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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

That sounds like an interesting fic, but I'm unsure of how I could help as of yet. Not all Pokemon POV stories are dead. *pokes Shadow Mist and Shadow Sky with a scowl* Then again, I've probably been forgotten or never heard of, but I'm fine with that since I'm used to it. ^_^;;

I'm in a Latiosful (it's a word now) mood. I don't know... I thought up some kind of a story involving dragon Pokemon, namely the Lati's. Here's the basis of the plot, kinda:

Her brother died long ago, but Latias learns to move on, joining a rag-tack group of Dragon-type Pokemon in order to survive. There, she meets several interesting creatures, including Storm the reserved Flygon, Ray the outspoken Shelgon, and Zephyros, a Latios that reminds her so much of her brother... She knows that her brother is watching over her every day, keeping her safe and giving her hope in order for her to stay alive.

However, Latios realizes that he has his own battles to fight in the spiritual realm. He must turn his attention to the problems at hand, leaving his sister to fend for herself...

I have a ton of crap I need to add to this; anyone who wants to help out can PM me.
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