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Default Re: Bisexuality

Originally Posted by Lucky Flareon View Post
No problem with it in the least. I know a couple people at my school who are bi, and I don't treat them any differantly than my straight friends.

What I hate is how girls are seen as more acceptable to be bi then guys are. (At least at my school.) Guys are turned on with girls make out with each other, but are flat out mean to bisexual guys.
I agree with you 100%. I hate the stereotype that it's wrong when guys are bi but it's kinky and a turn on when girls are.
Also it's more acceptable for a guy to go out with a bi girl than a girl to go out with a bi guy (hey that rhymes! ).

I must confess though I'm kind off guilty myself of the last point. I wouldn't like to go out with a bi guy but I have absolutely nothing against them.
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