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Default .:Pokémon Shade Generation:. (Rated T)

Hello fellow FanFic'rs! I thought I'd post my new fic here and now. I must warn you, I'm not the best writer, so please point out any mistakes, grammer, spelling etc. And this fic is a journey fic, but with enough twists to delay it from being too cliche. Enjoy it anyway and please post a review.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Pokémon blah blah. Some of the Fakemon are of my creation, that's about it.

Rated PG-13 (Or T) for Mild Violence and Adult Themes

Pokémon Shade Generation

Quick Links to Chapters:
Key: Bolded ones are completed and can be accesed. Other ones are in the process of being posted.

Season One: TBA

Prologue: Breaking Point (This Post)
Chapter 1: Zach Ramsey
Chapter 2: Ally Hendrix
Chapter 3: Nat Sellings
Chapter 4: Don't Hold Back

Prologue: Breaking Point

November 31st 2001
Midell City, Kinra Region

Down at Midell City's Police Department was a box-shaped room painted a blinding shade of white, with multiple cameras mounted on the walls and blood stains of the previous prisoner on the carpet. The room was not empty, as it contained one man dressed in a grey jumpsuit, chained to a chair the same colour as his clothes, which was sitting at a metal table situated in the middle of the room. Across from the prisoner was Lt. Cal Cullen, the lead interrogator in what was considered to be 'the most important case in your career', to quote his superiors.

"How did you get in, Marcus?" asked Lt. Cullen. His age was catching up to him, his hair was completely gone, save a few grey bristles that was his moustache. He was wearing a three piece suit, which clashed with his dark skin.

"With my good looks and delightful accent, the nurse in charge could mistake me for a nice young man coming to see his child, Lieutenant," The accent of Marcus Sutherland was hard to trace, although Lt. Cullen suspected it was fake. Marcus was tall, with brown hair, a light beard grown after a few days in prison and eyes that were cold and hazel in colour, with a cobalt tinge.

"Or the sleeping pill you slipped into her water bottle," interjected Lt. Cullen.

"Yeah, sure."

"How was getting out?"

"Hard. Holding a screaming kid-"

"That kid is Zachary Ramsey. Born November 24th. The eighth baby kidnapped by Shade Syndicate this month! The fourth taken from the Marshall Hendrix Wing down at Saint Twelves!"

"Whatever. I delivered the kid to the warehouse outside of…" Marcus was stalling as Lt. Cullen grew more impatient, "…uh…what was it now? My mind's a complete blank."

In anger, Lt. Cullen kicked the chair in front of him, sending a chill down Marcus' spine.
It was a few seconds later when Lt. Cullen sighed and continued his interrogation, shuffling the files in front of him.

"Shade Syndicate has plagued our region for about three years. The train station bombing, the kidnapping of Presidential Aide Thomas Novick and so on. Just tell me where you took all those children! What is Shade Syndicate doing to them? Why are they doing it? Give me some answers! We captured you easily enough, Marcus," Slightly angry, Lt. Cullen left the room. If his training had taught him anything, Lt. Cullen knew Marcus was about to buckle.

"Fine!" Several hours later when Lt. Cullen stopped by to chat, Marcus blurted out his confession to the Lieutenant, who was all ears when it came to stopping the worrying of many parents across the continent.

"I dropped the kids off at the warehouse outside of Durcell Road. From there, you can find all the others via a computer terminal at my apartment in Durcell City. My password is "74233". I'm only telling you this so I can strike a deal to cut my prison time in half. I'm too pretty to stay long," chuckled Marcus.

"I'll take what I can get. Thanks, scum," replied Lt. Cullen, leaving the room with a smirk on his face. But Marcus couldn't keep his mouth shut.

"By the way, I'm sure the kids will turn out just fine."

* * *

December 1st, 2001
Somewhere over the Lantica Ocean

As Lt. Cal Cullen planned to rescue the kidnapped children, two figures cloaked in the regulation black Shade Syndicate uniforms were conferring with an Executive Officer, who went under the name of Aries, in a small airship cabin over the Lantica Ocean.

"If Marcus Sutherland talks, sir?" asked the female agent on the left, who was tall with plum coloured hair hidden under a black cap. The question sliced through Aries like a jagged blade.

"Marcus Sutherland is my best agent! I suggest you remember that, Agent Jenna!" yelled Aries, foaming at the mouth.

