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Default Re: Ash Vs. May, who really would've won?

Since my first post is probably why they tied, I'll analyze the battle in this post.

Well, even though Bashamo had the type advantage towards Jukian, you have to remember that doesn't mean Bashamo would have won, no argument. There have been many times that a Pokémon has beaten another with a type disadvantage. Satoshi's Jukian would have still had a chance.

Also, you have to take into account that Wakashamo had just evolved into Bashamo. Of course Bashamon would have some difficulty with its new body while Jukian had enough time to get used to its body. This means that Jukian would be able outmaneuver Bashamo despite the type disadvantage. However, Satoshi isn't savvy about Contests, which is why he lost points for missing.

But since this is Haruka's finale, the writers wanted her to tie with Satoshi since they felt like she has matured enough to go head-to-head with Satoshi.
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