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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Snowball – Well, since this thread is made for giving advice, I'm just warning you that I have seen plenty of Fanfictions about a child of a rich family, who is shuned because of how he/she looks, or thinks. However, I also think that it's one of the better of the "overused" ideas, and therefore say go for it. But remember, write it as originally as possible. With stories about themes that are common, it's always best not to even take ideas from another writer. But some people (like me) gain more expereince from doing so, so I can't say much on that subject. Anyway, I'll be looking forward for that Fiction. You may have a reader already.

Frosty – You do like your Science-Fiction, don't you? And you do like putting Pokémon into the real world (litterly)? But you're an expert at both of those fields, so I hope to see yet another story from the great Frosty...

Ze Gobou – I'm guessing so, but I'm not one hundred percent sure. But as my comment shows, I certain believe so.

* * *

Now for my own story idea. I hope to get a lot of feedback on this, so even if you don't intend on reading this, I'd like it a lot if you'd pop in a comment; I'll give you cookies!

Anyway, those of you who have read my previous works, know that I focus very much on my description, and consider it as one of the most important aspects of my writing. But I've decided to give another style a go, and see how it works. A sudden remembrance of Neo's MD Fanfiction made me want to write something about a Pokémon, and all form the Pokémon's point of view. But I didn't want to do anything to do with MD, so I decided to do something about a Pokémon who is captured, and what he feels. But I didn't want the cliched evil or unnaturaly good Trainer. And so, I decided to use a Trainer who tried to be good, but had many faults.

Now, Azack, the Mightyena is captured when he goes to find his sister, Alyam in Viridian Forest, but never actually finds Alyam. He is captured, and travels around the world with Arthur Fieldhouse, and becomes a rather strong Pokémon (all this part is not explained in the story in any way except references to "that battle in Cerulean").

And that's as far as I've gone so far. I till need to work in some sort of dillema, and have Azack solve it. Now, as I've mentioned before, this will not be descriptive, but very character driven. While it will delve deep into the thoughts of a Mightyena, and may get dark and emotional, I hope for this to be a lot more light-hearted than Betrayal, Mithrial, Dicovery, or any of my One-shots.

Comments? Crits? Say what you think.


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