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Default Re: What is the Pokemon World like in your fan fiction?

By the way, I think that Chesire Cat really presents an interesting idea in Pokemon Exsisto. (Too bad it isn't on these boards.) Anyway, the ff board looks really smart with two sub-forums on top. Yeahs...

Now and Forever

Mostly, I treat the world as a sort of alternate universe very similar to our own, but with a few extra islands. There are still similar things such as Halo and X-box, Vault and MDX. Hakkou is a mixing pot of European and Japanese cultures. It was first settled by the Japanese and Chinese, but was conquered by England and served as a jumping off point for its colonies. Then Hakkou won independence from England and was conquered by Japan during WWII but defected and fought a revolution against the Empire before the atom bombs were dropped. After this, Hakkou and Japan are similar but are rivals but are good allies.

The pokeworld (which I affectionately call pokearth) is very similar to our world, minus the pokemon and everything that goes with them. Also, the names are different... basically its the taking of canon (such as Sinnoh, Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn being very close equivalents to their real-world sisters. The same can be said with Orre as a future Arizona area (Phenac = Phoenix) and maybe the PBR being California? That's what I got from some pictures, with so many cities...)

However, in the pokemon world there also are numerous teams that have large militaries. This could be akinned to terrorism, which it basically is. (In my world, there was a war in the late 1980's (akin to Korea) which was set with Team Nebula with the support of communist Russia and China facing off against Hakkou, Japan, and minimal support from the West.)
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