his head. The long orange tail sticks out behind.
“Nice, better than that Caterpie outfit you had last year.” Ryan jokes to Danny.
Claudia fights for him. “I like Caterpie. They evolve into beautiful Butterfree like me.” She poses.
“Yea, what she said. What are you supposed to be?”
Ryan proceeds to a boxing position. “Can’t you tell? I’m a Tyrogue.”
Danny jokes back. “Maybe if you had muscles.”
Claudia laughs.
“Nah, you’re just jealous.”
Stepping inside the ranch house on Danny’s farm, Danny takes off his tail and Charmander hat, Claudia takes off her wings and antenna while Ryan puts away his boxing gloves. So now they only have shirts and pants on, except Ryan without his shirt.
“So when do I get this dare?”
“Right now. Come on.” Claudia smiles and leads the way.

8:03 in the morning
“I don’t know about this. We promised never to come here for a dare. Remember?”
Ryan edges, “I know. But Claudia and I thought that if you did this you would never have to do another one again.”
“Come on Danny. It’s only five minutes”
The three young teens stand below the steeping walls of the Dr. Stein’s Castle. There is a musky odor in the air and the sky is gloomy grey. It doesn’t help that the grass and trees are all dead and there is nothing living within 50 yards of the castle walls. But there they are, standing at one of the many side doors to this enormous castle.
“Ok....” Danny studders. He isn’t sure about going in. “If I don’t ever have to do another dare.”
Claudia reassures him. “Never again. We can promise that.”
Danny grimaces. “Ya’, that’s what we said about coming here before.”
“Danny,” Ryan persuades, “if you do this, you’ll be the envy of all the kids at school. You’ll be known as The Castle Kid instead of Farm Boy Danny.”
“I said I’ll go in.”
“Good.” Ryan adds, “And while you’re in there, see if you can find one of his experiments.”
Danny stops dead in his tracks. “What? Experiments?”
“You never heard.” Claudia sighs. “All the other school kids know about the experiments.”
Ryan interrupts. “They are only rumors, remember. But if Danny goes in and sees them, then we have proof and he will be famous. The Castle Kid will be known as a hero.”
“I just love a hero.” She flashes her eyes.
Danny blushes from Claudia. “Ok. Five minutes, got that.”

The door closes with a creak, echoing down the long stone hall. Light fixtures on the walls give some idea of where to go but it is still darker than night inside. Slowly, one step in front of the other, Danny inches inward. His heart pounds and sweat starts. His whole body is shaking with each movement and when an odd wind is felt, he freezes feeling like cold death is upon him.
He imagines what would happen if he was caught. Probably thrown in a sub basement prison and kept as an experiment. He doesn’t want that. The door is still behind him and he can easily run out. As long as he stays near the exit, he knows he is safe.
On his left comes a wooden door. He pops the metal latch and opens it. Inside are jars of heads, organs and other embalming fluids. He stares at the yellow liquids with tissue in them and almost heaves all over the stone floor. The door is slammed and he backs off, feeling queasy inside.
Only three minutes left. His body is numb and his stomach is ready to give up his breakfast but he holds it back. He comes to a door on the right side. It creaks loudly and Danny steps inside the room.
The room is large like a master bedroom would be except there is no furniture; instead, hay and straw line across the floor. But maybe it isn’t a room because the left wall curves to show a new area. There is only one window with bars that lets the light stream at the door. The rest of the room is as dark as the hallway.
He turns left with the wall to find a dead end with a most peculiar inhabitant. There, in a pile of hay and accompanied by the smell of rotten flesh, is a sitting Ursaring holding a limp body hanging in its arms. Right away, Danny recognizes it to be the body of mailman because he is wearing the uniform. He also notices the scars and stitches on the Pokemon’s head indicating it had some operation done to it.
“Oh my...” The smell of a corpse and the sight of death causes Danny to hurl his stomach to the ground. He falls kneeling to the floor, feeling weak all the sudden.
Hey Danny, it’s me. Frank. I deliver your mail to you every lunch hour at your farm. I watched you in the stage play last year.
But all Danny could hear was the aggressive grunts from Ursaring as it points its claw at him. Danny steps up and wipes his mouth, starting to cry. He slowly backs off, nearly frozen of fright.
No, wait. That’s when he realizes the situation. He is holding his own dead body. No, you don’t understand. The Ursaring pushes the body to the side and he stands up.
This action only upsets Danny to think he is next to be killed. His pace quickens as he backs to the other side of the hay lined room.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default Frank and Dr. Stein