"Sorry, sir. She spoke out of line," said the agent on the right who was male and slightly shorter than his partner-in-crime, wearing a black ski mask to hide his face.

"Damn right, Agent Theodore. If, and I emphasis the if, Marcus gets caught by the pigs, I doubt he'll talk. If he does, the kids will be going back home any day now. We'll let the kids go…," Aries paused and ran his bear-sized paw through his mane of crimson hair, "…for now."

"Sir, if he talks? Will we have to…you know," queried Jenna, careful not to further anger her superior.

"Get out. Both of you," replied Aries shortly.

Without further ado, Jenna stormed out, slamming the door behind her, Theodore in tow (Who had to open the door again). When they were out of earshot, Aries muttered to himself:

"We will have to kill him."

* * *

December 22nd, 2001
Midell City, Kinra Region

And, three weeks later, Marcus Sutherland's Prison Transfer Bus exploded. Lt. Cullen was in his sqaud car behind the bar when it blew up on M5 Bvld.

"This is Lt. Cal Cullen. Prison Transfer Bus no. 2129 has exploded at aproximately 16:07. Driver and three prisoners presumed dead. Marcus Sutherland was on that bus, over," at a safe distance from the blazing fireball that was the half the bus and charred bodies that littered the street, Lt. Cullen relayed a small radio transmission.

Breathing in the acrid smoke and taking in the sounds of the local fire brigade and ambulance rushing to the scene, Lt. Cullen wondered about the children he had saved about a fortnight ago and something that Marcus had said:

"By the way, I'm sure the kids will turn out just fine."

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Default Re: Pokémon Shade: Generation {Book One} (Rated T)

Here's Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: Zach Ramsey

December 30th, 2015
Swift City, Kinra Region

A shadow was stalking around on Hendrix Lane that night, where the moon was full and the stars hung lazily in the sky that was black as oil. Many Hoothoot and Wishowl were hooting as the shadow would hide behind trees so it wouldn't be detected by citizens taking their garbage out to the kerb.

This night, the shadow thought to itself, smiling, would certainly be my hardest mission yet…but I can't fail my father.

The shadow's target was a small house near the end of the street, with a bright red mailbox out front and a carefully arranged azalea and rare Johtion Mountainstar flower garden out back. The house was two stories and mostly brick, with a small porch at the front door with a pink and white cat, the family's pet Skitty, sleeping on the deck chair there. The shadow snuck to the backyard and looked up towards the upstairs window.

Through that dimly illuminated window was the child kidnapped a day after he was born and rescued a week later by Lt. Cal Cullen and his team; the 14-year-old Zach Ramsey.

As the night slowly passed by, Zach came to life, so to speak, playing his favourite PC games over the internet. As graphic images of violence and gore filled his computer screen, it lit up the room and his features.

Zach was tall, but not the tallest of his age group and had a medium build (Although, the empty cans of soda and various junk food wrappers that littered his bedroom floor would argue).

His light blue eyes were transfixed to the screen, barely few inches away from the tip of his nose. After a twitch or two resulting in his character's death, his light chestnut brown bangs hanging off a slightly darker brown haircut that hung loose, tickling the back of his neck, fell in front of his eyes. Frustrated, he blew them out of the way.

It was a few more minutes later when Zach paused his game to go get some food, muttering an incoherent 'I'm hungry.' The shadow made its move, jumping an incredible height to get to the windowsill, and breathed in. Then, it plunged its hand into the window.

Amazingly, the glass didn't shatter at all. The shadow's hand went through it like it belonged to a ghost, completely surprising the shadow. The upper arm and shoulder followed and eventually the whole shape was in Zach's bedroom.

Here we go. Three years of training, smiling again, the figure (It's safe to assume it's a human by the shape and anatomy) shuffled to one corner of the room to the dresser. On top of the dresser was a small black watch. The figure pulled out an exact replica, complete with hidden GPS locator, and replaced the other one with the replica.

With the mission done, the figure ran straight into the wall, disappearing through to the outside. Then Zach returned to his room, holding a packet of crisps. Apparently not at all mystified by the noise caused by the figure, Zach sat down and continued playing his games.

* * *

Zach didn't know what time he fell asleep with a mouse in his right hand and his left arm sitting on his leather computer chair's armrest when he awoke the next morning (Or early afternoon) at the sound of his mother's Skitty mewing loudly.

