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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Originally Posted by Seviper Blood View Post
I have a story idea; I've written out the plot, yet I need to know what specific events will happen in the story. It's a fantasy about wolves that have special abilities (compare to Pokemon only more limited). Sure, doesn't sound like the best idea, but I'm trying to work on it. I need the help and support of some of the good writers on the forum, 'cause this idea needs a lot of work.
Holy crap, Ray... o_O Anyway, I luff wolfiness and pretty abilities-ness. XD I'll help you out however I can.

How to explain the legends/begin the journey: My extremely vague idea: Hazumiko meets up with them and rattles off the story of the Northern Lights and instantly drags them off with hopes that one of them may be one of the Light Wolves. However, the abruptness of it bothers me... I guess having one of them, probably Aiko, the young cub, interested in it could help it along, though. I need an exact reason why she comes to find them, but I don't know how to work it out without giving TOO much away.
Hm. If there were descriptions of the chosen ones (perhaps in personalitiy, at least...?) then Hazumiko could assume that one of the descriptions matches one of the wolves. Also, you should probably explain how her brother and cousin met up with Ryo and Sayuri, okay? ^_^ Anyway, as far as whisking them off to figure things out...Aiko could be interested. It sounds right. It's the finding them part that has me confused. You could even go as far as, after the reunion, having Hazumiko lie about where they were going and why. She could fess up later after hot Ryo bites her. XD

The actual legends: The story revolves around the idea of...well...stories and how they are told. My thought first of all was to turn Hazumiko into somewhat of a storyteller who is very mature for her age. It's not extremely believable, though. If I had to have more than the Northern Lights legend, it would be one that had to do with the Shadow Wolves (which, believe it or not, aren't mortal enemies of the Light Wolves at all). I need to know how much is enough or too much, which also brings me to my next point.
If you go along with the lying bit I mentioned before, the story could be related when Hazumiko feels guilty. It'd be easier if it was told form Hazumiko's point of view, but you already explained part of it at school. Anyway, the Shadow Wolves' and Light Wolves' legends could cross over somehow, I guess. Maybe some anti-Northern Light power thingy? XP

The powers: As of now, there are two abilities: Light and Shadow. The Light Wolves are able to form seperate bodies made of light, as well as bending it into fiery or icy beams or waves. The Shadow Wolves can do much the same thing, but with Shadows, and their powers are more limited. I was going to have two Shadow Wolves, and three Light ones (as the legend states). I was wondering if I should add more unique abilities. As of now, four out of the seven main-ish characters have some power or another (Light or Shadow). This may be too much, but it's vital to the storyline that there are three Light Wolves, and the Shadow Wolves are an added bonus.
You're kind of confusing me here. You're saying that you already have two powers and a certain number of wolves who will have that power (three Light Wolves from the legend and two Shadow Wolves as a part of some side-plot), but you want to know if you should throw in another...? I'd say, probably not. Your readers will have to grasp the abilities you've thrown in already, first. Maybe you could introduce a second/third legend in (one of) the sequel(s)?

Confusing genres/too much romance: When I started to plan Legends' Light, it was going to be an action/adventure fanfic in which truth and power is sought out (that sounded weird). However, much of the plot relies on romance, meaning most of the tensions and explanation of certain rivalries. It brings in a character and ties everything together, as well as affecting the growth of a young wolf's mind. It's important, but I didn't want to go overboard. I also didn't want anything seem cliched.
Avoiding cliches is always kind of hard unless you're a creative freak. XD At least, it's hard for me, but I usually don't care if I think I wrote it well...which is never, but... If you make the legend thing major, then you can have the romance-type conflicts/events screw everything up. XD I sort of did that in Shadow Mist/Sky with the Odd-Marigold-Nakkura thingy. I'm guessing Ryo and Sayuri...? Then again, you're a very ironic writer like I am, so something should go horribly wrong and prove me wrong.

Any PMs or anything helpful would be...well...helpful. I'll love you forever if you look at this for more than a second and actually help out. ...Unless you're a guy; then I'll be your friend forever if you look at this for more than a second and actually help out.
I'll try to help you out at school, but you must love me forever. Hazumiko sounds almost like me. I'll try and help, 'kay, Ray? ('kay Ray...heh) *hugs*
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