“It’s past five minutes. Do you think he was caught?”
Claudia shudders and holds Ryan’s arm. “I hope not.”
“AHHHHHH!!!!” the faint shriek comes from inside the castle.
Ryan and Claudia clasp to each other, each shaking in fear. Not waiting to see what happened, they run.

“AHHHHHH!!!!” Danny shrieks, feeling threatened by the overbearing Ursaring.
The Ursaring animal instinct takes over. He must protect his well-being. I can’t let you leave.
Ursaring swipes down at Danny but the kid ducks and heads for the door. Ursaring grips the ground with his claws and dashes to the door. It shuts but that won’t stop him. His claw goes through the door and shaves Danny’s shirt on the other side. Danny is caught on the wrong side of the hallway and flees further inside the castle.
Ursaring slashes the door to pieces.
Get back here.
Danny opens another door but finds it is filled with more jars of liquid. He almost chucks once more but only spits. He grabs a jar and throws it at Ursaring.
The large bear slashes at the jar and the thick liquid covers his body. Ursaring is thrown off and collides into the open door, knocking down more jars over him. In this time, Danny steps around and back down the hallway. The exit is creaked open, sunlight pours in and Danny is free.

12:00 Noon
Maybe that kid won’t say anything. It’s ok. I’m fine. He won’t report me as a murderer. They will surely kill me if that’s what they thought. Oh how I wish I hadn’t attacked Doctor Stein. He could explain everything. I can’t die again. The pain would be too much to handle.
Frankenring watches from one of the towers and sees a mob headed for the main gate entrance. Some of them have torches with fire while others have pitchforks in hand. The whole town seems to have shown up to tear down the castle.
“Doctor Stein. Open your castle doors.” the leader in front shouts out. He is Sheriff Chadsworth and Claudia is her daughter. He has a dirty t-shirt on and long pants with a gun on one side and a Pokeball on the other. His strong attitude handles the entire town by himself and he’s very professional about it.
Oh no. They have come for me. I must get out of here.
“Open your doors now!"
But nothing happens.
Chadsworth calls his Pokeball to the ground and a flaming Charizard storms out. “Break the gate down.
The large Charizard batters at the door in two hits and smashes through. This is when Chadsworth loses control of the mob and they storm the castle.

That’s when they find Dr. Stein on the floor in the main tower lab. He has been lying there the whole time, scraps and bruises. To the nurses amazement, he is still alive but has lost a lot of energy.
“The greatest creation to the world.” Stein mutters in his delirium.
A stretcher comes in and carries the doctor away.
Within time, Chadsworth regains order and everyone leaves the house. No Ursaring and no body were found through their search.

3:14 afternoon
Sheriff Chadsworth has been waiting outside the Chaplin Nursery for Dr. Stein to heal. The injuries weren’t life threatening, it only caused him to black out. Now, he is ready to be seen by the sheriff.
There he lay on the bed, like a helpless man. “Sheriff. Am I in trouble?” He slowly speaks.
“You have some explaining to do.”
“Where’s Eyegor?”
“Your mutated Raichu is safe. Don’t worry about it.” Chadsworth didn’t like Dr. Stein much but so far he hadn’t done anything illegal. “Explain to me what is going on.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean a boy comes to me, crying and shaking like he’d seen death. An Ursaring and a dead body in your castle. The townspeople went a little overboard about it but it needed to be dealt with. Then we find neither of them in your castle and you on the ground nearly dead.”
Doctor Stein jumps up in his bed. “My experment. Missing? The body too. What about my research. You have it, right?”
“I don’t know...”
Stein falls back down. “My hard work is gone. Gone. GONE! Now I have nothing. My fame is dying in the backyard of society.”
Chadsworth has had enough of this lunatic. He steps up to leave but stops when he feels something pulling his sleeve.
It’s Dr. Stein and he uses a calm voice. “You remember Frank Wilcox, died yesterday. Well, I used his brain and put it inside an Ursaring’s body. It attacked me last night when I was doing research on it. The body you mention must be Frank’s old body. I don’t know why that would be missing. Unless.... it knows more about itself now. NO! My wonderful creation is evolving and I’m missing it. Why did I send Eyegor away to take a break. Why, oh why.”
“You’re absolutely nuts, Doctor. That monster will need to be put to sleep, permanently.”
Stein grovels at his feet. “No. I can help it. Please!! Just return my Frankenring to me. Pretty please!.”
“Frankenring?” Chadsworth rolls his eyes at the though of it having a name. “I’ll do what I can but I can’t promise anything.”

