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Post Angelwhisper - The Tale of Twilight Flytré


-- Rated PG-13 For Some Graphic Violence and Mild Language --

Yes, I am back. And during that very long period of absence I have indeed began a new project. But it is not Pokemon-related, and I thought I'd post it here. Comments and crituqe are greatly appreciated, as this is my first non-Pokemon piece of work, and I'd like to see if you all think I should continue it.

Chapter Index
Chapter One:
Riding the Wings of Twilight
Chapter Two: Meeting Dmytri Skiez
Chapter Three: Before the Parliament
Chapter Four: To Face the Wind
Chapter Five: A Brief Respite
Chapter Six: Leaves Lined With Dewdrops

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Default Re: Angelwhisper - The Tale of Twilight Flytre

Chapter One:
Riding the Wings of Twilight

The sky is full of mystery. Of fascination, of stories, of intrigue. The blue sanctuary where life both begins . . . and ends. Where the clouds of captivation swirl and roll by above with the screeching winds. The heavens are vast, unending in glory, with its divinity reaching far out into the realm of dreams. For my kind, however, we get to experience this wonderment firsthand. For we fly the skies continuously; we skim the very tops of storm clouds, bask in the warming light of the sun, and cower beneath the shadowy cream of the moon. We are the lost kindred, the ones imposed to exile in the beautiful heavens, never once descending to Earth. We are the angels, the Khishìda.

My name is Twilight. At the age of fifteen, I am not a little girl, but not quite a woman, either. My mother says she named me right; my hair is a long, taunting ebony with various streaks of placid silver and a deep, dusky blue. My eyes are a still gray, not black but not white either, just the perfect blend of the two colors to create a slaty tint that matches my pale face and shadowy hair intricately. My feathery wings that so grace me are black, and they are my most precious possession. For the creatures with wings are the most free, the ones who could break away from the bleak soil and dance atop the winds of intrigue. Truly blessed are we, with the gift of flight, the ability to escape the rampant chaos of reality, and, even if only for mere seconds, to fly carelessly in a blue haven, and not be racked by pollution, stress, or emotion. The problem with me was I had too much of it.

For many a year now, I have longed for Earth. To fly down from this so–called “sanctuary” and walk upon the ground with bare feet. To relish the sandy grains of tranquil beaches in between my toes, and to stroke each verdant strand of grass in a meadow abundant with blossoming flowers. But no, the parliament forbids the Khishìda from having any interaction from anything earthly. Many times I had felt like strangling each and every old and wise bard in the Council of the Eldest for exiling me to this cloudy wasteland.

I sighed, and returned to my laptop. My novel blazed upon the screen. Page 362, I thought. How many more to go before this story is finally put to an end? Not to say I was eager to end it, far from it. I only reflected upon the work I’ve completed thus far, and how much effort will be necessary to finish it. Not to mention how. I’ve reached the climax of A Land Discovered, but now I do not know how I want to conclude it. Being a writer, I soon realized after undertaking this project, is much more difficult than it sounds. I regarded the monitor with attentiveness, and once again studied the last paragraph:

Alexander could only stand in amazement as he landed upon the Earth. Not far behind, Kerry and Opal were also alighting. He glanced at the world around him, amber eyes transfixed on the sheltering treetops of the woodland, and on the brown squirrels leaping deftly from branch to branch, bodies in an elegant arc as they flew through the steadfast air. This is exactly as I envisaged it, thought Alexander happily. He was content that Earth was plentiful, and that it was crawling with thriving plants and animals. He threw a glance at his friends, whose expressions suggested the same thought. They never wanted to leave . . .

It’s hopeless . . . I sighed wearily. How could one write about the human world if one had never been there? It is forlorn, inevitable, and I should just drop the entire prospect of the novel. I got up, abandoning my computer, and retreated outside.

It was dawn, and the striking conflagration of red and gold warmed my body in its basking flames of light. I glanced around. To my left, standing with golden wings shining in the sunlight, stood Remington Yrais. He was hot, if you don’t mind me saying. He stood lonely, backpack in his hands running taut across his chest, and his blue eyes staring into nothingness.

“Remmy!” I called him. He looked up at me for a second, then strolled over to where I stood by my house. Since when does anyone not recognize my voice? I shook the thought out of my head as he opened his mouth and let that beautiful, soothing voice leak out in smooth–flowing words.

“Hey, Twi,” he started, somewhat hesitantly, as if he found speaking to me awkward. “Um—“ he paused. “Ready to leave?” He queried as he shrugged his backpack onto his bony shoulders.

