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Default Re: Rate my Fan-Fic!

Originally Posted by Hoshika View Post

A thesaurus is a book filled with words and other words that have the same meaning.

Type in a word(like... soft) and words that have the same meaning are shown. Maybe even words that mean the opposite!

I didn't use advanced vocabulary because I got scared you wouldn't know what synonyms or antonyms are, either. >_>
*lol* Well, I have taken all the English classes (and am an English major) at my college and I have to say that sometimes I forget what all the -onyms words mean as well :). That is I can use them just fine, just don't have me define them off the top of my head :P.

A thesaurus is:
The word thesaurus is derived from 16th century New Latin, in turn from Latin thesaurus, from ancient Greek θησαυρός thesauros, "store-house", "treasury". Besides its meaning as a treasury or storehouse, it more commonly means a listing of words with similar, related, or opposite meanings (this new meaning of thesaurus dates back to Roget's Thesaurus). For example, a book of jargon for a specialized field; or more technically a list of subject headings and cross-references used in the filing and retrieval of documents (or indeed papers, certificates, letters, cards, records, texts, files, articles, essays and perhaps even manuscripts), film, sound recordings, machine-readable media, etc.

The first example of this genre, Roget's Thesaurus, was published in 1852, having been compiled earlier, in 1805, by Peter Roget. Entries in Roget's Thesaurus are not listed alphabetically but conceptually and are a great resource for writers.

Although including synonyms and antonyms, entries in a thesaurus should not be taken as a list of them. The entries are also designed for drawing distinctions between similar words and assisting in choosing exactly the right word. Nor does a thesaurus entry define words. That work is left to the dictionary.
says wikipedia :)

It is also overused alot by fanfic authors who often use a different meaning if a word rather than the simple one in order to make their writing appear more 'deep' sometimes, without seeing if the word really fits into context :P

But in this case what Hoshika is saying is you could come up with a better word to replace 'Special' in your title by using a thesaurus :). I think that your title could just be very simple like just having your characters name as the title and be a lot better :P. Try to think of your stories theme and message, what is the mood of your story?
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