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Default Re: Rate my Story...

Originally Posted by Draconic_Espeon View Post
It's not that people are ignoring you, I think that not that many people read fan fictions. Just keep working on it, and people will start reading.

Speaking of which, I'll go check out what you may have added.
It's not only the fan fictions. ._.

Anyway, thanks for giving your opinions.
Originally Posted by Ridley View Post
I suffer from some desease where I just don't feel like catching a pokemon unless it's rare, which ends in me never catching com mons.

I finished Gold with a pokedex of 6.

Oak's Rating: "Congratulations! Looks like you've learned how to use a pokeball!"
Originally Posted by Charbok View Post

Haagen-Daz is an ice cream company, dumbass.

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