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Default Re: GameShark/Action Replay Codes

Originally Posted by Marill
I, like Jarrod, use my Gameshark for only good purposes. I do not use them to obtain 99 of an item, obtain an item that I do not have (or aren't supposed to have as of yet), however, I use mine only for purposes in which I absolutely need it. For instance, I only like to capture 6 Pokémon. As I did not look further into it, I did not realize that none of my Pokémon could learn cut, and the two pokemon I still need for my team, I can't get without it. Thus, it was either catch a 7th Pokémon, or shark an unteachable move to a pokémon that's not compatible. But, I have a better solution.

If anyone could teach me the "Walk Through Walls" code, as in Ru/Sa, I believe I will be fine for the rest of the game. I only need to get past the trees that I could use CUT on, but, however can't because of my Pokémon's movepool. So, please help me out here.
You only catch six pokemon throughout the entire game? Why?
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