“Yes.” I stated simply. Today was the day we were to fly down to Earth, in secret, to find out exactly if I what I had been dreaming is true. If it really is lush and green, with lively animals skittering around the rich soil, and to see if the air was clean and pure, and if the flowing blue streams were crystalline and serene, if the ripples really expanded outward in delicacy when raindrops danced across its surface. Remmy and I had been preparing this expedition for quite a long while now, and we had decided it was best to leave in the early hours of dawn, when most of the Khishìdian parliament were still asleep.

I stared down at the fluffy white cloud I stood on. Finally . . . to break free of the horrendous chains which bound me to this hellish void. I could hardly stand to wait too much longer. My only worry was that the council would have set an unseeable border between here and the outside world. But it was unlikely, seeing as birds could enter here when they so desired. And I would also finally be able to continue my novel knowing for a fact what Earth was truly like. I fluffed up my raven–black feathers in anticipation. My every instinct was jumping inside of my brain and screaming at me to fly away, to escape now, but I refrained from the temptation as Remington gave me the plan.

“So,” he started in a determined voice that seemed to echo incessantly in my ears. “Today we fly. Remember, Twilight, that we made a vow to have no interaction or communication in any way, shape or form with any humans. And that we are to return here before governing lessons begin. Understand?”

“Yes, Remington.” I said, completely understanding the dire consequences if we were to be discovered down there, below the clouds. The parliament would surely hang us for treason, and our kind would be maximumly secured forever, not even allowing them to leave their own homes without a guard or alarm of some sort. The Khishìda would be expatriated here for eternity. I shuddered at the very contemplation and quickly erased the terrible thought from my mind.

“Are you ready?” Remington asked.

I sighed, happy that I was finally going to go down, beneath this blue prison. “Yes.” I said, smiling warmly, not just for sheer elation, but also at my embarrassment of talking to Remmy. He was so hot that I couldn’t help looking at him intentionally without laughing either inside my mind or out loud.

And, as the sun began to shed its light upon the azure skies, Remington and I spread our wings, and dived through the clouds. A rushing sensation of joy flowed through me and drove my wings downward as we plummeted through the cloudy vapor, and fell into a great blue abyss. At this point, we slowed down and relaxed a bit as we drew closer to Earth.

As we fell back a bit, Remmy regarded me with his glistening sapphire eyes. He sighed warily as he smiled nervously at me.

“Ummm . . . I—I really like you, Twilight.” He gulped in tension. “And I thought that maybe, you’d like to go out with me?”

My head perked up, and my heart began fluttering excitedly in the crevices of my chest. If I had a tail, I would have been wagging it. And before I could even allow everything he had just said to sink in completely and had thought about it, I found myself nodding in zeal. “Yes!” I grinned happily. “Absolutely so! I love you too, Remington.” I tilted my ebony wings and drew in closer to his side. As I looked in his blue eyes, I saw the reflection of my gray eyes shining in vivacity.

I turned my gaze back downwards. I could just now see the verdant treetops that kissed the sky. I started to fly, more swiftly than before now that we were so close.

“Careful, Twi! Not so hasty!” Remington cautioned; I took no notice of him as he ceased his flight abruptly. I kept right on diving down at a steep ninety–degree angle. I closed my eyes and felt the rush of excitement as the bitter cold wind snaked through the black feathers of my wings.

As I landed atop the rocky soil, I reopened my eyes. I stood aghast, face twisted in utter disgust at the scene before me. The world was not lush, not branded with verdant forests and crystalline rivers that snaked through the land. What did lay before my wings however, was a desolate land, the revolting air tinted with the appalling stench of sulphur. The ground lay brown and bare, not a single hint of green poked through the Earth, cracked and famished with lack of water. My dream . . . the world I have yearned for so long to see with my own eyes . . . was ruined. Utterly ruined.

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Default Re: Angelwhisper - The Tale of Twilight Flytre

Chapter Two:
Meeting Dmytri Skiez

I was trembling in horror as Remington Yrais landed beside me. My eyes burned with tears at my wasted dream. Remmy, my dearest Remington, he took his large golden wings and draped them around me like a feathery fortress. He bowed his head in sorrow, and I could tell by his brimming sapphire eyes that he was so very disappointed too. And, for the first time in the twelve years I have known him, I saw tears running down his pale cheeks. He was weeping. For a male angel to cry like this strikes unimaginable agony in all who laid eye upon him. For we are creatures of air and fire. Water weakens us.