6:34 Early Night
He’s a bad Pokemon. Killed a human.
Yes, bad.
Doesn’t deserve to live among us.
Yes, bad.
Shut up. Leave me alone you pests. I didn’t kill him.
Ursaring growls and shows his claws at the mocking Pokemon, forcing them to run away. He then proceeds to pat the recently dug ground with a shovel.

The search party has been looking through the surrounding forest since the mob left the castle. Nothing has been found so far... until.
“I see something over here. It’s big.”
Sheriff Chadsworth is led over to an area in the forest. There, an Ursaring, a shovel and freshly dug earth lay. The Ursaring is currently sleeping so the people are trying to stay quiet.
“He’s hiding the evidence by burying the body,” a women mentions.
Chadsworth calls his men over. “Get the tranquilizers.”
Ursaring moves and stretches, opening one eye then closing it. Realizing people are here, he wakes up, jumps to his clawed feet and snarls.
“URSA!” No, they found me. I knew I shouldn’t have taken that nap.
“Shoot it already.”
The gunman with the tranquilizer is loaded up and fires. However, Ursaring bends back and dodges the drug loaded missile.
I didn’t know I could dodge like that. Ursaring leaps to the gun and tears it apart in one swipe.
“If that’s how Frankenring or whatever it is wants to play. Charizard, flame on.”
The large Charizard pops out, shooting flames to the sky. You’re going down, freak!
That’s right, I’m a Pokemon. Frank’s mind moves over as his Ursaring instinct takes over again.
Charizard bursts the fire line and nails Urasring in the stomach.
Oh man, that hurts like when I burnt my hand on the stove. Ursaring regains and dashes to Charizard with sharp claws in waiting.
The claws have no chance to hit the flying Charizard and Ursaring is engulfed by flames once more. With his weak body and state of mind, Ursaring is almost out of energy.
I can’t lose. I don’t want to go back. They can’t get me. I have the energy. Ursaring looks through the trees at the partial moon trying to show itself. His stomach circle glows and he feels an energy fumbling in his mouth.
Charizard prepares the fire attack but stops to see Ursaring trying something. The bear opens his mouth and pours a beam of light into the sky, aimed for Charizard. He has performed Hyper Beam.
Yes, take that.
Unfortunately, it misses. Charizard sighs and fires the flamethrower attack. Ursaring burns like an oven and collapses to the ground.
This sucks.
“Great job Charizard, as always.”
Chadsworth takes out the prepared Pokeball and tosses it at the mutant. With a wiggle-waggle, Frankenring is caught.

10:00 PM
“No more experiments.” Chadsworth forces into Dr. Stein.
“Yes, yes. No more experiments like this. You know how to ruin my fun.”
Frankenring is back on the table, strapped in and head set on.
Dr. Stein writes on a piece of paper and shows it to his creation.
“I am sorry to do this but I need to start over with your brain. Too many human qualities came out and you weren’t ready. It was my fault and I’m sorry for the pain you must feel. Don’t worry, you won’t remember anything that happened.”
The lights blaze, the energy is flowing, and Eyegor is ready. The direct electricity is poured into the helmet and Ursaring feels the charge.
Here I am, dying again. The pain is all too familiar.

Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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