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Talking Re: What is the Pokemon World like in your fan fiction?

Mine is based on my somewhat-successful RP, PokeWars Episode I, Shadow vs. Mirage. I can't tell what movie is it similar to, because I want it to be a surprise till the very end. Only one person might know. And I know who it is. Once we get to Episode III, evreyone willl know!

The plot: Three professors trying to take down two supervillains, Dr.Yung and Greevil Verich. Elm and Ivy anre Greevil's arch enemies. Although some confrontations with Greevil, don't think that his arch enemy isn't Dr.Yung, a failed student. Greevil works on Shadow Pokemon, while Dr.Yung, Mirage.
The official title,"PokeWars Episode I Shadow vs. Mirage Redux & Remix"
Some chapters are PG-13, but most are PG. I am not very good at rating.
The Professor of Pokémon Elite 2000.

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