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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Originally Posted by Draconic_Espeon View Post
Unnamed as of yet: An 'inserting Pokemon into the real world' fic. It's about a boy living in a sleepy town in Wyoming that uncovers a scientific research facility doing testing on children. Basically, they're trying to find out what defines personality, a person's soul, if you will. They discover a way to seperate a portion of the soul from the body itself, in the shape of a Pokemon. The basic idea comes from His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman, although I intend upon changing it quite a bit from that.
I like it. Probably becaue I like His Dark Materials, and Phillip Pullman on the whole. But you could face some serious problems, because merging ideas is sometimes dificult. I once attempted to make a Hary Potter-Pokémon fic, but it failed miserably. Why? Well, because you have to follow the rules of both ideas, and that will seriously limit your imagination. In the end you will find something that is almost exactly like one of the two ideas. But if you're going no further than the idea of the daemons, then you have a very good fic in process.

I'd comment on your other fic, but Trainer fics aren't really my kind of thing, and I don't want to say something that will make you chaneg your idea abpout writing it.

Originally Posted by Kaze Megami View Post
Her brother died long ago, but Latias learns to move on, joining a rag-tack group of Dragon-type Pokemon in order to survive. There, she meets several interesting creatures, including Storm the reserved Flygon, Ray the outspoken Shelgon, and Zephyros, a Latios that reminds her so much of her brother... She knows that her brother is watching over her every day, keeping her safe and giving her hope in order for her to stay alive.

However, Latios realizes that he has his own battles to fight in the spiritual realm. He must turn his attention to the problems at hand, leaving his sister to fend for herself...
Yay, a fello Pokémon point of view fiction. yeah, I forgot about Shadow Mist and Shadw Sky...XD. But what I see for my fic is somewhat different. Anyway, I like your idea, but make sure you mae the Latis less powerful than they actually are, or else they could completely raze down anything they wanted. Good luck.

Ze_Gobou...meh, I've lost my inspiration. I'll comment on yours a little later.


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