It took him a while to release what day it was and the big arrow drawn on his calendar pointing to December 31st would help him remember; it was the Kick-Off Festival. Leaping from his chair to get dressed in a red T-shirt, black shorts that hung down to his knees and a brown jacket the same colour as his hair.

Moments later, Zach had rushed out of his bedroom and down the stairs excitedly, past his mother (‘Uh…morning!’) and Skitty (‘Skit, ski!’) to exit his home. To the east were the main streets and market areas of Swift City, which was his destination.

The town square was bustling with excitement that day, and all the townspeople were working overtime to prepare for the Kick-Off Festival, a yearly event in where all the trainers-to-be were to celebrate graduation from Swift City Pokémon Academy.

When Zach got there, the concrete town square had completely changed. In front of the Mart was various food vendors, crowded by children jumping up and down, the gazebo situated in front of City Hall was littered with various brochures and booklets for Pokémon travelling, battling tips and so on and a huge stage had been placed in the centre of the square, for new trainers to test their new Pokémon.

The smell of burning food and the deafening noises of small stalls selling their junk was overpowering to Zach Ramsey, so he made his way towards the battle stage, his eyes staring at the Pokémon battle currently happening.

‘Watch it!’ without looking, Zach had bumped into a girl roughly his age while walking and staring at the stage.

‘Whoops. Sorry ‘bout that,’ snickered Zach, offering a hand to the girl, who was sitting on the concrete. She ignored it.

‘Why don’t you watch it kid!’ demanded the girl. ‘Oh, jeez, did you do that on purpose? Oh god, I think you broke my camera, if you did I will KILL you! Hey-hey! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?’

‘Away from you, crazy girl,’ stated Zach matter-of-factly, walking away from the rambling girl he had collided with.

‘COME BACK HERE!’ several people in the crowd turned their heads and laughed as the girl chased after Zach.

Zach chose to ignore her more and sat on a raised bench surrounding the stage. On one side was a boy his age with black hair slicked back and wearing a black T-shirt under a scarlet jacket and tan pants. On the other side of the field was his opponent, a slightly portly boy with fair hair and was wearing green overalls over a red shirt.

‘Welcome to the 21st Swift City Kick-Off Festival Battle Tourney!’ roared the announcer, wearing the regulation umpire uniform (White and black striped shirt and dark blue pants). ‘In the blue corner is Gray Carter!’ pointing to the kid with black hair. ‘And in the red corner is Anthony Fall!’

The applause was thunderous. Many of the girls were cheering and giggling at Gray Carter, the obvious crowd favourite.

‘Will the trainers please release their Pokémon!’ ordered the announcer.

‘Go Makuhita!’ howled Anthony, releasing his pokéball from his pudgy hand. A flash of red light later, the Guts Pokémon came out. Standing at 3 feet, with a stocky physique that was a pale tan colour, complete with black hands clenched like fists.

‘Come on out, Redox!’ Redox was the Oxen Calf Pokémon, with black fur with red markings on the midriff and on the ears. Its tail was pointy and red, it’s hooves were white, as well as the fur at the front. The most recognisable feature was a small black axe blade sticking out of it’s head, like a horn.

‘Let the game begin!’ yelled the announcer.

‘Makuhita, use Pummel!’ ordered Anthony.

'Tsst. Use Rush!' At the command, Redox bent its head, so it faced the ground with the axe pointing towards Makuhita.

Makuhita raised it's fists and charged at Redox, who was still in defensive stance. The fists moved at a moderate speed and connected with Redox. Redox was unharmed, but Makuhita's hand has been cut by the blade on Redox's head.

'Makit! Ma!' it yelled, clutching it's left hand in pain.

'NOW!' shouted Gray, but still keeping cool.

Redox's whole body shook and turned crimson. With extreme speed, it charged at Makuhita. A second later, Makuhita was down and out.

'And Makuhita is down and out! In only one move! Gray Carter wins!'

The applause began again, with several people standing up. Gray returned Redox to his pokeball, leaving the fainted Makuhita and Anthony stunned. Amongst the cheers, Zach failed to notice the crazy girl from before sitting right next to him.

'AHH! Are you a stalker?' asked Zach.

'I have a name,' Close up, the girl was shorter than Zach, with midnight black hair that hung wildly and unkempt, with various braids littering the back and fringe, dyed blue, orange and blonde. She was wearing a white singlet under a black zip-up sweater and denim shorts.

