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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Old 04-05-2007, 10:02 PM
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Default 001: Humiliation

Well, here is my first attempt at writing a story. This is just how Jake got his Growlithe, his first Pokemon, so I don't need a grader. Here it goes...


001 - Humiliation

Jake walked solemnly through the halls of his school. He tried to make himself invisible by walking close to the lockers with his head lowered. It seemed to work, nobody talked to him, but then again, hardly anybody ever talked to Jake. He wasn't particularly popular, to say the least. He did have his friends, and they could usually take the troubles off his mind, but not this time. Not after the humiliation Jake suffered.

Jake thought of how this day would forever be imprinted in the back of his mind, how he, and all the other kids at the school, would never forget. People don't lose battles like that, he thought, never that badly. He had been so confident going into the battle to. He had thought that finally, people, especially Reena, would pay attention to him.

No, they won't pay attention to me now, he thought. The harsh laughter still rang in his ears, and the echo of the gym they were in just made it louder. It was my fault, really, Jake thought, I should have studied the rules before I borrowed Terrance's Butterfree, I should have known.

Most kids already knew that Jake didn't have a Pokemon and that he had failed his every attempt to catch one. But most of the kids had reached a point where that wasn't very funny to them anymore. Now everyone was reminded of the shameful fact he tried to keep hidden, and this time it was just more pathetic.

Jake just needed to get through the day quickly and find someone friendly to talk to. Luckily, Terrance was in his next class.

Jake walked in the room, and he heard laughter from some of the kids as he passed. Mustn't let it get to me, he thought, just ignore it. Amazingly, there were some people who didn't laugh, but maybe they just didn't see Jake.

Terrance isn't here yet, Jake thought. Oh god, don't let him be absent. Terrance wasn't absent, and he walked in just before the bell rang.

"Hey, Jake." Terrance said as he sat down in his desk next to Jake. He didn't sound very happy though, but that was to be expected.

"Hey, Terrance." Jake said, with the same tone and feeling.

The teacher was talking, and although they tried to convince the students otherwise, that didn't mean the students had to stop talking. And anyway, they were at the back of the room, Jake and Terrance wouldn't get caught, they just had to whisper.

"So how's Butterfree?" Jake asked, trying to come up with a conversation to make the situation a little less awkward.

"Meh, he's okay. Nothin' unusual, though he is a little disappointed that he couldn't battle." Terrance paused for a moment and then said: "How are you feeling?"

"Like crap." And that was an understatement. "I guess I'm doomed to a life of humiliation, huh?"

"Well, it sure would seem like it." Terrance said, and the conversation was ended for a while as they took notes. I hate history, Jake thought. It seemed like most of the kids in the class shared his opinion. The girl a few desks ahead was even snoring and some of her friends where giggling about it.

I guess I'm not a total freak, Jake thought.

As the teacher was wrapping her lecture up, Terrance spoke again. "I think that you'll catch a Pokemon someday."

"You're funny." Jake said sarcastically.

"No, really. Yesterday after the, uh, incident, I was talking to my dad about you. He told me that he had a friend growing up that couldn't catch anything, no matter how hard he tried. But eventually he was able to catch a Pokemon. It was a few years later than everyone else, but he did catch it." Terrance was trying to be helpful, but Jake really didn't want any pity.

"Oh, yeah? What was it?" Jake snapped.

"A Wurmple, But that isn't the point. The point is that my dad said that everyone can catch one, just some later than others." Terrance said, trying to calm Jake down.

The bell rang and everyone filed out of the classroom.

"I'll see you after school." And Terrance hurried into the hall.

So Jake went through his day, the second worst day of his life, next to the day before, of course. He walked quickly through the halls, weaving in and out of traffic. He went about his classes, silently enduring the taunts of the other students. And miraculously, it seemed, the day ended.

Jake walked out the front of the building and breathed in some fresh air. Now he could go home, where people still cared about him.

The school grounds were filled of Pokemon, happy to be let out of their Pokeballs by their trainers. The variety was amazing, though most were species commonly found around Rustburo City. Some of the kids rode there Pokemon back, some flew, and the others watched in jealousy as they walked home.

But Jake had no time to appreciate the diversity of life, he just wanted to find Terrance and leave. Terrance was by the big tree with Butterfree fluttering above his head, where he usually was. This time, though, he was flirting with a girl. That was Terrance for ya. As Jake approached, the girl saw him in disgust and left, and he could sense Terrance's disappointment.

