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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Sceptile Frost: Not exactly my cup of tea, so to speak, but it definitely looks as though it'd be interesting. I might read it, anyway. ^^

Deathspecter: I like that idea. I really don't think I've seen it used before, but it'd make for a good fanfic. I can't really say that I have any ideas for it, though.

Kaze: Yay, dragons... And the return of Ray. XD I'll help in any way I can, and I definitely want to read it. I loved that movie.

M'kay, a couple ideas of my own. None of them are very far in production, but I want to see what people think. Two total.

1) Unnamed as of yet: An 'inserting Pokemon into the real world' fic. It's about a boy living in a sleepy town in Wyoming that uncovers a scientific research facility doing testing on children. Basically, they're trying to find out what defines personality, a person's soul, if you will. They discover a way to seperate a portion of the soul from the body itself, in the shape of a Pokemon. The basic idea comes from His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman, although I intend upon changing it quite a bit from that.

2) Dainen: Land of Dragons: Thirty years ago, a new region was founded, named Dainen. It is simply a continent of two main islands, but holds new Pokemon unseen before now, many of them draconic in their looks. A Pokemon League has just been established, and four young trainers in the small town of Minivy are ready to be among the first to traverse the region and battle this new league. A journey fic, basically. New region, with some new Pokemon, and a new evil Team as well. I haven't gotten very far on the plot yet, but I've got the whole region plotted and some new Pokemon created. A lot of the new Pokemon, as suggested above, are dragon in either type or features.

Opinions are appreciated. ^^

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