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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Okay... I'm working on a new fic. Pretty standard comedy. I've got an annoyed director, a quirky janitor, an overexcitable schoolteacher, and her class, including the mischievous Jake and Owen Harls and nerdy Charlie Pensen. The class is participating in an immersion program, in which the class stays in a faraway town for a year... and the Pokémon and Human Recreation and Training Complex is going to lodge them. (It's like a pokémon YMCA) The director is Professor June Rewarde, and she hates the guts of the Harls. (Harls is same plural) Janitor's Pete Scaffold, who seems out of it and appreciative of the students. And there's Ms. Marina Yee, the giddy little schoolteacher. Who screams and faints from excitement a lot. I've already sort of started it, the unfinished first chapter is in the Pokemon: Fan Fiction section.

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