“There, there, my love.” He said sympathetically. “Weep if you must.” He lifted his head, and glanced once more at the lifeless scene. He let out a heartfelt sigh. He then thrust his hands, and graciously allowed me to rest my head in them. I leaned against his side as I began to regain control of my wildly running emotions. I closed my eyes in despair. It was only then that I felt Remington’s slender fingers run through my soft blue and silver hair. I relished the sensation of his own two hands dancing atop my delicate head.

After several tense moments, Remington finally drew his aureate wings back to his side, and I had calmed down a bit, though my breathing remained agitated for a few more minutes.

Suddenly, I heard distant footsteps. I turned my gray gaze toward the source of the sound, as did Remington. A dim shadow emerged from the cloud of sulphur that hung tauntingly over the desolate land. It was a boy. A human boy. A handsome human boy. His eyes glinted hazel, and his blond bangs covered his eyes, while the rest of his hair gradually faded into a muddy brown. He had high cheekbones, and his teeth were a spruce snow–white.

“May I be of any assistance, lady?” The mystery boy said in a helpful tone as he approached us. He eyed Remington and I with an undeterred caution. “You seem most distressed.”
I opened my mouth to reply, but then recalled the vow I had made to Remington:

“Remember, Twilight, that we promised to have no interaction or communication with any humans.”

Now that Remmy had my trust, how could I possibly betray him? But this fellow seemed kind, there was just something about his face that personified the very definition of hospitality. I threw a brief glimpse at Remington, whose face suggested an utter defiance of leaking any information out to this guy. Against all instinct, I found myself conversing with him. “I’m all right. Just a bit—“ I gulped. “Shaken.”

“I see . . . ” said the boy, eyeing Remington with a look of pure hatred. “I’m Dmytri Skiez. I see you are not a creature of this world.” His voice was almost a nasty snarl at this point as his hazel glare turned to my wings. “May I inquire as to your name?”

I tried to appear as courteous as possible, however, Remington stayed silent. “Yes. My name’s Twilight.” I turned to Remmy, who frowned upon me, brow furrowed. “And this is Remington.”

“I see . . . ” Dmytri said once again. “Twilight and Remington. It was good to make your acquaintance. If you need me, I shall be in my hut near the end of this famished forest, in a small town called Tyta.” He stared at Remmy maliciously. “Good day to you both.”

“Wait!” I called frantically after him as he began to walk off. Dmytri Skiez turned back to me. “Yes?” he asked kindly.

“Umm . . . ” I began, somewhat tensely. “What happened here? I imagine that this forest had once been lush and green.”

“Yes.” Dmytri said. “It did. This the Tyta Forest. Many, many years ago, it was lively and verdant, and there were trees that sheltered the Northern River. But then people started inhabiting Tyta, and began to use its trees for lumber and the smoke that billowed from their chimneys polluted the land, and many of the forest animals perished because of the tainted air and water. Not to mention it hasn’t rained for several seasons.” He sighed heartily. “Seems like the whole Earth is being wasted by mankind’s actions these days. Shame that nature’s beauty is being destructed by the wants and needs of humanity.”

“Oh.” I said, sorrowful that people would really let their beautiful world waste away like this. I would for one guard it vigilantly with my own life, and would be crestfallen if even a single leaf died. “I see.”

“Yes.” agreed Dmytri. “Well, goodbye, Twilight, Remington. It was great to make your acquaintance. If you need me, don’t hesitate to ask. I shall be in my home at the edge of the northeastern portion of Tyta. Farewell.”

He then swaggered off in a fashion most vulgar and ostentatious. Still, Dmytri Skiez was quite attractive. But how could I cheat on my precious Remmy? No matter the circumstance, my heart lay in the palm of his hand, now and for eternity. I looked to him.

“Remington.” I started anxiously, trying my best not to offend him. “Are you well?”

He only stood, chest rising and falling with each strained breath. “It is well, Twilight.” He rasped. “We . . . we should be getting back now.” He said, staring at the rising sun.

Damn! I had completely lost track of time. We had to get back quickly, or we would fall under the Khishìda’s suspicion. “Come, Remington!” I called as I spread my great black wings and went aloft. “Swiftly!”

He used his own golden wings to lift into the air and followed me as I skyrocketed back up to the clouds. Oh, dearest Remmy. I love you, but I like Dmytri too. Should I stay with you, or should I envy one not of my own kindred? I’m stuck . . .

For those of you wondering, NO, this is not "Love at First Sight," and you'll find out why later, but I just want to say that so that nobody complains to me about how Romance fics like this are so cliche.

