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Default Re: Finished FanFictions Threads

Originally Posted by lil_leprachaun33 View Post
Trouble is, there aren't too many completed fics to require it's own board.

To solve your question, if you don't want people posting in your fic, put a message in the first post. If you let them post in it, and are worried readers may not find your chapters, you can also put links to chapters in your first post. A final option would be, once you've completed your fic, start a new thread and post the entire story uninterrupted, then let people post after it's complete.

While those ideas would work, I still stand by the idea of the completed fanfics section. If I may ask, how many completed fanfics would be enough to be worth their own board? Five? Ten? Twenty? Even if the ideal "requirement" is twenty or more, what could it hurt to start now? The number of completed fanfics added to the column can only increase, and I believe it would serve as an inspiration to other authors to actually be diligent and finish what they started. After all, a completed fanfics thread would be easy proof that other people have done it already.

Heck, I'll contribute two finished fanfics to that thread if it is made. Three, if the thread includes both Poke'Mon and non-Poke'Mon fics. And of the 14,563 members who've already joined this site, I'm sure at least a couple of them have finished or near-finished fics to add to the section.

It's better to post them up where they can be seen by all, than to just have them swept away under the tide of wannabe halfhearted attempts. There's a reason other boards decided to have a completed fanfictions section.
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