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Talking Evolution Of Fable (Chat and Questions and Author's Notes)

Read The Story Here!

I still would like to get long reveiws in my fanfic thread itself, but this topic is just to chat about Evolution Of Fable's ideas and characters, or any questions you might have about it :). Little comments that are'nt really reveiws, what you think might happen next etc
And if anyone out there who can draw would like to do fanart for Fable I would love to see it !

My fic has a theme song and an ending song just like an anime ;) . Yes, but unlike many others my fic has had said theme song pretty much since the time I first got the idea for the plot. But I won't be showing those themes untill a few more chapters has pasted, since the images that go along with them star all the characters, most of which have not been shown in the fanfic yet. In place of them fom the time being I will be starting to list a 'soundtrack' of songs that do not belong to me, but that I have coupled with some of the moods and scenes of Fable. Others will be added as time goes by. Links are to videos on Youtube that have the song in them so that you may listen to them for Fable's sake, and just not pay any mind to the video itself and minimise it to the menu bar;) (Some of the songs were haed to find in any format but I am not very picky. All are G rated though, so it should be okay :) ) Warning: Most are 80's and 70's songs ;)[indent]


Main Themes
Fate’s Only Love (or Midnight Morning) -Orange Flaaffy (lyrics and anime theme script)

Faraway- Debbie Loeb

Love Theme

When You Tell Me That You Love Me- Coco Lee and Julio Iglesias

Lineage Mood Theme

I Let The Music Speak (with or without lyrics) By ABBA

Character Themes (coming soon)

Closing Theme

The Gift- -Orange Flaaffy (lyrics and anime theme script)
Ai no Melody - Kokai
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