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Default Re: trade's thread


I'm am trying to create my 'Dream Team' to do so i need 'Dark Totodile' , 'Dark Aron',and 'Dark Elekid or Electabuzz'
if you either of those pokemon and are willing to trade them, these are the pokemon i have up for trade

Normal Pokemon:
Charizard level 69
Typlosion level 84
Alakazam level 49
Swampert level 76
Raichu level 44
Bayleef level 21
Aron level 15
Snorunt level 15
Solrock level 15
Duskull level 14
Abra level 13
Absol level 12
Cubone leve 12
Dratini level 12
Weavile level 12
Ditto level 11
Clamperl level 11
Cyndaquil level 8
Lunatone level 8

Dark Pokemon:
Dark Feebas level 9
Dark Unown (F) level 12

Shiny Pokemon:
Shiny Pinsir level 14
Shiny Solrock level 8

Metallic Pokemon:
Metallic Mawile level 10

My newest Pokemon up for trade:
Ghostly Electrike level 10
Ghostly Baltoy level 13
Dark Solrock level 8
Dark Krabby level 8
Ghostly Phanpy level 10
Shiny Doduo level 12
Ghostly Nidoking level 23

my crater id is TheMastah

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