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Talking Re: Fakemon.

I don't think there should be very many Fakemon in a Role Play. 10 or so will be fine. But, if it's needed, 15 maximum. I'm planning for certain Fakemon to come in. My best scratch sprite, Delphindae. I made him in late 2006... I don't know when, but he was amazing.... He was a Killer Whale Dolphin. I should make a pre-evo... So, Delphindae should have a very big role in my Fanfic series. I don't know if he's going to be in the Fanfic series I'm working on now, or the one in the future that comes out late 2007/early 2008. There are going to six chapters to the Fanfic series I have now... But I shouldn't do IV till later... Well, maybe Delphindae might star in my next Fanfic series, Fyre Flight. The first chapter is going to be called Fyre Spin. Then Fyre Blast, then Sacred Fyre.
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