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Default Re: Gold/Silver/Crystal Game Discussion

Originally Posted by wad11656 View Post
What the!?! Training is quite easy--probably easier than in Red, Blue, and Yellow, and the duplication cheat wasn't a purposeful addition. It's a glitch. You, and everyone else, are extremely lucky there even is a duplication cheat...tch...takes too long? There's not even supposed to be one. Oh well...

Training my Umbreon I just used friendship on. Friendship is really fun, and pretty easy! I evolved my Eevee into Umbreon when it was at level 21 during a Bug Catching Contest! So...after I get 'im to level 53, when he learns moonlight, I'm going to get an Espeon, which will be my 235th Pokemon in my Pokedex...Boo yah!

When I check Professor Oak's PC, he says, "Magnificent! You could become a Pokemon Proffessor right now!" Makes me feel so happy...

235 pokemon.. wow... in my preiveous game (restarted) i had 198 seena and like 130 caught. i restarted it though... mine used to say when i got my 16th badge, "good, i see you understand how to use pokeballs. and i've been duplicating amster balls and rare candys for so long.. lol..
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