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Default Re: The Hunt of Shinies

As I looked at the girl, a wave of memories hit me, this was the girl who released me into the wild when my trainer was just going to flush me down the toilet! I had almost forgotten about it...

"It's a worthless pokemon, there's no point in it even living!" A boy with brown hair was yellling.
"Just because it's not powerful doesn't mean you should kill it!" a little girl with the same color of hair cried.

"Yeah? Well you're still young and don't know anything about being a good pokemon trainer, leave this to the grown-ups." he said, as he walked towards the toilet with a fishbowl in his hands. Then, The girl pushed the boy, knocking him down, but before he fell, she took the fishbowl and ran...

I set the girl down on dry land at the edge of the lake, and lie down flat in the shallows, a sign of submission.

OOC: I hope you don't mind me doing that, if you don't like it, tell me, and I'll delete this post, but I thought it would add more to the story, and if you don't mind, this would be a good time to recognize me.

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