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Default Re: Trade and Battle Day at Toys R Us Stores!

This is PE2K reporter, reporting kinda live from Trade and Battle Day at my local Toys R Us.

I wanted to post a picture but my upload speed is so slow that I can't upload. Maybe the forum is having the problem. I don't know.

The point is that the promo is Beldum that can call Steel types. I got 5 of them! The guy there was only giving out one but then he gave out to anybody who wanted more since ha hda to get rid of as many as he could so I got 4 more. I really don't need the 5th one if I was gonna make a Steell Deck but I could sell the last one or something.

The guy there also let us choose one Rare out of what he had and any 8 commons. I got Venusaur EX and some others. I also got tons of commons from a friend I made there so I got a lot of new type cards.

*end broadcast*
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