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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Originally Posted by Deathspector View Post

Mate, ever read Pokémon Master by Ace? That's basically what it's all about. And it's one of the best ever written Pokémon Fanfictions ever.
I've never really cared for the way Pokemon Master was written :P. I think it was a little wooden...
I say if anyone has an idea for an end of the world fic they should go for it :). Pokemon Master might have been the first but I don't think it was the best really :P

Then I will review your story when it comes out.

And yeah, hope you surprise me.
It is out, in fact it is up to five chapters now, just click the Fable banner

Careful what you say to OF about vampires. She is the number one person when it comes to Pokémon vampires. Read Fable before you start complaining...
Awww, thank you *hugs* I try to do my best and really have true 1st pov. In the past vampires have ether been used in comdey fics in the fandom or in overly dramaic 'everyone in the world gets turned into vampires, even Ash' fics. And who can forget the 'Ash in the role of Buffy' crossover mixes
I hope to change all that, at least with a single story

I like the sound of this. I remember, like a LONNNNNNNG time ago, like when I was 8 or 9, there WAS a 'Choose-Your-Own-Adventure' book for Pokemon. I remember the various endings had something to do with Ash fighting Gary with a new Pokemon he obtained on his trip, or ending up coming empty. There were also a few things that led to 'Nightmares'. I can't remember what it was called, and I doubt it even EXISTS anymore...

But anyways, yeah, this sounds good. And heh, you read Goosebumps too? It gave me exactly what the book is called, goosebumps..XD.
Thank you :). I see someone is already starting one, but it seemed to fall a little short and not be edited etc.
I hope to copy the CYOA books simple style so even the younger members can enjoy it here :).
I don't think I will use the anime characters, but the game characters is an idea. If it all goes well maybe I can make a series of them :).

The Goosebumbs ones were called 'Give Yourself Goosebumps', I loved them, most of all the vampire one ;)...
Edit: I was just researching them, and most of the books had fourteen endings, so that is what I will aim for...
Edit 2: How does 'Choose Your Own Journey' sound? *grins* *runs off with tons of ideas*
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