~ *Kayden

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Default Re: Angelwhisper - The Tale of Twilight Flytre

Chapter Three:
Before the Parliament

Damn it all! That same thought stormed unceasingly in my head as two of the Front Guard of the Khishìda parliament escorted Remington and I down the stone halls of the Royal Chamber. As soon as we had returned from Tyta, we had been surrounded by the entire Guard, and they had put us both in shackles. And now we were on our way to be presented before the Eldest of the parliament.

I sighed. I knew what await us. A tight noose . . . or perhaps an enormous guillotine. Whatever the equipment used to condemn us to it, death is death, no denying it.

Wow, these chains hurt . . . They were digging into the soft, pale flesh of my wrists and causing ruby drops of blood to drip onto the stone floor of the hall. I just hoped that whatever was to happen that it would occur soon. These binds tying my wings and hands were so extremely painful.

The white–winged angel turned to us as he stopped. “You two are in seas of trouble. The punishment shall be severe.” he warned us, but it didn’t exactly raise my hope. He took his hand and placed it upon the chains binding my wrists and unbound them. He then did to the same to the ropes imprisoning my ebony wings, whilst another emerald–winged guard attended to Remington.

The white–winged guard then cleared his throat as he grasped the metallic door handles. “I present to you, the Eldest Council of the Khishìdian Parliament!” He bellowed before opening the doors.

A ray of sunlight seeped through the end of the shadowy stone tunnel and blinded me for several moments as Remington and I walked in. Before us lay a group of seven angels, sitting calmly at a table that was centered in the apex of a circular room. I glanced upward, and saw a dome of glass that reflected the clouds and sun directly above the corridor. Surrounding us was an audience of countless hundreds of angels. There was an endless array of different wing colors that glistened in the dim light, and it calmed me to know that no matter what our wing color, we were all of the same kindred, the same specie, and that there was no need for racism here.

The old bard in the center of the table fluffed up his crimson wings, and his long white beard flowed in the light wind that they whipped up. He finished arranging his multitudes of papers as he brought his bony hands together and regarded us with an emerald stare of wisdom and experience. “So.” he started in a deep voice, quiet at first, and then with growing strength. “Before my gaze stands Ms. Flytré and Mr. Yrais. I know your parents quite well. We have been good, good friends for quite some many years, and still remain so till this very day.” He then lowered his head and squinted as if intentionally trying to striking fear into me. I shuddered at his very stare. “I have received word from a trustworthy source that you two flew down to Earth. Do you deny this statement?”

“No.” I said calmly as I realized that Remmy wasn’t about to say anything. “I do not deny our mistake, but I would like to say that—“

I was cut off by a female angel with immense, azure wings that cast a most eerie shadow over the wrinkles of her face. “Well, if the child admits to her most foolish actions, then it is obvious that she understands the very severity of her fault, and that she knows the likely punishment that shall be bestowed upon her.” She turned to Remington, adjusting her glasses. “And the same with the most quiet boy. If they both know what they have done, then I do not believe it is in the power of the Eldest to impress such a severe consequence. Besides, this is their first big violation of our law.”

I couldn’t help but let loose an immense sigh of relief at her words. However, I felt slightly angry at her calling us children. I was fifteen, and Remmy was three years older than I. I resisted the urge to make a fist, and thus raise the suspicion that we were aggressive, which we weren’t unless provoked.

“Rubbish!” The protest came from an elderly man on the far left, silver feathers of his wings ruffled in agitation. “Admit to it or not, the two youngsters broke the law, and should be punished as such!”

“Arstal sir,” began the sapphire–winged one, the same one who had called us children before. “I will not argue with you on the point that the two should be given penalization. However, seeing as the two were loyal and modest enough to realize their foolish actions, their punishment should be slightly less severe than that of an all–out traitor.” She punctuated her remark with a crossing of her muscular arms. “In actuality; if they were so vilely disobedient, they would have lied to us about the entire incident and would have inevitably tried to conceal it all from our view.”

Arstal replied merely with a disgruntled frown. The woman smirked happily in her victory, and winked at us, almost as if she was purposely trying to get us out of the predicament we so undoubtedly got ourselves in. “I am grateful for your understanding, Arstal.” She said ostentatiously.

It was then that a smoky–winged angel rose his hand. Out of all of the Khishìdian Eldest, he appeared the youngest. He had black hair, and long bangs that hid his eyes beneath their ebony shield.

