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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Right now I thought up a new idea. Ok, ready?

It's like Bram Stroker on DRUGS! Zubat takes the place of dracula, then there's Chikorita for the whip-weilding Bellmount clan member. With maybe a Butterfree for Frankenstien's bride.

Haha, kidding folks.


But honestly, I would actually like to write a new fic based on shiny Pokemon. Trainers always love to get them (IRL in the games), but I want to focus on the social implications between Pokemon. Obviously skin color has made social differences in humans, so what's not to say that Pokemon wouldn't have similar thoughts.

Outcast and alone, I could document the life of a shiny Pokemon who was never wanted by his own species. And if he was captured, it's all too obvious that he'd be held up as just a trophy for whoever caught him. Always judged by his differences, and not who he was.


There's a sappy plot line I could get around to fleshing out if I had time.
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