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Default Re: Most hated Movie or episode?

You have GOT to be kidding me.

Originally Posted by xXGengarXx View Post
I hate ANY episode after season 8.
Season 8 IS Battle Frontier.

Why? The voice actors suck now.
No they don't, you SOVA supporter.

In "Mudkip and Flaffy! Wonder Drug of Love", Max stated that Mud Shot was an EARTH-type attack. It should've been ground, but yeah.
Your precious 4Kids made more mistakes than PUSA did and they didn't bother to fix them. At least PUSA does.

The TV show is going downhill to me since there's no more voice acting like Veronica Taylor's and stuff..
The ratings disagree with you since BF in one of CN's most viewed shows.

Your logic fails.
SatoBIRD is pissed at the idiocy of the forum.
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