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Talking Re: Ideas and Premises

After my first official fanfic (my first one stunk), PokeWar Episode I Shadow vs. Mirage, RP -> Fanfic, Redux/Remix, I will make another one called PokeWars Episode II Rowan's Army Redux/Remix RP -> Fanfic. For the rest of the series, I'm thinking of these:

PokeWars Episode III Revenge of the Rocket
PokeWars Episode IV A new Professor
PokeWars Episode V The Rockets Strike back
PokeWars Episode VI The Return of the Professor

PokeWars I (still working on) is sorta like Star Wars. The first one is about the Shadow Pokemon Army and the Mirage Pokemon Army.
PokeWars II is the story of Rowan's turn to the dark side, and secretly makes a Raichu army.
PokeWars III+ are stories that are yet to be confirmed.

I'm thinking of past PokeWars VI, these titles:

Fyre Spin
Fyre Blast
Sacred Fyre

Fyre Spin: Basically, Fyre is darkness and Watyr is light. But in this story, Lapras and co. learn to trust Fyre.
Fyre Blast: Lapras and co. have been kicked out of the Fyre realm. What will happen next?
Sacred Fyre: *Unconfirmed*

Beyond the Fyre and Watyr stories, I will think about after episode VI of PokeWars.
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