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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Meh, I have an idea for a fic I already started posting but stopped after chapter one because no one seems interested. I'll post the plot to see if there's anything I can do to improve it.

Broken Wings: Twelve year old Jodi Colins is on her way back to Kanto after visiting a relative in Johto when her plane comes down on a mountain. She, along with the handful of other survivors, must escape the burning wreckage and wait for help to come.

Days pass with no sign of rescue. Hunger sets in and many of the survivors are driven to extremes in an attempt to survive. Jodi, along with fifteen year old Rikka Anderson, sixteen year old Julian Parr, and four year old Miami Owens, decides to leave the group and set out on their own in search of civilization. Together they struggle against wild Pokemon who have never seen humans before, face hunger like none of them have ever known, discover distrust between each other, and find a baby Pidgey who has fallen from its nest called Hope. Trials and hardship press from all sides but they must get through them if they're to survive.

Meh, not a very good plot summary but you get the gist. ^^;
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