'I don’t care,' said Zach sharply.

'I'm Candice Green.'

'Zach Ramsey. Leave me alone.'

'Hey! Cool scar,' exclaimed Candice, poiting in awe to the scar running down from Zach's left shoulder to his elbow. 'How did that happen?'

'You don't need to know. Go annoy someone else.'

'Oh shut up. I need to ask you a question. Who's the hot guy who just beat the fat guy?' queried Candice, pulling out a notepad.

'Are you a reporter or something?'

'Oh, yeah. Again, do you know the name of the guy who just won?' asked Candice once more.

'Okay. If you want to know…he's right over there!' retorted Zach, pointing behind Candice. She looked away, so he took his chance to run.

'Hey! I don't see him!' Candice was still looking the other way, unaware Zach had ran away. Then the applause began again; the next battle was about to begin.

Zach was bored with the Kick-Off Festival so decided to go home early. Between the crazy reporter from before and Gray winning, Zach was frustrated. So he took a shortcut through the Pokemon Centre's alleyway to avoid anymore roadblocks, so to speak.

'HELP ME! PLEASE!' screamed a female voice in the distance, just a short walk from were Zach was. Upon hearing, Zach sprinted to the source. When he turned a corner, a masked man was running away with a small handbag and one of Zach's classmates was standing there, petrified in fear.

Without further ado, Zach followed the thief around the alleyway corner. Careful not to trip over the Verminn and Rattata scuttling around the garbage cans, Zach finally caught sight of the thief, trying to climb the wall at the end of the passage.

'Stop!' bellowed Zach. The thief froze and turned around, abadoning his mission to climb the wall. 'Uhh…' Zach had never been in this situation before, so he didn't know what to do. 'Do you maybe wanna give that handbag back to it's rightful owner?'

'No! Go Houndour!' the thief then proceeded to pull a small red and white orb out of his jacket and throw it at Zach's direction. Out of the pokéball came Houndour, the Hound Pokémon, which was a small black hound with various blood-red on the underbelly and what looked like bones on it's back. The hound barked viciously, revealing white fangs.

'This is good stuff,' Candice Green was watching from a distance, smelling a story. She wrote rapidly on her notepad as Houndour barked at the retreating Zach. 'Where's my camera at?' she asked herself, spotting her camera on the garbage can next to her.

Grinning, she looked directly at the camera, concentrating, hand outstretched. After a moment, the camera flew into her hand, like it had a magnetic attraction to her hand.

Zach was currently backing up as Houndour closed in, looking very hungry.

'Use Ember!' yelled the thief. Houndour reared its head back and spat out a stream of flames in Zach's direction. Zach closed his eyes, waiting for the familiar feeling of being burned by flames.

But the flames didn't hit. When Zach opened his eyes, he was blinded by the wall of fire inches from burning his bangs off. Stepping back in awe, the thief and Candice watched as Zach flicked his hands in the air, making the fire disappear.

'Wow. I thought I was a freak,' whispered Candice, taking some pictures.

Zach was the most surprised about this ability. He suddenly had an impulse to flick his hands in the direction of the thief. When he did, however, small orbs of fire were conjured in his palms. After a second of shock, the orbs took a life of its own, flying towards the thief.

The orbs of fire burst in collision with the thief's midriff, engulfing him in flames. The screaming was shattering Zach's eardrums, but luckily, the thief collapsed, burnt heavily.

'Oh my god!' yelled Zach. Then he collapsed, everything going black.

* * *

Just a dream, the first thought that popped into Zach's head after he awoke, drenched in sweat and very confused. Sitting up on his computer chair with the mouse in one hand and the left arm, complete with scar, sitting on the armrest.

'What day is it?' he asked himself, looking at the Kanto Scenery Calender he bought last year. There was a big arrow pointing to this day: December 31st.

Momentarily stunned, Zach remembered his dream; the battle between Gray and Anthony, the crazy girl following him around, the thief and when he shot fire from his hands, the screaming…

But was it a dream? It was so life-like, thought Zach. Then there was a rapping on his door, followed by his mother's screaming:

'Zach? Are you up? It's time to eat some breakfast! Wake up!'

Shrugging it off, Zach proceeded to get dressed, ready to leave for the Kick-Off Festival.
That's it. Chapter 2 will come after some reviews.

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