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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Snowball, you can't really copyright ideas. Mind you, if someone is blatantly copying...


Here's my idea that I'm executing during school, stealing minutes of time every class:

It has been nearly three hundred years since the Hackley Empire, then under the banner of Team Nebula fell the giant nation of the United States at the Battle of Cheyenne, May 21st, 2059. The years have passed quickly, and the arms of the Hackley Empire have stretched throughout the reaches of the solar system. Cities line the coast and reach towards orbiting space stations. The moon is now inhabited with 68 lunar complexes.

Enter Horizon Complex, consisting of fifteen wards, the sixteenth upon its way. Enter Adam Jefferson Young, apprentice to Gravitational Transistions Specialist Doctor James W. Allen. Allen is, in fact, a recruiter for the rebellion and has just proposed Adam traveling to the Farside Rebel Base near Borealis Complex. Adam takes the opportunity, meets Rebel Operative Lindsey O'Brien (alias Jessica Dorado) and arrives at Borealis. After the meeting, he is thrust into a revolution spanning the system, its fingerings even clutching the nearest system such as Alpha Centauri.

Enter 'Revolution'. Coming July 4th, 2007.


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