"Yes, Ice?” Questioned the emerald–winged guard who still held me from escaping.

“Yes.” said the young one. He looked around sixteen or so. “I understand precisely of what it is Loraine is speaking of, with the whole ‘They admitted it, so the punishment should be mild,’ concept, and I agree with it completely. However, one question remains unanswered: What shall the punishment be? I know they realized they had made a mistake, but we cannot let these two go unpunished, certainly. How can one improve on their own faults if not given the motivation of punishment for them to strive upon?”

Wow . . . This Ice guy is wise far beyond his years. I blinked in amazement. No wonder he’s one of the Eldest.

Loraine uncrossed her arms and rested them calmly upon the table. “Yes, Ice, I see exactly what you mean, and I was just about to cover that.” She then turned her wicked blue gaze upon Remington and I. “They shall be subject to one thousand hours of service to the parliament.” She declared loudly but simply.

Arstal appeared furious. He stood up, silver wings outstretched in anger and disbelief. “You must be joking! These two have just violated the oldest and most critical law in all Khishìdian history! And you aren’t even going to imprison them!?” His eyes were round with maddened confusion.

Despite her opponent’s fierce protest, Loraine remained calm and collected, head bowed and eyes closed as she addressed the matter quite cooly. “They did not intend to cause such turmoil, Arstal.” She threw an azure glimpse at us. “For if they did, they would certainly be punished more severely. But seeing as their intention was not one of pure sin, and that they have, indeed, admitted to their flaw, it is only fitting that they not receive the death sentence.” Her blue eyes glazed with unceasing sympathy. “Besides, sir, they are but children, still trying to find their place in the world, and trying to become someone of value to society. It is so vulgarly selfish for us to end their lives before they have truly begun.”

Arstal lowered his gaze to his wrinkly hands set placidly upon the table. He was intelligent enough to know when he was defeated. And through still dangerously reluctant to allow us off so easily, he appeared as if he finally admitted to Loraine’s declaration. “Yes, milady,” he said grudgingly.

“Then it shall be so,” Ice proclaimed. “This troublesome pair shall be subject to one thousand hours of service to the parliament. Council dismissed.”

At that very statement all but the Eldest spread their wings and flew into the stone tunnel and out of the dome. Ice walked calmly to us. When he reached where Remington and I were standing, he took a ghostly white hand and parted his long black bangs. He stared at me with a sort of envious look, then turned to the guards who were still grappling at my wrists. “Release them,” he said casually.

The white–winged guard looked at his emerald fellow, and returned his gaze to Ice. “Yes, Master Ice,” he said, and let loose of his hold.

Ice smiled briefly. “Thank you—Julian, Rolf.” He then dismissed the servants with a flick of his wrist, and they ran off.

I let out a small laugh. “Thanks you so very much, sir.” I smiled, and tried to act with a politeness I would have never given any ordinary angel. “Their iron grasps hurt like hell.”

Ice turned his garnet gaze to me, and their spellbinding serenity seemed to drown me in. “I have no need for thanks.” He said tranquilly. “It is only natural that after the prisoner has been sentenced, that they should be liberated from their impermanent binds.”

Remington spoke for the first time in several hours. “Yes, well, nevertheless, we are grateful for your hospitality in releasing us.”

I stared precariously at Ice’s feathery wings. Black . . . Just like mine! That very realization seemed to perk me up in the fact that not only was he cute, but he also bore the same ebony wings I did. I wanted to take off and do a million cartwheels in the air, but I withstood the temptation.“Thank you, Ice. Shall we meet again.”

“Let us hope so.” Ice agreed, and soared off. I looked to Remington, who stood with a grin plastered across his face, golden wings ruffling in the soft afternoon winds.

“Hey, Remmy?” I regarded him warily. “How exactly do you think our parents will react to this?”

He appeared deep in contemplation for a few moments before he actually answered me. “To be quite honest, I haven’t a clue. But one thing is for certain, despite if it is good or ill, they will take it quite seriously.”

I nodded in accord. “Yes, I suppose so.” Finally we started off into the stone corridor which led outside to the sky. Whatever breed of storm my parents brew up, I hope I escape with my life, if nothing else . . .

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Default Re: Angelwhisper - The Tale of Twilight Flytré

Chapter Four:
To Face the Wind

"What were you thinking!? Humans are savage beings. Had you met one, they might as well have sliced you into minuscule pieces and fed you to their dogs!” My mother, Lilly, was furious. Her blue–gray eyes glinted in the dim light of the room and caused every vessel in me to turn to ice as she regarded me with that malevolent stare.

