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Default Re: Yu-Gi-Oh: The Sacred Realm

The Sacred Realm

Cannon Soilder roamed the halls of Kynfun Palace. A place in the world of Duel Monsters, Kynfun Palace was ruled by the Duel Monsters of Light, and anything else but Dark. The Dark creatures constantly prepared to attack the Palace, and try to destroy it at all costs. Cannon Soilder was the Head Guard, and he had been informed that a Dark Monster was in the Palace. Two Two-Headed T-Rex's stood behind the mettalic warrior, and he signalled for them to check the corridor ahead. They marched forward, and a piercing screech filled the air as one was pierced with a thrown knife. It slumbered, then got up again, it's second head picking up the knife off the floor. Suddenky, the other was hit, and soon Sanwitch reared the corner, only to run into Element Dragon. The giant beast roared at the small creature, before being thrown aside into the wall. Cannon Soilder was next. He charged his gun, but it was too late. Sanwitch used her wand to throw him at the wall, and ran off. He laid there, waiting. The prophecy would come true, very soon.
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