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Default Re: Evolution Of Fable (Chat and Questions)

Which part? The Lineage or the world of Fable itself?
I've always wanted to write a vampire story, I started with a basic plot but found out that the market for paranormal romance is very small right now :(. At least in a way that has'nt been done before.
It wasn't untill I decided to set my story in the pokemon world and make it a pokemorph fic that things started to make sence, like how each of the Lineage types aged and looked like, and their powers....

I'd have to say that the setting of the games (most of all Blue and Red the very first ones) is what inspired me to first start to write Fable. There is something so homey about writing in the world that first started pokemon :).

I love the woods and I've lived in a country farm town surrounded by woods and a lake my whole life :). So if anything, how I veiw the pokemon world is based on my hometown and all the others I have visited in Napa, San Franscio, LA, Bakersfeild etc :3

Edit: I take that back Neo, there is one book I think that started my ideas for Fable a long time ago (back when I was only fourteen):

Fur Magic By Andre Norton

Enter a world of ancient magic When his father is called to active duty in Vietnam, Cory Alder is sent to spend the summer with his adopted Native American uncle, Jasper. Accustomed to life in the city, Cory finds the reality of the ranch scary-every shadow is full of menace. But when an encounter with a medicine man catapults Cory into a world of Native American legend, conquering his fears becomes a matter of survival. Transformed into a beaver called Yellow Shell, Cory is now part of a war between the People, animals whose intelligence equals that of humans. In order to return home, Cory must help Yellow Shell and his allies defeat the Changer, who is attempting to enslave the People in this world-and in Cory's world as well. With two worlds hanging in the balance, Cory will have to use every ounce of courage and animal instinct within him to defeat this enemy .
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