"Come on, lets go home." Jake said.

Jake and Terrance lived within a block of each other, that was how they became friends in the first place. They started walking down the sidewalk, with the friendly putter of Butterfree's wings behind them. They didn't talk much, but when they did they talked of things besides Jake's humiliation. Neither of them wanted to talk about it.

Then something caught their attention just ahead of them was some of the jocks. Nelson was the head, one of the most popular kids in school. With him were some of his minions and, to Jake's disgust, Nelson's girlfriend, Reena. And as they neared the crosswalk, Jake was nervous, the walk signal wasn't on! He didn't want a confrontation. Jake looked at Terrance and noticed that he was thinking the same thing. They slowed their pace, hopping to be saved by the signal.

The signal changed, and Jake breathed a sigh of relief. They continued to walk undisturbed, but Jake kept an eye on the potentially hostile group in front. Jake and Terrance kept their slow pace, making sure they would avoid another situation like that.

The Jocks suddenly stopped. It looked like something had caught there attention. Nelson took out his Pokeball and ran off to the side where Jake couldn't see him. Reena and his minions followed after. Now Jake and Terrance picked up their step.

They approached a construction site, full of dirt and metal but no workers. But they did see Nelson. He had his Wartortle out and was battling someone, but there didn't seem to be anyone around to battle.

"Do you think he's battling a wild Pokemon?" Jake asked Terrance.

"I don't know," Terrance replied, "let's see if we can get a closer look." And they spotted a tractor that they carefully walked over to and hid behind. The seen they saw was horrible.

"Wartortle, use Hydro Pump!" Nelson ordered. Wartortle obeyed and attacked a worn-out and frightened looking Pokemon that was trapped in a corner. Jake knew how strong Nelson's Wartortle was, Nelson was captain of the school's Battle Team.

The Pokemon he was battling, no, torturing, was a Growlithe. And being a fire type it was especially weak against the feirce Hydro Pump. The force of the attack blew Growlithe against the cement wall behind it, and the cement was hard. Nelson's minions laughed as Growlithe cryed out.

"Wartortle, use Hydro Pump again!" And all Jake could do was watch, but Terrance could do something.

"Terrance, have your Butterfree use Stun Spore on the Wartortle." Whispered Jake, and Terrance nodded.

"Did you hear that Butterfree?" Terrance asked.

"Butterfree!" Said Butterfree, he was ready.

"Alright, go!" And Butterfree flew over to the Wartortle and released the Stun Spore into the air over the Pokemon. Wartortle fell to the ground and couldn't move. It was Paralyzed.

"Hey!" Nelson yelled, shocked that his rampage had come to an end.

"If you want to fight, fight me!" Terrance shouted. Nelson turned around.

Nelson looked at his Wartortle, realizing that it was in no condition to fight. "Sam, " Nelson said to one of his minions, "You fight."

"Alright." Said Sam, who was eager to serve Nelson,"Go, Aipom!" And Sam threw a Pokeball, and with a flash of light, an Aipom appeared. "Use Fury Swipes on Butterfree!" The Aipom jumped into the air and savagely slashed at the Butterfree.

A little shocked at the battle he was now in, Terrance said: "Butterfree, use Confusion!"

The Aipom stopped in midair. It had a purple aurora around its body and was not able to move. Then Butterfree used it's psychic abilities and slamed the Aipom into the ground.

Jake knew this was his chance. As the rest of the kids were intensely watching the battle, Jake sneaked over to the badly injured Growlithe. He had gotten a lot of practice on his technique today. The Pokemon was unconscious. It had already fainted and Nelson still had wanted to attack it. Gingerly he picked up the Growlithe and ran over to Terrance.

"Lets go!" Jake shouted. Terrance nodded.

"Hey what are you doing with that Pokemon?" Said Nelson, he was angry.

Neither Jake nor Terrance answer Nelson's obvious question. Terrance needed to think of a way to escape, and quickly. If those guys caught up to them, they could do some serious damage. His solution, however much trouble they might get in at school, would work.

"Butterfree, use Stun Spore on everyone!" Terrance's solution was illegal, using an attack on a human being, but it wouldn't hurt them. And besides, what they were doing was illegal to.

As the yellow spores fell over everyone they were suddenly unable to move. Just like Nelson's Wartortle. The effect would ware off soon, so Jake and Terrance would have to get out soon.

They ran as fast as they could out of the construction site, down the street, and to there houses. Jake all the while was carrying Growlithe. His story was just starting...
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