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Default Fire Red/Leaf Green to be Released Soon?

Fire Red/Leaf Green to be Released Soon?

With the news of the Pokemon TCG World Championships, Nintendo has given us a broad idea on when Fire Red and Leaf Green will be released here in the US.

For first place and second place of the World Championships, thereís a long list of prizes, two of which includes: Pokemon Red for Game Boy Advance and Pokemon Green for Game Boy Advance. It didnít say Fire Red and Leaf Green specifically, but there's really nothing else they can be referring to. Thereís a Red version for Game Boy, but not for Game Boy Advance, and we definitely donít have a Green version. With the mention of the Green version, this might mean the idea of a Blue version instead of a Green version in the US out of the picture.

The World Championships will be held on August 21st and 22nd, 2004. So you can expect Fire Red/Leaf Green to be released in the US before that date or soon after that date (giving the winners a copy of the game in advance is not out of the question, Nintendo certainly can do that if they wanted to). Being released before the World Championships seems more likely, but also keep in mind, itís not like Nintendo hasnít given the chance for fans to get things before they are released. There are Pre-Release TCG tournaments in which players can get the new cards before they are released.

With Fire Red/Leaf Green being given out as prizes at the World Championships in August, it should give all fans a good idea when the game will be out. Keep checking here in the news for any new updates about Fire Red/Leaf Green.

*For news complete with pictures, go to the website:
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