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Default Re: Time for an official what is Hikari's name?

Originally Posted by lonewolf View Post
No, we won't. They could still keep Hikari, they did that for Digimon. Hikari 'Kari' (Ty's sister)
I agree with Lonewolf. Look:

Pokemon girl travelers with Ash:

Misty>>>>>Japanese name Kasumi
May>>>>>>Japanese name Haruka

If I recall on Speed Racer, Speed's official Japanese name was...Goh, or Go, I know I heard it, but thing is, when a Japanese show comes to America, they change the names. Take Sailor Moon:

Lita>>>>Kino, or Makoto, or Mako
Mina>>>>Aino, or Minako

That's why I think Hikari is going to get a different name. Kari is not a bad name.
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