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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Nothing too exciting on my part. Just two fanfic ideas going through and/or going to be attempted at. One is simply a Grovyle/Combusken fanfic which takes couldn't figure out where when I started to randomly write it, it takes place on their way to the Battle Palace in the 'Battle Frontier' Arc. I honestly don't know how I started writing this, but heh...*shrugs*

As for the second idea, it was kind of turning my whole URPG Stories into one big fanfic, as in the travels of my character Miles Fallar, along with his trusty Treecko. XP Ya see, in the future if he WAS in the anime, I imagined him sort of like Steven, a champion, and has one of the strongest teams around. Of course, he has to start somewhere, but eventually he'll have his signature three Pokemon. (Grovyle, and there's a HUGE hint for who the other two are in my sig..XP) No worries, I won't be uber powerful in this fanfic, my character that is, he will lose to Ash...ironic much? XD
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