“Mom.” I was trying to remain as composed as physically possible. “Indeed, I did meet a human. His name is Dmytri, and he’s really a kind fellow. He didn’t show even the least sign of wanting to cause me nor Remington any harm. In fact, he told what happened to the once–beautiful Tyta Forest, which is now as lifeless and famished as one could possibly imagine.” I fought the tears back as my mom turned from me and showed every sign of ignoring me, as if I was a foolish, stupid child and that my input mattered not. “Mother, not every human is bad!”

It was then that my father wrapped his arms around me. His voice resonated with a deep sympathy. “No, Twilight. Of course not every human is savage. But we cannot help but be wary for your safety as our only daughter. We just want you to be happy—“

I cut him off—rather rudely if I’m not being too overly modest. “But I’m not happy here. I want to fly somewhere where it is not always blue, where it is not clouds and clouds day after day after day. Earth has many different terrains, so many different places to reside.” I winced in regret of those very words I had just uttered as I remembered Dmytri’s statement of how mankind was destroying what very little of Earth’s natural beauty remained. If only there were something I could do to save their world before it was all ruined. . .

My mom turned convulsively on my dad, and I was snapped back to reality as I heard her voice, fierce and vengeful. “William Flytré, I cannot believe your sheer idiocy! How can you just allow her to descend to that rampant death land whenever her flirtatious teenage heart so desires?”

“Lillian, my love,” began my father. “We are beings of the sky, and the humans are but denizens of the ground. To each, there is a world destined as their own. But how foolish is it to fear something when we refuse to see it with our own eyes?

“For eternities, the Khishìda have despised humans, and for what purpose? We call them brutal savages of the Earth, the killers of nature, the destroyers of the universe, yet we have never truly attempted to converse with them. A fear is pointless if we do not know the sole reason for it. And thereby alienating an otherwise gentle and friendly species only because of the rampant rumors that spread like billowing smoke among our people. If none of us have seen a human, then why do we fear them so?”

For once I was happy with my father’s great wisdom. And his point was so undeniably true: Why be afraid of something if you don’t even know what it is? Of course, there will be some rather rude and incompetent humans down there on Earth, but there are also the kind ones, the ones that will gladly give up their dearest possessions for the sakes of others. I sighed in satisfaction. Indeed, my father was the voice of reason in any debate.

My mother seemed crestfallen, but she admitted to my father’s sermon. “Of course, William. I wasn’t thinking clearly. I am sorry.” She closed her eyes in brief contemplation and then turned her slaty gaze to me. “But still, it is the law, and the law cannot be withdrawn simply because of the wishes of a heartstruck adolescent. The voice of a child, no matter how wise or true, is insignificant in the world of politics. And it is very unlikely that Parliament will listen to you, particularly after that little fracas today.”

“Indeed,” agreed my father. “The problem is, I don’t know what to do about it. Only the Eldest can make an action like that, and they listen only to the most aristocratic lineages. For a commoner family such as us to appear in front of them of our own accord is highly unorthodox. It is a forlorn hope. . . “ My father hang his head and sapphire wings low. I had never seen him look so deflated before. It must be such a disappointment, to want to help change the world for the better, yet have no authority to do so, nor have anyone else willing to listen.

For several moments an eerie silence hang still over the room, until my mother walked into the kitchen and began fixing dinner. My dad retreated to his room, daily newspaper in his hands. I myself flopped down on the black leather couch, pulled up several blankets and a fluffy pink pillow. I rested my head, and had a solitary thought before I drifted off into the realm of sleep, the sanctuary of dreams: If I am to make a difference in this world, I shall have to stand up to the parliament, ebony wings outstretched to their full length, and face the brutal, icy wind.

Yes that quote by Twilight's dad is the same thing Rayquaza said in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. . . XD. It just fit the moment.

Anywhoo. . . Yes, that chapter was very short compared to the first three. My chapters only get the point across about a certain moment, and nothing more, which is the reason for the great variation in length.

~ *Kayden

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Default Re: Angelwhisper - The Tale of Twilight Flytré

You know, you shouldn't delete this thing. It's not bad, though I DID skim over it a little. Just because nobody is posting after 4 chapters doesn't mean you have to delete it. look @ my fic. I've gon for 3 chapters without comments. But i keep writing.

So, keep this up and I look forward to Replicate.
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Default Re: Angelwhisper - The Tale of Twilight Flytré

I just love this story.
Don't delete it.

(I just don't know what to say to make a more interesting comment...)

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