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Default Attention: Don't bump your stat threads.

I'd like to point out to people that there is such a thing as an edit button. If you can find a way to delete your posts, then you can edit them.

If you need to change something in your stats, then use the edit button. Don't delete the post and copy everything over in a new post. I've found several stat threads with deleted near duplicates.

When can you make a new post:
  • When you filled up the 15,000 character limit of the previous post.
  • When you've acquired a gym and need a post for it.
  • For anything that doesn't involve trying to bring your thread up to the first page.

If I find anyone still bumping, I'll just merge the new post with the old deleted one.

'But I can't find my stats if it's on page XX', isn't a valid argument. You can put the link to your stats in your sig, favorite in your browser.


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