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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Originally Posted by Tyranitar_Trainer View Post
Geh, I've really been wanting to get back to it, but I was wondering here actually like my fic Keepers of the Legends. Crossing Pokemon and One Piece over in a believable fashion ain't easy lol...

Also, I've been thinking about starting a Hellsing/Resident Evil crossover fic that's like a sister-thing to my RP of the same name, "From Out of the Shadows." I can't go into a deep plot right now, because of the fact that some who join might read this or the other way around, but basically, here it is (note that in some ways it'll be different from the RP, obviously):

Many years ago, the Umbrella Corporation had something stolen from them. A new type of bio weapon, one that would be the most powerful of them all, one to replace them all. Now, they want their creation back, and they'll stop at nothing to do it...

Enter the Hellsing Organization. For the past few weeks, floods of reports have come in about strange attacks and ever stranger creatures. What were once thought to be ghouls are now known to be mindless, shambling zombies. The monsters...well, who knows what they are? As things heat up and this strange "plague" spreads across the world, the Organization recieves word from an unknown source claiming to be a friend. This source tells them that in the States, they'll find someone who can help them. A young woman, who's fighting a one-woman battle against an entire country of zombies and demons as she tries to find her Mother.

However, it isn't just the Hellsing Organization that recieves this word, but also the secret service of the Vatican, Section XIII. The two send out their strongest members in a race against time to find the young woman, the Vampire Alucard and the Regenerator Priest Alexander Anderson. Neither of the know that the other is hot on the trail of this young woman, or that others will be joining them.

Enter one Leon Keneedy. He's already seen what Umbrella can do, and knows right away that what's going on is connected to them. However, when he runs into the target of Alucard and Anderson, he has no idea that he's about to get thrown right into the middle of things. Others, some who has borne witness to the horrors of Umbrella, and those who haven't, will also join this rag-tag group of beings struggling to save the world from certain doom...
Followup of resident evil. Sounds good...

Though I didn't really like the original Resident evil... Zombies aren't that fun.
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